I am trying to be as open minded as possible but truly having a hard time. I came across this video and had to share with you all as I saw it being a very interesting blog debate. Pet groomer, Danelle German, found many of her clients bringing in their Persian cats and asking for their hair to be shaved off. Danelle German thought it was a waste to let the Persian hair go into the garbage can, so she decided to turn the cat hair into a handbag. After borrowing a spinning wheel from a friend, she began spinning the hair into yarn and then knitted the cat hair yarn into a handbag.

So… Where do I begin? This is so odd. For starters, Vlad and I are both highly allergic to cats and though her website says the bags are hypoallergenic, I wouldn’t chance our throats not swelling up on that. I just could not imagine having a bag made out of my childhood dogs hair and not finding it creepy. On the flip side I have a closet full of bags made from an array of animals including; lamb, cow, python, lizard, alligator, and crocodile. Does that make me a hypocrite? But it feels so different to have a leather bag versus a pet hair handbag. On a positive note, getting the hair does not harm the cat at all and she is simply using what would eventually be throw in the trash.

Danelle German says they have the “Eww people” and the “Aww people”. I am definitely in the eww category when it comes to these bags. One commenter did say that her pet hair handbag would make a good keepsake once her cat passed away, and that did make sense to me. On that note though, why would anyone go buy a cat hair bag from a pet that is not theirs? I have so many questions, but I feel you all will take this debate to the next level nicely in the comment section. Danelle German’s Catty Shack Creations website

Let’s have a blog debate: What do you think of pet hair handbags?

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