I am trying to be as open minded as possible but truly having a hard time. I came across this video and had to share with you all as I saw it being a very interesting blog debate. Pet groomer, Danelle German, found many of her clients bringing in their Persian cats and asking for their hair to be shaved off. Danelle German thought it was a waste to let the Persian hair go into the garbage can, so she decided to turn the cat hair into a handbag. After borrowing a spinning wheel from a friend, she began spinning the hair into yarn and then knitted the cat hair yarn into a handbag.

So… Where do I begin? This is so odd. For starters, Vlad and I are both highly allergic to cats and though her website says the bags are hypoallergenic, I wouldn’t chance our throats not swelling up on that. I just could not imagine having a bag made out of my childhood dogs hair and not finding it creepy. On the flip side I have a closet full of bags made from an array of animals including; lamb, cow, python, lizard, alligator, and crocodile. Does that make me a hypocrite? But it feels so different to have a leather bag versus a pet hair handbag. On a positive note, getting the hair does not harm the cat at all and she is simply using what would eventually be throw in the trash.

Danelle German says they have the “Eww people” and the “Aww people”. I am definitely in the eww category when it comes to these bags. One commenter did say that her pet hair handbag would make a good keepsake once her cat passed away, and that did make sense to me. On that note though, why would anyone go buy a cat hair bag from a pet that is not theirs? I have so many questions, but I feel you all will take this debate to the next level nicely in the comment section. Danelle German’s Catty Shack Creations website

Let’s have a blog debate: What do you think of pet hair handbags?

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  • Jessica Jean Benson

    “No words to express how she felt about it, she was in tears over it”… yeah, that’s because its totally creepy and disgusting! I always joke around that I am going to be alone forever- screw being the old lady with lots of cats, I am going to be the old lady with handbags! One time my brothers friend commented that I could have handbags made out of cats and we laughed about it. Too bad we didn’t know we were being serious.

    I think its rather morbid- and the bags are hideous. Gives a whole new meaning to “crazy cat ladies”.

  • Marlena

    Uh…NO!!! EOD!

  • Jen

    The thought of a pet hair bag completely grosses me out (thanks, I was in the middle of eating lunch when I read it). I adore animals – enough to have 2 extremely fluffy golden retrievers that shed hair like it’s going out of style. I comb and wash them every other week, and I gotta tell you, as much as I love my dogs, no way would I ever make anything out of their hair. Their hair is covered with various oils and dandruff, and while they are very clean for large dogs, their smell is not something that I would call “enticing.”

    I’m trying to imagine carrying a bag, someone complimenting me on it, and me saying while petting it, “Oh, thanks, it’s actually my Bailey boy – the yarn part that is.” I think that the person would run from me. I’m all for recycling and self-sustaining materials, but come on . . .

  • 19yearslater

    It seems a little odd but I really think that’s just culture. If I’ll carry a bag made from a cow, which I will, why not from cat fur? It would be a nice way to remember a pet. The bags actually look a lot nicer than I thought they would. She cleans it all very well. I’m not about to carry one, but I’m not saying she’s weird either.

  • JenG


  • Paula


  • Nicole Bucci

    I am already grossed out by stray hairs shed by my cat, so the idea of a cat fur bag sounds revolting. The bags bring to mind hairballs regurgitated by my beloved Nina.

  • Looks like all of you are joining me and Vlad in the “Eww” category!!!

  • Lola

    EW EW EW EW.
    I would never use a bag made out of any animal anyway so this is a definite NO, even if it doesn’t hurt the animal…

  • otter

    I love cats, but this is disgusting.

  • Anna

    I wrote an essay about how naming pet animals makes them fundamentally different to us than food animals, which are not named and are detached from the person who eats them… so I think I can apply that concept here (I’m a nerd, I know); the only difference is that the pet is not harmed (hopefully) in the making of the purse. So basically we are attached to the pet, so that is why we’d have such a strong “eew!” or “aww!” reaction, whereas because we are more detached from the animals used to make exotic skin handbags, we are more likely to not have such a strong opinion.
    For the record, I’m an “eew!” person. Also, my dog had to be put to sleep a little less than a year ago, and I would probably be scarred to have that left over of him after his passing. It just does not seem right, nor do I think it would make me feel any more “connected” to my pet.

  • renee


  • Lena

    whats the difference between this and all the crocs Hermes kills for their bags. GROSS!!

  • michele

    Can it be thought of as similar to wool?? After all wool comes from a sheered sheep. Doesnt really gross me out but I really don’t want a cat hair bag.

  • Posh Hippie @inpt

    My friend’s mother-in-law did something like this. She collected the family dog’s hair for I don’t know how long then had a pro make yarn out of it then a hat for her son. I died a little when I heard about it. I tried to think of it from her perspective. It is quite thoughtful, if not a little “I make skin suits out of size 10 ladies.”

    It’s a really interesting idea. I mean, we (some of us) think leather is acceptable, but it’s quite disgusting if you think about it. And we have cultural standards around which animals are OK to eat, but where does that come from. In Japan, raw horse is a delicacy. Here in the US? Not so much, but we think rodeos are OK.

    I would believe they wouldn’t cause allergic reactions, too, because a lot of what people are allergic to is the cat spit, not the fur. The critters just spend all day licking themselves so it’s a same dif sort of situation.

    Anyway, whether it’s cultural or not, my perspective is what it is and the practice of turning any part of a pet into a wearable is OUT. Boundaries, people, boundaries!

    Posh Hippie

  • Posh Hippie @inpt

    I just thought of something else sort of related… this singer Samantha Crain performed at a festival i went to this weekend, Pickathon. She was saying that when she used the harmonica it always pulled out a bunch of her hair when she took it off. then she made a reference to the movie “The Peanut Butter Solution” where I guess someone made paintbrushes out of hair. Hmm, great for artsy French films, not great for regular life, imho.

  • BagAngel

    Too gross!

  • bagKrazy!!!

    disgusting!!!eeeewwwww:( carrying a bag made from ur pet’s stray hairs is totally different from carrying a leather,croc or any other animal skin bag.as heartless as this is going to read,pets r pets and commercial animals r commercial animals,i might as well just shave my sister’s hair off to fix a weave instead of buying some processed human hair weave(shaky analogy but get my drift…..)meg ur soooooooooooo not a hypocrite!!carrying a pet’s hair bag is simply batty and weird!!

  • Sweet Pea

    NO WAY!!! That makes me a member of the “Eww” category!!!

  • kelly

    Why not? I mean, we use rabbit hair in knits. I will be in the “aww” category.

  • Merve

    Theres one thing i love more than my handbags and thats my dogs. I think its kind of disrespectful to use their fur as a fashion item. Im not in the ewww category because my pets fur doesnt disgust me seeing as i kiss and cuddle them constantly but im not in the awww category as i dont want my dog to be a handbag. However I do have a lock of hair from my dog that died five years ago just as a keepsake.

  • Jimmy

    I like the savvy idea of sing a fine material that otherwise oly would go to waste. Main problem is though, the bags are absolutely hideous, why not make a beautiful shawl instead when insisting on using the hair?

    Although I think its gross after all. Imagine having an accessory of your dead relatives hair. eeeeuuuuw

  • Terryl

    “Main problem is though, the bags are absolutely hideous, why not make a beautiful shawl instead when insisting on using the hair?”

    Thank you, Jimmy. Those bags are horrendous, sentimental or not.

  • papertiger


  • liz

    I’m kind of indifferent– I definitely don’t want a bag like this and I’m not endeared to the idea, but it’s really not anymore disgusting than any other fashion items that use animal products. If you think about it, it’s probably a lot less disgusting that it’s hair rather than skin, like in the case of leather and crocodile. I think many of us just have a gut reaction against it because it’s not something we’re used to– I bet in the parts of the world where they eat cats and dogs they wouldn’t think a bag like this was disgusting.


  • Amanda K.

    I applaud her creativity. But not for me. Just the thought of bringing my pet out as a handbag gives me goosebumps.

  • HS

    I think many people are ‘eww’-ing on pet hair bags because this is something new. There are bags made from horse hair, rabbit fur or pony hair in the market. So, personally it’s just the same to me.

  • jburgh

    I am a weaver and it is not uncommon to hear occasional requests for long pet hair to incorporate into yarn. But no matter what you do, if the yarn gets wet or damp, it wil always smell like dog or cat. So, triple EWWW!!!

  • Tara

    Hmm.. I dont find it creepy or disgusting.. Its the same idea as wool into yarn. I dont personally think I would want one or would carry one since I think they are not all that pretty.

  • c

    To those of you that feel that it is “disgusting” let me ask, do you only carry plastic, canvas, or straw handbags? All leather, pony hair, and fur comes from living breathing creatures that usually have to die in order for your bags to be made.

    Why would you not opt for an alternative like this? Yes, its a little unseemly because you know Buddy’s penchant for rolling around in dirt, but all the other animal elements that make up handbags go through very similar processes.

    Would I purchase an animal hair bag? No, simply because I don’t like any hair/fur of any kind unless its faux, and even then not on my handbags. I think this idea should be more widely incorporated with other furs, it will save the animals and make for a much less guilt free fashion industry – plus it would put furs at a premium to make up for the extra labor hours of “grooming”.

  • Nathalie

    Yes, you are all hypocrites. The only difference between this bag and the bags YOU ALL OWN is that it doesn’t kill the animal.

    Like someone said, it’s similar to the wool that comes from sheep, only that this comes from a pet. What’s the difference? A sheep isn’t worth any less than a cat.

    Oh yeah, did I mention that the leather in your bags are made from DEAD ANIMALS? Leather doesn’t grow on threes you know.

  • dooneydiva

    Well, whenever I would brush my Siberian Husky, Oscar (may he R.I.P.) my family and I would joke about turning his excess fur into a sweater. It’s not a totally farfetched idea.
    However, I wonder what it would be like to get caught out in the rain with a cat handbag…Furthermore, would I want a bag made out of the fur from an animal named ‘Smelly Cat’? Blah…lol

  • EVA


  • Joy

    I LOVE the idea and may just learn to do it myself.. I have Alaskan Malamutes that blow out an super soft undercoat of hair twice a year and I’m throwing away huge bags of hair that takes on an appearance of wool.. I’ve often wondered why more people don’t utilize the free yarn ingredients from their long haired pets and make fun items even keepsakes for remembering your beloved pet by. I read a saying about making a sweater from a pet you love than from a sheep you’ll never meet. LOVE IT!

  • xjockeysmom

    YES YES YES- I have been saving my himalayan fur from her daily grooming ever since I saw Danielle German creating a lasting memory. Now it appears she has given that up.
    So sad.
    Janis Phillips