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When I saw this picture on Net-A-Porter, I was thinking they must be reading our ‘What’s in Her Bag‘ features because this looks like something Vlad photographed. Granted, it is not but I love seeing how NAP styled their vacation bag.

They have the lime green Bottega Veneta Shopping Tote as the center piece and tons of designer goodies spilling out. They opted for Missoni Wedges along with other stand out options. What would we find spilling out of your vacation bag?

Buy the Bottega Bag via NAP for $3,200.

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  • edoardo

    This bag is really chic, I love Bottega Veneta’s style and the color is simply amazing. I love the “green of bottega vemeta” ;D

  • Mandy

    Love that chartreuse!

  • Julia

    I always have sunblock and sunglasses in my summer bag otherwise I turn red real fast in the summer sun! :)

  • Linda

    I am loving everything about that bag! The only thing stopping me is the price! ;D

  • ninjaninja

    My kindle and and a hot pair of sunglasses!

  • Marianna

    WoW! I love that bag!! it would hold my very hot sunglasses, wallet, mints, phone, Kindle, cosmetic bag with sunblock and my favorite SPF 15 lip balm along with some pretty lip shine and concealer, iPod, and a fabulous silk scarf. All my stuff is ready to go-I just need that bag!!

  • mochababe73

    Kiehl’s lip balm
    At least 2 pairs of sunglasses
    Lip gloss (no lipstick during the summer)
    Beach reads (in book form, love a good book)

  • myc

    hummm…the i think bag is ok, i wont pay 3200 for a tote like this. ami the only i think BV is over-price?

  • Cathy Fitz

    Have to say: I think Vlad’s photos are better.

  • 19yearslater

    lip balm

  • GK

    I must say I like everything in it except the bag ~!
    Fun colorful items….I, like the color of the bag but the design itself just isn’t hot enough for me….I think what’s in it is making it all look a lot better than it really would be by itself.

  • Vicky

    Chocolate (m&m, maltressers, etc)
    Lip balm
    Peppermint oil
    Powder compact

  • weaslgrl

    You’d find my laptop & work projects spilling out of the bag — I wouldn’t be able to afford to take a vacation if I bought this bag! (Though probably worth the trade-off :-)

  • rose60610

    Beautiful bag, love the color. I’d love to have a tote this extravagant. In it you’d find: paper and pen, lip balm and probably four tubes of lipstick (why?), concealer, sunblock stick, a magazine or two, reading glasses, sun glasses, postcards, handiwipes, mints, phone, and a pair of roll-up flats. Other things I’m sure, sometimes I’ll pack a peanut butter sandwich, depending.

  • reese1

    anyone know who makes the scarf?