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  • I’m not sure about Mansur Gavriel. It’s easy (and smart) to be all over instagram because of the many free bags you send to bloggers, but will we be able to look at Mansur Gavriel in 10 years with the same fondness with which we look at Fendi Spy bags now? I don’t think it’s that significant…

    • Sparky

      Agree. I think they have no character or personality. Fine line between simple and featureless. The leather looks coarse and cheap. It sells out because the production is ridiculously low.

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    • Only time will tell with any super-trendy bag, but generally, all It Bags have vocal detractors at the time of their most ardent popularity. (I remember people saying super negative things about the Celine Luggage Tote, for example, and it only got more negative as the wait lists got longer.) In a way, that this argument is made at all sort of bolsters their position on the list.

      • Pamela

        true and now everyone wants/has a celine bag!

      • Sparkletastic

        Uh. No. Many of us still hate that luggage bag.

      • GOUGOU

        I agree…. Never was a fan of the Luggage tote, and never will be. I find that “smiling face” so up appealing and average. Over!!!!

      • Bunny Rabbit

        “Smiling face?” What a gracious way to put it…more like Kool-Aid man face or robot face.

      • Jana Childres LeBlanc

        I wasn’t sure about the Celine Luggage Tote either, but I bought a knock off from H&M and loved it for travel. My daughter ended up taking it to LA with her, but I still remember it as being a pretty practical bag that seemed that it would be durable in real pebbled leather. I think it might be a practical alternative to my Balenciaga bags. I would like a more structured bag for travel. I can always stuff a Bal first in it for shorter shopping trips! It may be almost out of favor now, but I don’t usually go totally on trend. There is usually a reason a bag becomes extremely popular. I can see why the Celine Luggage tote became popular. It was very practical and roomy and perfect for travel.

    • Cello82

      It looks hideous! Looks like a bad bag pack!

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    • Heated Mouse

      Nice article , and I agree about Mansur Gavriel.

      Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Nancy Gonzalez, Prada, Valentino & Yves Saint Laurent have made a bigger, long lasting splash with their contributions to the “it” bag history! Even Reed Krakoff’s iconic designs were — and are still — a hit, and he’s on sabbatical.

    • I agree with you. I don’t think Mansur Gavriel’s bucket bag has already reached the status of it-bag.

  • Katy ;P

    The Gucci Bamboo bag is so stunning!

  • Kris

    Can you please do a runway report on the new Loewe and Dior bags? There are so many new shapes and materials.

  • Sandy

    I adore the Antigona…..some of the others on this list are pretty nice as well!

  • W S M

    Great piece to celebrate! I love most of these bags but there’s something so right about the Fendi Spy bag. I can’t stop looking. I hope they re-introduce it.

  • Celin-a K

    You forgot the Dior Saddle bag!

    • Ahh yes, you’re right! I knew there was one I was going to miss. Lemme get that added tonight.

      • Amanda – We love this post. Please also add Salvatore Ferragamo to this list. They celebrated #100Years100Days this year and we think the Sophia or the Fiamma are pretty iconic.

  • Suzanne

    This was a fun read! I’m always surprised that the Mansur Gavriel was such a hit, there are so many other bucket bags that I think are more attractive.

    • Heated Mouse

      For sure! I’m addicted to the Hermes Market Bag! Actually, I collect them. Any fabrication is a welcome to my closet. :-)

    • Jana Childres LeBlanc

      I hate bucket bags, so I am pretty sure Mansur Gavriel won’t even be a blip on my bag radar!

      • Jana Childres LeBlanc

        Yep, bucket bags are just and invitation for lost items! Kinda why the Prada Saffiano tote is appealing to me.

  • Unapologetic

    Mansur Gavriel? That is hilarious!

  • khm

    What about Prada? Not very “it” now but at one time the nylon Nero collection was all the rage and one could argue it kicked off the man-bag revolution or, alternatively, the Saffiano which started a whole new leather texture for bags?

    • Heated Mouse

      Agree. They started the “it” bag trend with the nylon back pack back in the 90’s along with the Fendi baguette!

  • Jess

    I remember vividly the Paddington and how much I adored it, but couldn’t afford it. I now have one ten years on, purchased second hand. I still love it to this day. And anything Chloe for that matter. Chloe does the best hand bag zips hands down!

  • Jennifer

    Great post! Remember the hype from everything from Lady Dior on. Showing my age, but what a great summary. Never sold on the Paddington…liked the Silverado much better.

    • Heated Mouse

      Yup… Silverado should’ve made the list… there needs to be a Part 2 of this article!

  • mary

    omg i want that bamboo gucci so bad!

  • Jenn

    Great list. I would just replace the Mansue Gavriel with a Marc Jacobs “Stam.”

  • Madison

    What about the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour…that may be the 2014 IT bag!

  • Suzanne R Brown

    The only bags which have stood the test of time are the Kelly, the Birkin and the Chanel quilted flap bag. They looked great when they first came out and have continued to do so. Most of the other bags listed were not that attractive in the first place and quickly have become quite dated.

    To call the Kelly an “it” bag is a stretch. At that time, Hermes had very few US stores – perhaps only in NYC and all bags were special ordered. It was a bag for a very knowledgeable, few, wealthy clients. Celebrity wearing was not noticed at that time, although many famous actresses did carry them. They were copied by Lederer in NYC and many women bought those and still do.

    I deplore the entire idea of an “it” bag. Good taste and classic design are the way to be chic, not being decked out in the latest “hot” fashion which quickly fades and looks dated. A wonderful handbag should be a purchase for decades, not months.

  • sqdel

    I’m a fan of the Nightingale, over the Antigona. It’s just more interesting a shape. Even thought there is no specific bag to think of Bottega Veneta’s quality should be somehow listed.

  • Eva Sanvel

    I absolutely despise the Antigona, but to each his own. Also, I feel like the Prada Galleria deserved a spot.

    • Jana Childres LeBlanc

      My daughter really wanted an Antigona and we went to Barneys to buy her one and the more we looked at it, the less we liked it. She ended up with a Saint Laurent Sac D’Jour (ugh – it was more expensive) but it seemed to be more timeless. Of course as I have have said, she ended up carrying her Balenciaga Work more when she was in the Midwest because of the weather. I have noticed that she carries her Sac D’Jour now more that she is in LA.

  • Wilma

    Fascinating social history. Thank you for the post. Although the Kelly, Birkin and classic Chanel bags predate the “It Bag” phenomenon, their inclusion in the list illustrates their timeless appeal

  • Sarah N.

    How is the original LV Monogram Speedy not on this list? It’s the very definition of an it bag. Everyone who knows anything about handbags has one. I’m a little surprised at the bags missing from this list.

    • Not every popular or historically important bag is an It Bag! It’s a very specific designation that requires a bag to have a particular moment in time; lots of very historically significant, long-running bags have sustained popularity, but never a particular frenzy. It’s the frenzies we’re documenting here.

  • elisabeth kartika

    I was hoping to find Marc Jacob Stam bag on the list. That’s what triggered my bag obsession. Love that Fendi Spy bag.

  • Wilma

    The It Bag phenomena seems to parallel the rise of social media and the replacement of models with celebrities as our arbitrators of fashion.

  • Tricia

    Yes totally agree with missarewa on Mansur Gavriel. It’s never in the league for the IT bag. And I can’t help but to say purse blog has overrated this bag for way too many times. Not sure whether this rave about this brand is just purse blog own doing/publicity for the brand.

    • Both Amanda and I really like Mansur Gavriel and have said so – but the truth is the MG Bucket bag is the last bag that could be considered an “it bag” in quite some time. I understand many don’t love it or think it deserves a place next to the likes of the others, but it is the first bag that has drawn a long wait list and had people clamoring for it in quite some time.

      • Sara Farooqi

        i think Prada saffiano tote also definitely deserved a spot here, it was and still remains so popular!

      • Jana Childres LeBlanc

        People are sheep and this trend won’t last long. Horrible bag.

  • How can it be that Mansur Gavriel’s bucket exists in this list and Louis Vuitton Speedy doesn’t? Don’t get me wrong. I find the MG bucket bag crisp and of very good quality but IT bag? No. LV Speedy on the other hand, has been seen in the arm crooks of many of the most fashionable women on this planet (firstly and post importantly Audrey Hepborn’s)!

  • Miriam Lasington

    love the bag!

  • Naf

    You forgot the Prada Fairy Bags!!!! Almost every celebrity carried one!!!

    • The Fairy Bag def had a moment, but usually when you think of an “it bag” it holds a long slice of time. The Fairy bag was all the rage and so hard to track down, but was a small little blip

  • Vicky

    I’d add MJ Stella for 2002 and Venetia for 2003. :) You won’t know how hard it is to get hold of one. And you can only get them by giving the boutique a call. Faded brick is just the IT color. I still wish I could get one.

    Totally agree with other posters about Dior saddlebag.

  • Jana Childres LeBlanc

    I have been in love with the Balenciaga Motorcycle bags since I first saw them. I bought a few knockoffs at first, but really wanted to try the “real deal” and bought a 2005 Teal First. It’s leather was silky and I like loved the tassels and all the zippers and compartments perfect for a cell phone and the silver inner plate. It was the lightest purse I had ever owned and I could carry it on my arm or my shoulder if I got tired. I bought other Firsts and a Part Time ( With Giant 21 hardware) and in the meanwhile I bought lots of Coach Purses that I barely even used. My two 2005 firsts just got more beautiful with age. Structured purses came in and my daughter loathed my Balenciagas. I showed up in Chicago last Winter with my 2009 Part Time and while we did look at the Balenciagas at Barneys and were planning on buying a Givency Antigona for her for her Christmas present, we ended up with a Saint Laurent Sac D’ Jour. She quickly realized that that purse had to be protected and that she couldn’t take it out in the snow or the rain, so in February she had her boyfriend buy her a Balenciaga Work Bag. It is a green Chèvre from the mid 2000’s and she loves it. Funny how now that “fringe” is in again, I am getting complements on my bags even from the clerks at 7-11, but five years ago the only people that commented were at hoity toity restaraunts. I live in Kansas City, so Barneys is not close by and no one knows what I am carrying. All I know is that vintage Balenciaga Motorcycle bags are the lightest, most beautiful and practical bags I have ever carried.

  • Jana Childres LeBlanc

    I also agree about putting the Spy above the Paddington. The problem with the Paddington was that it was too heavy to be carried comfortably. The Spy was easier to carry and had the amazing hidden pocket. I still think it is a beautiful bag.