Our absolute favorite holiday is right around the corner: National Handbag Day! Last year was the first-ever National Handbag Day, and this year we have another great week of celebrating planned. Friday, October 10 is the big day, and we know you’ll want to follow along and join us in the fun we have planned.

We’ve teamed up with Bloomingdale’s to bring you the lots of celebration and surprises in praise of our favorite things: handbags. Bloomindale’s worked with us and five of our favorite designers to create bags to celebrate National Handbag Day, which you can only get through the Bloomingdale’s National Handbag Day online pop-up shop.

Last year we realized that our favorite accessory didn’t have its own holiday, and we had to change that. It seems like you guys agreed with us; over 3,600 of you shared images on Instagram, in addition to thousands of tweets, and I’m sure plenty of new handbag acquisitions were made as well. You can also follow along with the festivities on the Bloomingdale’s Twitter and Instagram pages.

We want to hear and see from you again this year. Be sure to follow @PurseBlog and Instagram your favorite bag images with the hashtag #NationalHandbagDay. (Tag as at @PurseBlog as well to be sure we see it!) We will be regramming our favorite images and showcasing some on PurseBlog throughout the week.

Also, don’t forget to tweet us as well! Tomorrow, we will be holding our first-ever #PurseChat on Twitter, and we would love to have you join us!

This is going to be a fun week, filled with exclusive bags and more from Bloomingdale’s, great handbag features, and even a giveaway sprinkled in there. Stay tuned and follow along with #NationalHandbagDay!

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  • chris

    Dear Purse Blog, I am SO delighted to hear it’s National Handbag Day in the USA – or rather, jealous that we don’t have the same thing here in the UK, but I intend to participate in yours through this blog as I’ve been talking to a number of friends recently about the role of bags, handbags, backpacks etcetera in their lives and how the containers we use to cart our stuff about in say so much about us – how we want to be seen and how we actually live day to day, so my sporty ‘outdoor concept’ backpack which i bought to carry with me on healthy hikes, is now packed with battered books, a leaky biro, the remains of a packet of mints and lots of that mysterious fluff that gathers in bags and pockets. I’m looking for a bag that’s the opposite of all that, which allows me to become my thrilling alter-ego and leave the day to day behind. Any ideas???

    My friend Gwendolin has recently lost her handbag and wants to buy a new one to express who she wants to be next in her life – and as she’s just dumped a guy called Ernest whose been urging her to marry him for ages, she wants a bag to symbolise new life, freedom, sexual and romantic adventure, and of course makes her look very cool and desirable too. Any suggestions, handbag fans? And any thoughts on what the handbags you use say about you? I’m excited to have found this site and hope we can get talking in the run up to the handbag’s Big Day on Friday!

    • Chatelaine Monsac

      There is nothing unimportant about this post!

    • You pose some great questions – just want you to know I’m thinking of some options for you and your friend and will get back to you!

  • kindled

    A fantastic excuse for me to splurge on some bags, :)

  • I’ll celebrate National Handbag day in the Netherlands as well! Best excuse to buy a new one or to use that extra special one of a kind handbag that is neglected the rest of the year :D

  • Maice

    I MIGHT be able to ignore my ban for this one day… I mean, it IS a special day for us handbag lovers after all :D October 10 can’t come soon enough :p

    • YES me too, I feel like I have to get a new bag to celebrate properly!

  • CTiger

    Hey Pursaholics…love for you to check out my bags at http://www.elizabethjamiesondesigns.com
    One bag, endless possibilities with interchangeable bows and wraps…One bag is all you need! See something you like, contact me through my website…online store coming soon! Thanks Purseblog for getting the initiative going!

  • It’s a great day to be a handbag designer. I think I’ll have a sale to celebrate!

  • Stefanie Kushner

    I’m making it an eco National Handbag Day!