Nancy Gonzalez Metallic Crocodile Tote, $4000 via Net-a-Porter

As you guys are often quick to note, I’m usually the last person to say, “Hey, doesn’t this bag look like the design was lifted entirely from that bag?” Let’s face it, there are only so many shapes, sizes, leathers, handles and pocket configurations out there, and it’s boring to make de facto rules about who can and cannot use quilted leather and chain straps.

That being said, I took one look at the Nancy Gonzalez Metallic Crocodile Tote, and all I could think was “Celine Luggage Tote.” I even set aside the product page for a few days so that I could think about it, and the must-have Celine bag is still all I see when I look at this tote. Nancy Gonzalez normally does a great job of doing her own thing with little regard for passing trends or ideas, but this bag seems like a rather egregious example of the exact opposite.

There are a couple key pieces of the Celine bag that make it so recognizable: The north-south proportion, the jutting gussets, the front pocket and the bordered front panel. Thankfully, this bag doesn’t reproduce the thick, curvy piping that you find on the most sought-after luggage totes, but some models lack that in favor of straight border panels, which is what you have here. You also have all of the other recognizable feature, even though the pocket has a flap instead of a zipper and the handles are flat instead of rolled. What this bag does lack, though, is Celine’s casual, new-modern French elegance. That’s much harder to reproduce, unfortunately. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $4000.

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  • Kat

    The Baghag Diaries featured this a couple of days ago and you guys have similar sentiments that I completely agree with. Whereas the Philip Lim bag featured a couple weeks bag show us the right way of being “inspired by” the hottest bag of the past couple of seasons, this Nancy Gonzales one shows us the exact opposite. It’s like they were too lazy to make the bag different enough from the luggage tote that they stopped at making three minor changes (the handle, the squiggly border & taking out the clasp on the front pocket envelope$ used croc, and called it a day.

    The croc is nice, but a copy is a copy is a copy. And this one’s and expensive copy at that. If I see a woman carrying this, I’ll just think she had the moolah but not the patience for the Céline waiting list.

    • I love the BagHag! I usually try to avoid reading other bag blogs so I’m not influenced by their opinions, but when I do, hers is one of my favorites. I didn’t realize it before I wrote this, but clearly we agree about this bag!

      • Thebaghag

        Love you too Amanda :) I love Purseblog as well! Topnotch!! xx

    • CarlySue78

      Hand to GOD I have four bags that i purchased from Saks Fifth Avenue.
      But I only want one lol. I need to give them to homes who will really appreciate them :-/

      Please contact if interested
      (347) – 486 -7349

  • michelle

    I know they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery….but sometimes it just isn’t!!

  • 19yearslater

    Agreed, only the Celines are prettier. This drab color and the crocodile are really not doing it for me.

  • Abbi

    i find it kind of ironic that everyone is dissing this bag when a lot of my friends think the Celine luggage tote is a copy of the Hermes birkin.

    I like both celine and hermes but i think people should lay off NG because all her bags are about simple lines and id say exotic leathers and this bag embodies both of these things.

    ps i also love the colour

    • Nathalie P.

      Other than the hype, I don’t get the comparison to the Birkin.

    • Not to be blunt, but your friends are wrong. Structurally and aesthetically, the Celine bag is very different than the Birkin. They’re both highly sought-after bags that are carried in the crook of the arm, but that’s about where the similarities end.

    • Ronnie

      The bags are totally different, its like comparing a tomato to a peach?

    • Kat

      Most of the time, I would leave people to their opinions, but I really must beg to differ on this one. They are wrong. They might as well have compared the luggage tote to the LV Speedy, since the Speedy is carried by the hand/crook of the arm, too.

  • Nathalie P.

    I did not notice the resemblance until I read the text of this post. Then I looked at the picture again and noticed the wings, the handle placement, the envelope pocket, and the overall shape.

    Unlike the Tory Burch Edye Flap Satchel I saw the other day–that looks like it blatantly ripped off the Celine Luggage AND the Birkin, the Nancy Gonzalez copycat seems a little more sly.

    It looks as if the Celine Luggage had a chameleon or camouflage effect and blended into the background–a background which happens to be a dead crocodile.

    That said, I still find the bag really attractive, but I would rather go for the Celine.

  • Linda

    I agree, it does look very much like the Celine, but forgive me, I really dig this bag!! I love the front pocket. I could never get passed the “face” on the Celine. I must see this bag IRL because this bag, to me, looks like an effortless, forever bag!

  • 318Platinum

    I’m sorry, I LOVE an exotic with my heart and soul, but when I first saw the picture without reading anything, I thought “That’s a weird looking Celine”. Nancy has really disappointed me with this Croc mess. LOve Nancy G, but there is only so many of her bags that even remotely spark my interest! “In other news, I’m really hating that I passed on that Multi-colored Celine that I saw for sale at my favorite boutique now!!!”

  • kendy

    I would leave people to their opinions, but I really must beg to differ on this one,just love it ,hope can get from my friend store www estylefocus. com

  • Daniel

    When I saw the title I thought “hey, that slightly reminds me of that celine tote” and then I read the title which confirmed my thoughts.

    I really dislike the handles of this bag .I love the handles on the Celine tote though, since they’re so elegantly sewed on with that thick feeling. The handles on this one are flat, and through my own experiences, annoying to hold (according to me).

  • rose60610

    As beautiful as the Celine luggage tote is, I don’t see as much a similarity to this tote as others do. Just as a messenger bags have a traditional form, lots of totes have large side gussets and side pockets. While I’m not over crazy on this bag, I can appreciate it for what it is.

  • Kaka

    I think it looks like Optimus Prime.

  • Annalisa

    I hate to go against the crowd here, but I don’t see it as a copy. Yes, it has roughly the same shape. But then again, that’s what makes it a tote, right? Lots of other types of bags have the same shape (think of all the designers who make a Speedy-type bag, for example). This one is really different! The pocket is totally different. There is no visible hardware on the bag. The straps are totally different. It doesn’t have a configuration that resembles a “face” like the Celine totes do. That, and it’s croc. I mean, it’s somewhat similar in shape and functionality, but I don’t think it’s in any way a copy of Celine.

  • AW

    Yep had the exact same thought as you. I took a quick glance at the photo and thought it was a Celine tote but then realized it was just a sad knockoff … albeit a very expensive one.