Well, it took long enough.

I’ve been excited about the advent of the Mulberry Willow Tote ever since it debuted on the brand’s Spring 2013 runway back in September 2012, and finally, the object of my affection has become available for mass consumption. Thankfully, it’s just as beautiful as I had remembered it being, if slightly more pricey than I had hoped.

In case you’re not familiar with the Willow, its most salient feature is that the front flap pocket fully zips off to become an independent clutch, and a rather attractive one at that. Zip-off pockets are usually gimmicky and a bit awkward, but in this case, the integration of the clutch onto the front of the tote is done in such a way that the tote doesn’t feel like there’s an extra portion hanging off the front and the clutch doesn’t look like it was obviously taken from another bag. Combing two separate pieces into one aesthetically pleasing design is no small task, and Mulberry’s done a remarkably good job of making it happen.

Of course, it certainly doesn’t hurt that both the clutch and tote fit in quite well with look that’s happening in the handbag world right now – streamlined shape, flared gussets and all that. If you remind yourself that you’re getting two bags, the $2,600 price tag doesn’t seem all that bad. Still, I was hoping for something more like $1,895. Buy through Net-a-Porter in both black and tan for $2,600.

Mulberry Willow Tote Tan

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  • panda<3handbags

    they did me a huge favor by making the price point so ridiculously, unnecessarily, soul-crushingly high…now i won’t be tempted to buy it.

  • what does it look like without the clutch?

  • shueaddict

    since buying my first Bayswater I have been hooked on Mulberry – I have seen Willow up close in London – it is truly great but the price point is a tad high.
    Nevertheless it wears a lot better than the Del Rey, which tends to shoulch and lose its shape a bit when unzipped and not full of stuff

  • jessica knowles

    Love Mulberry bags!!! but this one is definitely a knock out.

  • Bec215

    An instant classic – but it’s still essentially a tote, and the pricepoint is ridiculously high.
    On the other hand, not surprising – there already is little relationship bewteen the price of a luxury brand item and the cost to manufacture, even when it is made/assembled in Europe.
    More and more brands are bumping bags from the $1800 range into the $2500 range this year – Dior bumped the Lady way up, into the $3k range. Vuitton recently did this, and acknowledged that they were seeing flat sales, and wanted to re-invigorate the exclusivity of the brand by increasing prices significantly.

  • zappy

    basically the bag is full leather which is made from calf, first thing that you will noticed on the bag when you carry it, is the weight which is heavy but because its normal for a leather bag. It will give you a different look that will depends on how you wear it, you just have to be cautious for the color cause stains will occur if not been taking care off. best part that you will love about this collection is, its practicality and understated look, hope you will have a chance to visit the stores and take a closer look and feel the bag…cheers!

  • QueenPosh .

    The Willow seriously is such a beautiful bag, i have been eyeing it for years now, i think it’s about time to add it to my collection! I truly love a lot of the bags Mulberry has designed including the Alexa, Del Rey, Willow, Bayswater and the newer bags are lovely too including the new Lily and Jamie bags. Great for everyday, weekends or work.