Mulberry Small Bayswater, $1100 via Net-a-Porter

Ever since the launch of the Alexa, Mulberry has been on a roll. With the company’s penchant for punched-up basics that don’t break the bank quite as badly as some of the similarly covetable handbags on the market, Mulberry has found themselves uniquely well-positioned with a group of young, stylish, upwardly mobile customers that can’t get enough of their bags.

And what do young, stylish, upwardly mobile customers want lately? Crossbodies. Enter the Mulberry Small Bayswater, a slightly more diminutive version of the Mulberry classic that offers a carrying option that no other Bayswater has included thus far.

When Mulberry says “small,” they don’t really mean all that small. The bag measures up at a similar size to the Proenza Schouler Medium PS1, which makes it great to wear across the body; not too bulky, but still big enough to easily carry whatever you may need for an average day. This smaller version of the Bayswater still looks polished and classic when carries in the crook of the arm, too. You really can have it both ways. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1100.

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  • katia

    I am a fan of crossbody, and this would be a perfect bag!

  • Musette

    Alas, I am not young – but I do love this bag. Owning the regular Bayswater in ‘oak’, I could see carrying a crossbody like this on a warm day, when I’m not wearing a bulky coat.

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    LOVE, LOVE LOVE this bag! I am a huge fan of crossbody styles. Most high fashion, iconic bags are impracticable for me, so it’s great to see that the crossbody is finally in the lime light gathering the attention it deserves!

  • Emma

    I actually just purchased this bag at the Mulberry boutique, and switched it for the original bayswater in the same gorgeous colour! I found it too small, and much less of s statement than the bayswater classic. I guess not all young people are looking for a cross-body……

  • 19yearslater

    I like this a lot. This is a bayswater I would actually use.

  • Earmuffs

    Wouldn’t it be weird to be wearing the bag cross body and knowing the handles will still stick up? Maybe it’s just me, but I dislike it when the handles stick up.

  • camilla

    No, no, no but I love the color!

  • mia

    Love the new style! I think the little tree stamp on the key charm thing is so cute! <3

    mia from

  • A Few Goody Gumdrops

    I have seen this bag in person. Too bulky to be a cross body bag. Why don’t designers leave well enough alone especially when they have a good thing going. Would you wear a Birkin cross body?

    • Alexandra Davidoff

      I think a crossbody Birkin would be cool! I bet many celebrities would think the same, flaunt it in public and then Hermes would have a new classic on their hands.

  • edoardo

    I lvoe thei bag, this color and this shape…coool!

  • Maggie

    Love this colour! I have to agree that I don’t think it would look as polished or as sophisticated using it cross body.

  • aggie

    Mulberry’s also having a sale on their website !!


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  • Pixiejenna

    I really like this bag I have to check it out IRL!

  • J Umm

    dont usually like pink but this is okay

  • snopake

    Come on. Are people actually still buying this bag? It’s the most boring bag i’ve ever clapped my eyes on. Surely if you’re going to spend £800.00 on a bag it should have a little bit of design to it. It’s like something my gran would carry around. And believe me, she is not cool.


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