Ok all, it is true, I am oddly drawn to crazy bags. As much as reviewing and dissecting bags everyday for five years has given me a discerning eye, I always remember that a handbag is an accessory and it is meant to add to your outfit. For that reason, I find myself liking certain ostentatious and funky bags much more often than not. When it comes down to it, I must love a bag before I buy it – because my handbag budget is not flowing from an never-ending geyser of gold.

The coveted and now classic Mulberry Alexa has been reinterpreted with quilted denim and a black and pink tie-dye pattern. Question is, is this rendition too crazy and tacky or is the right amount of spunk and fun?

The first part we must discuss is the denim. This is actually dyed denim. Eh, I tried to like some denim handbags but they never quite became a personal favorite. A few brands implemented denim fairy well into their handbags (think Louis Vuitton), but overall it was a bust. Luckily Mulberry opted not to leave this denim typically denim colored. Here comes in the color; there is a black and pink tie-dye pattern that surely is eye-catching. Oh yeah, this is quilted denim. Remember how I started by saying I am oddly drawn to interesting handbags? My entire view of this bag changed when I read what I wrote above and acknowledged the obvious.

When you read the stats of this bag it seems like a bad idea. And in all reality, it is most likely is. The usage you would get from this bag would never be worth the price for me, but I can’t help but feel a little tinge of yippee when I saw this young and fun take on an established design. Buy via NAP for $1,250.

What do you think of this version of the Mulberry Alexa?

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  • PhotoGirl

    This would make a perfect addition to their Target collection, I think. ;)

    • advo

      My thoughts exactly.

      Denim + quilted + crazy colour combos = Tacky.

      Where’s the classic, laid back elegance Mulberry bags usually have?

  • somethingbags

    Looks interesting at first but becomes too busy with the pattern. Not a work of art for me. Proenza Schouler fish print did this first.

  • green

    Too nutty to be classic, not interesting enough to be cool-for-this-season. When I first saw this, I thought for sure it was part of the Target line. Pass.

  • Stylista

    A bit busy, but the colours chosen are fantastic.


  • MizzJ

    Oh god this is so ugly, I cannot even think of an eloquent way to put it. Reject and abort!


  • gatsby

    This is the worse kind of offender. An expensive bag that looks cheap.

  • erica

    This might look good as a blouse

  • Andy-Kate.com

    Colors shine so much. Not my type. I’d rather choose a monogram bag.

  • mochababe73

    I already don’t care for the bag. This does nothing to endear me to the Alexa at all. The print is crazy, and I like it. I just don’t like it on this bag. Now, if it were a pair of jeans, I would definitely rock it.

  • Bagolicious


  • Merve

    I like looking at it but i wouldnt give money for it.

  • edoardo

    COlorfull and full o flife print!! Love it!!


  • Chris

    I agree with PhotoGirl and others: this looks like it was part of the Target collection. And the price is ridiculous.

  • bisbee

    Not for me. IMHO, they took a great looking design and ruined it with this version.

  • Staci

    Megs, I too am drawn to ostentatious and funky bags. I really love how Mulberry has transformed everyday denim. I’d totally rock it!

  • Purse Pixie

    I am sort of the opposite of Megs. I usually am not drawn to funky for funky’s sake but I really like this one. Although the print is crazy, it would actually go with a lot of things. I can’t really defend this price for dyed denim but I like it MUCH more than anything in the Mulberry for Target collection.


  • pw

    Thought it looked gross online. Looked cute in the store. File this under “if handbags grew on trees and I could pluck one for any outfit.” But to blow $1200 on a bag that’ll match like 1% of my wardrobe? Just can’t afford it.

  • Shannon

    I want this!!! But it really looks like it should be a part of the Target line.

  • Graefka

    I think it’s beautiful, and the colors look very on-trend, but it’s waaaay overpriced for denim.

    I could actually wear it with most of my clothes, because I stick to black, denim and neutrals most of the time. If I earned twice as much as I do, I could see myself buying one.

  • ylan

    I actually really like it. It’s a young and funky take on a classic and I am a die-hard fan of “wow” accessories. Now if only i had the money for it……

  • otter

    Tacky at that Target mess they put out. Cheap looking. They have hurt the brand.

  • ETenebris

    It looks like a pink bag that had ink pens explode in it. Not impressed.

  • Nat

    although i would never use it and believe it is a bit tacky, i like it in some weird sort of way.

  • XXAL

    the pattern and color is cute! and yes it should definitely be in the target line.

  • DirtyD

    I vote for crazy and tacky.

  • trisha

    not really worth the price, they should’ve included it in the target collection

  • Maggie

    I am really not a fan of tie-dye.. makes the bag look cheap and tacky.. (ipad)

  • Alicia

    Too much $$ for denim (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    now that’s what i called “a bold statement!” (ipad)

  • helen

    Like tie-dye (ipad)

  • Emma G

    This is crazy (ipad)

  • Jen

    I’m not into it. (ipad)

  • chloe

    The bag looks fab. May look tacky to some of u because many cant carry it…It is fashion foward and daring if u pair it with the right outfit… classic is nice but its safe not many people are bold enough to carry this… Basically it comes down to a difference of opinion, also some people might not think its worth it to buy such an expensive bag in order to be a part of a trend with a short life span, on the other hand money isnt an issue for some, and will buy this bag just to have it be a part of their bag collection.