Mulberry Ostrich Bayswaters

Vlad and I are in NYC for the week, meeting with designers, looking at showrooms, and overeating at the best NYC joints we can find. As we have been walking around the city, I realized how true the black garb stereotype is in NYC sometimes. Granted it is rather grey and a bit cold here, but why so much black? I adore color, adore rich hues, and always want to sport a bit of a splash.

A more neutral color to opt for is blue, and my new obsession are some of the blue-hued Mulberry Ostrich Bayswaters that are exclusive to the brand new US Mulberry website. Are you as in love as I am? The three Ostrich Bayswater purses shown above are in lavender, blue, and violet ostrich leather. All are being sold on the new US website and all are exclusive to the US website. Can I decide on just one color? No. All three are stunners, able to catch attention but could still be perfect for those who like to be a little more neutrally dressed, color wise. Of course these bags will still stand out, but I am trying to compromise with those that love neutrals and blacks.

What else is the new Mulberry US site offering? A yellow ostrich Bayswater and an east-west Bayswater in pink ostrich! The yellow and pink are the colors that will always work in South Florida, so obviously I am drawn to them. The regular Bayswater size in the exclusive colors for the US website cost $3995. So for all of you living in the US, make sure to check out the new US Mulberry website and the exclusive colors on their ostrich Bayswater. Visit Mulberry online.

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  • Jen

    ooo I really love that sky blue one.

  • Minimouse

    I am totally in love with the blue ostrich Bayswater, but not in love with the price!

  • Graciella

    I love Mulberry and I love my bays! These ostrich versions are stunners! And not that badly priced for an exotic of this size :-)

  • Anilu Magloire

    Love, LOVE the colors!

  • Linda

    They are all lovely. Nice to know there’s an online site for shopping.

  • Cindy

    Those are Beautiful!!!!

  • mette

    Mulberry has now presented the Bayswaters bag in multiple leathers and colors. Just like Hermes has done with the Birkin. The difference between these two is the craftmanship, the leathers, the name and the price. I have no idea what an ostrich bag would cost at Hermes, but 4000 dollars is not a small sum either( Mulberry). I´m not sure if I´d buy a Hermes, but definitely am I sure that it would not be a Mulberry either.

  • susan

    I LOVE the violet one.

  • susan

    ^^ an ostrich birkin from Hermes for the 30cm size is somewhere around 15,000.

  • wgs


  • Kate

    I’m not usually a huge fan of ostrich, but those colors are to die for.

  • tawnee

    i love the lavender one.

  • susan

    I checked into this. They are only available online, they come from the UK. Then on top of the price, you pay customs upon entry into the US. Sorry, that makes them just too expensive. Love the colors though.

  • mina

    not a big fan of ostrich and i am not crazy about these bags…

  • MissLoveChanel

    LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! Perfect size, perfect shape, perfect colors.

  • G. Gonzalez

    The Mulberry Ostrich Bayswater purses are fabulous! The colors are great, but having it in ostrich was genius. Ostrich in any color is a must have, It is so classy looking. The style, size, and color couldn’t be more perfect. I love it!


    They are cute bags but I am not real keen on simple one color handbags

  • Heyme come to

    love the ostric leather line!

  • ihey

    i think i am joining the fans of mulberry bayswater

  • Jc Valentina

    Oh my god, i love ittttt…….. i love the purple one. mulberry bayswater is just everlasting. must have bag in your closet

  • colin mullarkey

    why pay these prices you are only paying for the name you can have my nane for nothing but you will get a good bag i am getting older each day so dont waite to long ha ha