Mulberry Ombre Bayswater Bag
Mulberry Ombre Bayswater Bag

I have been a fan of the Mulberry Bayswater Bag for quite some time. There is something so simple yet appealing about the design. And yes, it is not super feminine. It is practical and rugged at times, but beautiful when combinations like purple ostrich and a bespoke green crocodile carried by Kate Moss. And now there is a new version that has my love, the Mulberry Ombre Bayswater Bag which features a fuchsia ombre leather. This is a stunning change for the Bayswater, a modern edgy appeal to their household staple. The gold lock fastening on the front looks great on the fuchsia leather. There is a flap top closure and adjustable straps around the sides. Sure I loved the ostrich and drooled over the crocodile, but this version has my heart. Buy through Net A Porter for $1395.

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  • Alex

    Wow! Something about this bag just grabs me….I like it!

  • luce

    i loveeee the style of this bag. i love the pink at the top of this bag. but the ombre looks…dirty to me. it looks like this bag was dipped into dirt or something….i don’t like the color combo. boo.

    • SKelly


      I love the pink, but the ombre effect just makes the bag look filthy.

      It would be different if the ombre went from a pale pink to a darker pink, but the brown/black is IMHO just unattractive.

  • mette

    I´ve repeated this over and over. Not fond of Mulberry stuff at all. Maybe it is ok for a younger generation and I´m well past that time. I pass.

  • Jaffa

    I’ve always liked the Bayswater and I like the ombre effect. Colors are hard to see on the screen sometimes, but to me it looks like it goes from pink to a darker berry color.

  • wgs

    hate it. don’t like the color or the style. sorry…

  • kristin

    love it, love the ombre.

  • lightblue84

    i love the bayswater style and in this color it’s amazing!!

  • kristie

    it does look dirty.

  • J

    Sorry but this looks like a bag Birkin knockoff to me.

  • J

    Sorry but this looks like a bad Birkin knockoff to me.

  • foxyqt

    J, ditto! it looks a little *too much* like a birkin

  • Roxana

    It is STUNNING!! Love the degrading effect as well!

  • Phédre

    Love it! The color is superbe!!!

  • Jo

    saw this IRL and it was stunning. I thought it was a red bag untilI noticed the ombre effect and it goes from a paler pink to a deeper reddy pink at the bottom. It’s not black or dirty looking at all!

  • neesa

    can anyone advice me if i can get this bag anywhere? How much would it cost now?

  • Jaci Gilchrist

    I just love this ombre too. Wish it was still available. Can you girls tell me if there are any other colours that have the lining like this one does?

  • Jemie

    I have this bag and want to sell at $1000. Please contact me