Mulberry Leopard Bayswater Bag

Some designers find a handbag that they have made a hit and continuously reinvent it with new materials, colors, and patterns. It doesn’t always work, but it most definitely works for some brands. Take the Mulberry Bayswater for example. We have seen it in leather, pink ombre, purple ostrich, and even luscious green alligator. And each and every one of these versions I have loved. In fact, I wonder why I have not taken the jump yet and bought myself a Bayswater, since the sturdy yet somehow feminine design continues to intrigue me time after time.

Now there is a sexy vamped up version, the Mulberry Leopard Bayswater Bag which gives an exotic feel with navy leopard print patent leather. The reason this bag does not look leopard-trashy is due to the deep navy lather with the print, it is a color so deep and sultry but not bright and trashy. The Bayswater bag has double top handles and this version sports silver hardware and brown lining. Now this version is a treat on the Net A Porter UK site £695 (approximately $1,271) but I am quite sure it will show up on the US site soon!

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  • dela

    I have been very impressed with Mulberry this season. Ombre versions are my favorite. I also love the variety of exotic snakeskin clutches they have to offer this season. All these bags are available on Mulberry online.

  • V

    Ugh. I’ll pass. I think I rather get a Hermes Birkin over this one. The only that I like about the Mulberry version is the price. But that’s it.

  • Blah. This one does nothing for me.

  • over studying

    this bag looks like it was designed for a hooker.

  • me

    meh- still too Cheetah Girls for me.

  • I think it looks fabulous. Would I ever actually wear it. No, not ever. I’ll also stick with the Birkin.

  • patois

    It matches a pair of CL in the blue patent leopard I got last year.

  • Alexa

    The bag looks way too cheap for the price tag. Seems like something Betseyville would come out with, not mulberry.

  • NNS

    This bag reminds me of that ‘restaurant’ Hooters. Why you ask? Because of their slogan “Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined”.

    Just ewww. :???:

  • I am taking a second look and this is def not my favorite version of the Bayswater, but someone could pull it off. Probably still not me though

  • OMG.. NNS you said hooters… I love it Delightfully Tacky, yet unrefined.

    • NNS

      *bows* Couldn’t help it!! lol :D

  • mette

    I have a dislike to Mulberry bags, probably cause I used to have them in the 80-90´s,when other bags were out of reach. This model is sold in so many leather and color versions,that I´m totally fed up. In this print it looks totally artificial. The good thing is that I suppose it can be worn on a rainy day and the price is very reasonable.

  • kinny

    I love the Mulberry Bayswater, but sadly not in this version. My favorite of all time was the purple Ostrich.

  • lia

    i love bayswater so far ive got 2 patchwork and black congo (mock croc) but this one def not my thing eewwww. agree with mette suitable for rainy day

  • Eba

    I’m a 100% Mulberry fan. I like this bag but I LOVE the new Mabel bag in leopard print!

  • somerset1971

    I have this bag and it looks AMAZING with everything i wear the picture i agree isnt the best but in real life the bags to die for, Ferne cotton, Lily Allen and Kate moss have it!!

  • Handbags

    My weekend plans aren’t over the top. Saturday I’m just spending the day with my son and probably taking him to the park. Sunday my husband will be off work so we will just be enjoying our day as a family

  • matchka

    Oooohhhh…. “…i’ll stick with my Birkin…..” Very snobby!

  • Claire Bear

    This bag is fabulous – birkin smirkin – overpriced tat! :-( (and actually quite sad, I would rather donate the additional funds to charity or purchase a bag that didn’t resemble something my grandmother would wear!!)