There’s plenty to love about Mulberry Fall 2011, but one thing that I continually appreciate about Mulberry in general is that the brand always remembers where its bread is buttered: Handbags. Some brands only show a light smattering of purses on their runways, if any at all, but Mulberry knows that a huge proportion of its clientele exists because of the brand’s famous bags, and accordingly, it provides plenty of accessory eye candy during its seasonal presentations.

Fall 2011’s bags include many that will look familiar to Mulberry watchers, although the brand tweaked the Bayswater, Alexa and Tillie bags in a few detailed ways to update the designs for the new season. A few pieces fell flat, most notably an awkwardly studded Bayswater and a small hunter green satchel that didn’t seem to fit the mood of the rest of the collection, but on the whole, I spotted almost a dozen bags that I’d love to add to my closet immediately.

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  • Graciella

    Mulberry have now truly lost me as a customer – gone are their well-made classics and great leathers; they’ve replaced them with glitzy glam shiny stuff that would be more at home in a candy store. With prices up (way up) and quality down I’d rather save my hard earned cash for real quality and timeles design.

    • ana

      I am with you. I duno what happen with Mulberry, I try keeping to wait and wait another & another season … and now I know I am not the one who felt the same way as you. I like the vintage dark green / red ledubry with straps, but I have no idea with that 2 little straps in the front … too busy & totally ruined this classic design. oh I duno, I am totally lost …

  • PurseAdict

    OMG breathtaking collection .. I can see mulberry be one of the top brands as there designs are becoming more unique….. about the prices I hate the fact that their rising their prices but I dnt know about the quality now

  • Mochababe73

    I am not a fan of Mulberry, but I did find a few that I liked. Maybe 5, 9, 11, and 22.
    I read the comments before mine, and all were disappointed in the direction of the Mulberry. I think that is why I am giving them a second look now. Mostly, I just found them to be booooring.

  • PerkyPeach

    So, I kind of like the green satchel…their is something appealing about the veiny nature of the leather.

    I fell in love with Mulberry (Roxanne in Oak) on my first trip to London, so I’ll forever have a soft spot for the brand.

    • PerkyPeach

      Would officially like to use there correct spelling of “there” in the first sentence of my post. LOL.

  • Chris

    I only learned about Mulberry here on Purseblog. :-) From what I can see in this collection, I like # 4, 5, and 19. The others… not really my style.

  • Mario

    So many fun colors, whats not to love?

  • orderofthings

    Graciella & Ana, you need to see these bags in person – the quality in no way has suffered – if anything the brand has broadened it’s range of really beautiful leathers – they are not all as rugged & tough as in the past but they are wear-able with fantastic drape/ weight/ & color & become even better with age. Any successful brand with staying power will find themselves needing to evolve with the times & this is what Mulberry continues to do every season. xo

    • Graciella

      I have been a dedicated customer of Mulberry for years and own about 10 of their bags. I visit the Amsterdam boutique frequently and have played with the newer styles (of course not the ones in the pics as they are not in stores yet) – truly the products they have released in the last year or so are really inferior when it comes to finishings (stitching, hardware) and thoughnes, compared to a few years ago. My Bayswater, Ledburies and Antony in NVT leather have all held up fabulously, but the NVT leather as well has been messed with: my latest bag, an oak Lily, is not as sturdy as my older bags and no matter how much collonil I put on it to waterproof it, it still gets water marks (my other NVT bags don’t have this problem). I’d advise anyone lusting over these bags to first check out the threads about quality issues on TPF.

  • edoardo

    Nice bags, but too clasical…where is innvoation?? I’d liek to see something new by this brand, it’s too easy to purpose the same model every year!

  • abitnerdy

    Love Mulberry’s collection, love the different texture on the black lovelove

  • sunflower

    I absolutely adore Mulberry. The new designs are gorgeous. Love the dark purple. I own a couple Alexa’s and desire to have a few of these bags. I find Mulberry quality to be high, but other posters are correct in that they prices are too high also. I never took a second look at the stodgy old Mulberry – the new direction balances the best of the old and the new. IMO of course.

  • Lulu

    Beautiful collection! I already set my eyes on a couple of bags.

  • Linda

    I love the quilted bag….but if their prices get too high, it might be a better use of money to look elsewhere.

  • travelbliss

    I love how they have updated some of their classic pieces with their newest designs. Mulberry still maintains their iconic and traditional pieces, which are timeless in appearance. I was an avid collector of Vuitton until they lost their unique appeal by offering LV monogram, damier and azur in every style and shape imaginable…so dull and carried en masse.
    Mulberry’s subtle style changes still keep the brand fresh and contemporary, yet they do not sacrifice their traditional premise. No funky denim colors, feathers, beads, wild patterns, etc. like LV has done in recent seasons. I can totally relate to the complaints of price increases, but I’d rather pay $950 for an iconic Oak Bayswater in 100% leather than $1500 + for plastic coated LV canvas.

  • Alene

    NUMBERS 10 and 13 for me PLEAAASSEE!!

  • Alene

    NUMBERS 10 and 13 for me PLEAAASSEE!!

  • XXAL

    forgive me for not knowing the names
    image 20 & 22 are beautiful! the rich brown of 20 is very eye catching.. 22 seems like it will go with anything!

    image 17 is interesting.. but not sure about how great it would look with different outfits..

    not impressed by the tillie or the studded bayswater.. i miss the alexa being the center of attention

  • 19yearslater

    I like the purple one. Color and shape are both working for me. Mulberry isn’t really my brand (I have a bag from the Target diffusion line but that’s it) but these bags are lovely to admire.

  • FCC

    Fantastic collection! Inovating the classic models

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  • Raphaela

    I don’t usually look at mulberry when it comes to bags but I’ve got to admit, I’m loving the purple one.

  • Maggie

    I Love Love that purple one!! Super cute!

  • roseann

    what are the names of 14, 15 and 22?