This bag is red. I mean shockingly, bright, bold, in-your-face red. The kind of red that is a bit hard to wear. I am always seeing women that rock true red lipstick and make it look perfectly gorgeous. Let me be honest, I am not one of those women. Red lipstick looks scary on me. It just doesn’t seem to flow. And I am not sure I could pull off a truly red bag. But once Net-A-Porter showed the red Mulberry Bayswater with a summery outfit, it worked perfectly and I thought just for a second, ‘Hey, that could be me’.

Will my fate with red handbags be the same as my inability to rock red lipstick? I am not sure. What I do know is this is a gorgeous true red. There are not many orange undertones, just red, red, red. And the bag sporting the red leather, the Mulberry Bayswater, is a fashion staple.

We always talk about using your accessories to add color to your outfits, this bag being a perfect example. But such a standout bag may be too much for your taste, to which I am in the same boat attempting to think if this would work for me. I will need to try this bag, or a similar colored bag, out myself before I can make a final decision. $1,150 via Net A Porter.

Could you rock a bold red leather bag?

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  • Jen

    Honestly? With that color red and the oval brass plate, I immediately thought of a Talbots store with their red doors and oval gold-toned signs. I want to like this bag, but seriously, I really hate Talbots . . .

  • Sallina

    I love how it can be worn with both casual and dressy outfit. :)

  • BeBe

    Jen you crack me up & oh my goodness I knew there was something this reminded me of…Talbots! I REALLY hate Talbots as well …to boring :-)

  • Valentina

    I don’t have problems with red in particular, but this one is too… glossy, maybe the photo doesn’t favor it. Not for me.

  • BLynnT

    Haha. This bag definitely does bring up some visions of Talbots!

    With that said though, I love it. It’s definitely a look-at-me color, but I really think it’s a very classy (though bright and bold) shade of red. I would definitely use it.

  • Hannah

    omg that IS the talbots color red!!!! i was trying to figure out what it reminded me off too! that with teh gold hardware, throw in some black lining and its a talbots prototype wow

  • Sofia Nolan

    gorgeous! this is the perfect kind of red I dream to have on a handbag! oh wait, I already do have one similar :)

  • Stacy

    This is the color red that I dream about!!! Why can’t more bags use this color of red?? I don’t really care much for the bag style, per se, just the color! Incredible.

  • mika

    im not a red lover but this purse kinda change my perspective..

  • mochababe73

    I love a red handbag. I have a Cynthia Rowley that I adore. But this bag looks very ordinary.
    The Talbot’s comment was very funny.

  • Sue-ellen Brown

    wow…red my fave color..reminds me of the red lipstick lips of marilyn monroe..likely..

  • Bagolicious

    I absolutely love RED handbags and can’t get enough of them, but this one is scary boring and an overpriced version of something that could be very Talbot-esque which is scarier than Freddy Crueger!

  • Nola

    I love red and have several red bags. I think they go with just about everything. Be adventurous!

  • reneeo

    The redder the better. Funny, the Talbot comment ruined it for me too. This bag is off—but red bags are so versatile. They really do go with a lot.

  • ana

    could someone please explain the talbots thing to us non-US residents?

  • Karin bag4bag

    I think this red bag is fabulous! I own two red bags – one over the top shiny red paton and another a more demure crimson leather. I can’t wear red red lipstock as I am too pale and look like a circus clown ! But i admire those that can pull off that look.

  • Sohini

    I think the color is amazing! It just pops and can make a run to the market in sweats look good.

  • Belle

    I love red handbags – as someone who wears a great deal of blacks, it’s a great way to introduce colour. Paired with a simple LBD, it’s my go-to answer when I can’t think of what to wear.

  • jamila

    I am handbag mad. Red is a must have for any handbag lover. Its def my fav colour anyway. In my opinion red speaks out for itself its loud,fun,and gets you noticed. This one im afraid looks like a can of red paint has been thrown over it. The Mulberry Crimson/red e/w Bayswater is the best bag that i own and is a true red.