It’s been a while since we’ve put up a Want It Wednesday post, and it’s also been a while since I’ve really wanted a Michael Kors bag. Don’t get me wrong, Kors’ bags are highly wearable and I can barely make it down a block in New York City without seeing one on someone’s arm, but some of the bags simply don’t speak to me. This is not the case when it comes to the Michael Kors Collection Gia Top Zip Satchel, however. This bag speaks to me on many levels and I want nothing more than to add it to my collection and make a special place for Michael Kors in my closet.

Between the structure, the different combinations of materials and the shape, I really think this Michael Kors bag is a great staple for fall and winter.

The front flap features an embossed croc skin, while the sides have embossed ostrich. That seems like it could be over the top, but in reality, it’s just the right combination for this bag. Much of that success has to do with the coloring of the bag; everything is tonal and neutral, which helps tone down the array of finishes. The shape of the bag is what first lured me in – it’s a structured satchel but has a long shoulder strap which will make it easy to carry as well. Another addition I really like is the front flap pocket, along with the ability for the bag to expand because of its zippered gussets. Price is $995 via ShopBop.

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  • mlle p

    For me, there’s entirely too much going on with this bag – 2 handles, 3 kinds of leather, zippers on the side and hanging over the top, the giant gold closure plate plus the key fob thing…enough already! I like the shape and the color, but that’s about it.

  • Ashleyg

    Love MK but think he could have either ditched the front zippers OR the whole lock and key combo…

  • Babs

    Too busy…

  • debbie

    Too much going on! Just two textures and no zippers would have been okay.

  • Eli

    I love it! It’s too beautiful! But, 1 grand for an MK bag? Uhmmm… next please? (Kinda takes away the idea behind an MK bag if it’s going to be priced like a Prada)

    • FashionableLena

      There are the Michael Michael Kors bags that are priced usually below the $500 mark Then there are the Michael Kors bags which I have seen in stores for as much as $16,000. That particular bag was one I had seen on the runway and was made of alligator. So, if you know MK, you would know that this is not unusual, and this was not one from his lower priced line.

      • Eli

        Haven’t really been an MK-toter and I’ve seen his 10K bags at the local store but it was made of ostrich leather so I thought that would’ve been an exception. I think it was a Hamilton and I thought it was a too expensive Birkin-inspired piece. I love this particular bag from him but I find it too expensive for an MK embossed leather.

  • FashionableLena

    As much as I love Michael Kors and have a ton of his handbags, this one is not for me. There’s too many bells and whistles. I think that if you got rid of the embossed leather and the zippers, you would have a really nice bag.

  • Picky about purses

    I saw this bag in dark brown and fell in love! Price became no object. After using the brown bag since Christmas, I couldn’t fathom moving into spring without a colorful version of the same so I bought the same bag in orange. After seeing my bag, my sister bought it as well. It was my golden find on “Black Friday” while doing the all-day shop in Manhattan. Thank you MK!