I’ve recently found myself wondering how much more attention Michael Kors and his line have received since the inception of Project Runway. We all know what a huge following Project Runway has. Then, when you think about it, every time Heidi Klum introduces the judges, including Kors, those watching must take note. Even if you aren’t fashion forward, I would assume you would be instantly more interested in Kors and his line. When I saw the Michael Kors Rehearsal Drawstring Bag, I instantly thought this bag was a hit.

The slightly textured leather is an unstructured bag with drawstring detailing at each side. I love the use of a magnetic snap closure plus an interior zip, wall and cell phone pockets. With an unstructured bag like this, I find adding feet, which this bag has is a huge help. The double handles make it easily carried on your shoulder or in your hand. But more than anything else, it simply looks classy and fun. I can see this bag appealing to a wide range of handbag lovers. And the color – how rich does it look? No wonder the color is called “coffee” – deep, dark and delish!!! I truly like this bag, but my original question still looms – how much more popular do YOU think Michael Kors is now that we are in our fifth season of Project Runway? Either way, you can buy this handbag through Nordstrom for $1,595.00.

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  • Gorgeous! It’s the first MK bag I love.

  • Wow, a Michael Kors bag I actually like. Now only if it wasn’t brown…

  • csyang

    it’s my type!

  • the bag actually comes in black and slate too.

  • Kaytey

    Is it just me, or does this bag strangely remind you of the Gerard Darrel 24 heures bag?

    BTW, every time MK is introduced I kind of smile, because 2/3 of his fashion is crap. I always love, love, love the other 1/3 though, so I suppose that’s why he’s there… But to hear him yammer on about how he “doesn’t get” the contestants’ looks, I roll my eyes a teeny bit.

  • sara

    i think he’s gotten a lot more popular. for the people who watch project runway with no prior knowledge of the fashion world, it has made him much more recognizable along with really big names that everyone knows anyway (chanel, prada, lv, gucci, etc) and as a nice, occasionally funny personality. i know i definitely pay more attention to his stuff now. can’t say the same for the designers featured in the final runway shows on antm…

  • haha too true Sara. Did anyone see tonight’s episode of ANTM? That designer judge seemed a bit pretentious! Anyways, I love this bag, esp the rich brown colour, but I think it is way overpriced! Although he is getting more popular yes, that doesn’t mean he’s hit that $1000+ status that more bigger names than his have held for so long.

  • NordyGirl

    This bag is even more gorgeous in person! I work at Nordstrom and can get you this bag for 40% off right now, as well as the smaller/ slightly different version of it! (In black, slate, and coffee) email me!! I love to hook people up with great deal! alimo7411@yahoo.com.. or call me at the store 317.810.9809 ext 1255.. ask for Ali Moreland :)

  • angela

    Looking to purchase the MK black w silver hardware rhersal handbag, (smaller size) bag sells for 1400.00. MK stores have a 40% sell but not on this bag. Thank you kindly

  • svetlana

    Anybody knows the name or type of material (python) the michael kors rehearsal satchel made from? , I send it to Japan and if anybody knows to help the person receive it from customs the name of python should be provided
    ANYONE with info? Much appreciated