When I look at a bag I’ve never seen before for the first time, the first thing I always try to imagine is where I’d take it. Accessories both need and provide context in various ways, and a strong sense of how a bag fits into the aesthetic world is one of the surest ways to start evaluating how well-designed it is. When it comes to the Jack Spade Desert Suede Duffel Bag, I know exactly where this bag is headed.

Don’t let the name fool you; although the color may be sufficiently sandy, this bag’s destiny is actually to some kind of leafy destination upstate, perhaps for a weekend of apple-picking and cider-sipping and all those fall things that are really, genuinely lovely despite also being tired cliches. This bag will hold all the warm flannel shirts and cozy socks you need, and at a far more attainable price than the last suede manbag we looked at. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $550.

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