Belstaff Cotton Canvas Messanger Bag, $395 via Net-a-Porter

Oh Man Bag Monday, we have left your category so under-loved the past few weeks. I promise it was not purposeful, it just…happened. But we are back and giving the men who read PurseBlog and the ladies who shop for their men who don’t read PurseBlog our suggestion for a bag this Monday. Thus far many of the bags we have covered are much pricier than what many men would ever consider spending on their bags. Today I found a very fashionable but rugged and affordable look in the Belstaff Cotton-Canvas Messenger Bag.

This bag gives the right look without looking like you are trying too hard. It is something I can imagine being suitable even for the men who refuse to carry a “man bag”. The khaki cotton canvas with worn brown leather trim gives a manly appearance while being completely functional with the two front pockets, interior pocket, and fold over flap closure. The Belstaff emblem reminds me of a pilot, which again scores some super cool points.

I know every dude out there won’t carry a bag, but many dudes need to and finding a carryall that works for them and their style is most important. If you are or know the casual laid-back guy who would never want a leather bag, consider this option for Belstaff for $395 via Mr. Porter.

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  • Amanda

    Unfortunate, because I love this bag, but I know my BF wouldn’t. I know EXACTLY what he’d say, too – “I don’t wanna have to un-do those straps every time I use it!”

    Honestly, he’d prefer velcro or plastic clips. I know, I know, it’s just… awful.

    • vesna

      new version of the bag, probably the one sold now, has snaps under the backles, I have buckles in the old style I bought. I sold the newer one, I remember it was very easy to get in and out of it, and snaps are so well hidden, and they are strong, very well closing…I just changed it because of the colour…my newer one was this exact military, and I bought older version in sand colour

  • rose60610

    Manly, not girly. This would look good on even the most gritty he-man. Rugged, strong canvas, those straps remind one of slabs of bacon. This bag is for red meat eaters, not sissies.

  • vesna

    I am carrying this bag myself, when I wear very girly stuff, mine is smaller than large, still can fit lap top and all I need…I had been looking for it for several years until I found it 3 years ago in UK. I saw it for the first time in the movie “Interpreter”, carried by Nicole Kidmann, and then in “I, Legend” carried by Will Smith. I have got it through difficult channels from UK, and now I see it is sold everywhere. After Brad Pit was seen wearing it at the airport a year ago, ebay prices started going wild for this bag and I sold my khaki one (turned out to be very rare colour) for a great price. My husband did not want me to wear that military colour, it bothered him. Then I bought sand colour, which is muc nicer, it reminds him of explorer bag.

  • fdsaao

    Wow, a lot of foot fetishists ITT.

  • Maurice

    same your things not far from it Dependant Reticule Monday: Belstaff Raw Canvas Precursor Sack –