lambertson truex crocodile bag
LT Wright Mailbag | $9,900

So this post was supposed to come last week, but this little thing called life happened and poof!, Father’s Day is right around the corner. Luckily my father along with most others still loves and accepts gifts a few days late. I have been meaning to post about the Lambertson Truex man bags. After we met Richard and John, we began to obsess over their bags. But do you know who was sitting in the showroom trying a bag on and looking like a kid at Christmas? It was Vlad, not even me! Sure I was excited and had a mental list of about 10 purses that I had to had, but Vlad had an ear-to-ear smile when he found the LT Wright Mailbag in espresso crocodile and luxe grain ($9,900). He tried it on and was so sold on it I had to literally drag him out of the store. When I think back on it, we should have just asked if we could buy it, because after all, tech guru or not, Vlad is the handbag king in his own right! The aspect about Lambertson Truex Man Bags is that they are masculine. There is nothing about them that your un-handbag-loving dude will not like. The lines are clean, the shapes are boxy, but the overall look is meticulous as Richard and John are and perfect. Vlad is particular about his man-bags. A great messenger suits his needs but he is not looking for a monogram canvas or a colorful array. This is why most men would love a Lambertson Truex bag; the clean lines and understated elegance will not overwhelm or overpower the usability. If you need a gift for your dad this Father’s Day and are a little behind, make sure to check out some bags from Lambertson Truex! Sold through Saks and LT boutiques.

lt slim brief
LT Slim Brief | $595

LT Pebbled Leather Carryall
LT Pebbled Leather Carryall | $625 via Saks

LT Edelston duffle
LT Edelston Duffle | $555

LT Pebbled Leather Billfold Wallet
LT Pebbled Leather Billfold Wallet | $275 via Saks

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  • william

    As a man, I would not be caught dead carrying any of those. The designs are boring and, quite frankly, ugly. The term ‘man bag’ itself is detestable, as well. I have never carried a bag that has specifically been designated as “men’s”, instead opting for larger, gender indiscriminate “women’s” bags like YSL’s oversize Muse, large Rive Gauche, Downtown, and nearly anything Balenciaga.

    • William I love that you comment on the site and continue to read it, but sometimes you are overly harsh! I love to see men carry a bag that many women carry, but not all men like that look. Actually, many men I know would never carry a BBag, but that is just them. There are more masculine bags with clean lines, and I truly believe LT designs these.

      To each and their own! But I would love to see you rocking out some of your bags, I am sure you do so amazingly!

    • dela

      I think LT bags have more unisex appeal than YSL or Balenciaga in general. As someone who thinks men’s necktie is one of the most verstile accessories for women, I do love when people experiment without paying attention to the whole gender thing.
      A croc bag for a man is a brilliant idea.

  • Sarah

    Their bags are amazing!!! The croc bag is TDF!

  • mrposhspice

    Megs…you are evil for posting this!!! I am in LOVE with the Crocodile Messenger!!! Where can I get it???

    • Isn’t it MAJOR?!?!?!?!?!!!!

      They have it in plain leather too, but the croc is beyond to die for!!!!

      You can call the boutique in NYC and see if they will carry the bag.

  • Cesar

    yes megs it’s major….I would love to have that croc messenger, it’s a perfect example of what exotics do to simple but stylish bags, they make them even more apealing.

  • william

    Yes, I suppose the bag criticism goes hand in hand with an addiction to the forum hehe (Balenciaga and Louboutin mostly). I think a lot of “women’s” bags are truly genderless creations. Unfortunately, a lot of men are very sensitive about gender labels. Of course, I would not consider framed bags, smaller styles, hobos, or many embellished bags appropriate for a man, though exceptions are always possible.

  • karry kasim

    oh gosh, neither my hubbie or my father would carry the mail bag, but maybe one of the others…

  • Nirodha

    As usual for most crocodile garments, this man bag is way over-priced for what it is. I think most consumers would be surprised at just how inexpensive fully processed croc hides wholesale for.

  • raquel lopez

    I have an LT leather carryall and the metal on one end of the strap is broken….where can I have it repaired.

  • metin2 yang

    I have an LT leather carryall and the metal on one end of the strap is broken

  • carlos marquez

    I have an LT messenger bag, the magnetic snap fell off (the male part on the flap side). Where can I get a replacement?

  • JS

    Can anyone advise where to obtain repairs (preferably in the UK) to Lambertson Truex Luggage (specifically gents laptop carrier)

  • Alexis

    I love that first bag. Now if i only had 9 grand to spend on it i would so buy it:)