Father’s Day is tricky. Lots of dads are either difficult to shop for or don’t really like getting presents at all, and there’s only so many times you can go buy dad some new black dress socks before things get a little boring and predictable. My suggestion? Use the opportunity to update your husband’s or dad’s style game in a way that he may not think to do for himself. Unless, of course, the dude you’re buying for is the type who’s already given you the model number of the power tool he’d like to receive. In that case, this gift guide probably isn’t for you.

If you’re still with us, we’ve got a sampling of accessories that we think would be both well-received by almost any man and fun to give for you as well. After all, you’re the one who has to look at him. From watches to man bags to ties (Yes, there is one tie. My dad always asked for ties before he retired, so I had to include one for the ladies with like-minded pops out there.), we have lots of suggestions for Father’s Day happiness waiting after the jump.

The first thing I learned while researching options for this post is that almost all men’s watches under $1000 are inexcusably hideous, giant-faced things that make me wonder if the wearer is trying to compensate for his shortcomings by wearing the biggest, gaudiest, most crowded-faciest (a technical term) watch possible. That’s why I included two gorgeous, masculine, impeccably-designed watches in this guide, the first of which being the Uniform Wares 250 Series Steele Wrist Watch. With a midcentury modern face and a simple brown leather band, this is what you buy for both your own personal Don Draper and your dad who hates what the kids are wearing these days. $630 via Mr. Porter.

Grown men carry nice luggage. It’s just a fact. This Coach Transatlantic Travel Carryon in sleek black leather is a good, functional place to start. $648 via Coach.

Some men resent getting ties as gifts, others request them – I picked out every tie that my dad received from the time that I was five years old until he retired. If he were still heading into the office, I’d suggest the E. Tautz Striped Linen and Silk Blend Tie for summer. It’s traditional enough for a conservative workplace, but the slight color variation and not-quite-perfect edges give this tie a hand-painted feel that sets it apart. $100 via Mr. Porter.

Whether your dad or husband is fashionable or functional, the Prada Saffiano Wallet is a perfect choice. Saffiano leather is incredibly tough and wear-resistent, which is important to everyone in a piece that takes a daily beating, no matter the person who carries it. $350 via Bergdorf Goodman.

True fact: I’ve never, in my entire life, known a man who looked bad in a pair of Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarers. $150 via Mr. Porter.

If the man in your life prefers an all-metal watch to a leather strap, the Nixon Time Teller Watch provides a classic look at an excellent price. $100 via Barneys.

Style extends all the way to your cell phone, which is not something that men are always willing to embrace. The plaid fabric that covers this Jack Spade Fabric iPhone Hard Case just SCREAMS summer, don’t you think? $40 via Piperlime.

Last but not least, the Jack Spade Dart Duffel is the perfect “everything” bag for a man who needs a jump start to his accessories game. Neutral, expensive-looking, reasonably priced and the perfect size to go anywhere from the office to the gym to the airport. You can’t beat it. A new dad might even be able to use it as a diaper bag. $395 via Bloomingdale’s.

When I was a kid, I was always impressed when my dad wore his alligator belt. I didn’t know why it was special, exactly, but I knew that it was. This W.Kleinberg Crocodile Belt reminds me of it a lot – modern, professional, utterly luxe. $350 via Neiman Marcus.

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10 years ago

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10 years ago

My dad is like in his sixties… Ray Ban’s just will look ridiculous on him…

10 years ago
Reply to  Tinatino97

I generally consider Wayfarers and Aviators to be classics in terms of eyewear. My father who is almost 60 still has both of these styles since the 80s and he still looks fab on them.

Amanda Mull
10 years ago
Reply to  Tinatino97

My dad’s in his 60s too. Wayfarers look good on virtually everyone, they’ve been around for ages. I’ve seen plenty of men in that age range wear them.

Marcus 'New-new' Whitten

i look just awful in wayfarers. my dad likes them for some reason tho. i might pick up a pair.

10 years ago

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