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  • Sara

    I would so use some of these for work or as a briefcase/laptop bag and I’m female! Thanks.

  • Jerri R

    I would love the Gucci Tigerhead for myself! And the Prada is so underwhelming — very TJMaxx-y.

  • ellavanw

    A lot of these look too feminine for any of the guys I know. Some men’s bags are great for women – I have an LV cabat messenger bag that I use for business travel – super light and under the radar.

  • FashionableLena

    I like seeing some of the more masculine bags. My husband has been looking for a bag made out of something other than canvas that doexnt look like a handbag. Some of these, however, still look like purses.

  • Christofle

    I’ll take the H City Hall. Please & Thank you

  • The Hermes is possibly the most interesting design but outrageously expensive for a bag with a manufacturing cost of c.$1100-1200.

  • W S M

    The Gucci bag has my dad’s initials, lol. Are they trying to give me a hint or something? Out of this lot, my absolute favourite would be the Hermes. But even with a lifetime warranty (unlike Chanel) I’m still a bit hesitant over the price tag. It’s not like it’s a Birkin or Kelly that will hold or even increase in value.

  • I want the Givenchy one for myself!

  • eve hunt

    OMG! Now I am getting confused. I have finalized this leather bag for my hubby but after seeing this collection I am not getting what to purchase. What do you think of this leather bag? Is it worth?

  • I would never blame PurseBlog for concentrating on women’s bags, because as Amanda said, they feature more interesting and evolving designs. And many thanks for posts like this one. But as a man who is drawn to “statement pieces” for even everyday wear (but not necessarily for EVERY day), the problem isn’t just lack of options. There are certainly labels that do indeed design fashion-forward men’s collections, but they are almost always priced out of reach (for me). The monster peekaboo bag is really the only one here I would carry (I’m a huge fan of those eyes), but $6,500 is rough-if-not-impossible for me. Brands like Fendi, which to me epitomizes fierce playful luxury for men’s, or Saint Laurent or Givenchy, which are also options for men’s glamorama, feel like my only options. From what I can tell, women have far more diffusion lines to choose from, and more moderately priced labels that still incorporate dramatic flare. This is a personal sticking point for me, and I raise it only to increase awareness. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked by people WHY I spend so much money on my clothes and bags. The answer is because I dont feel I have many other options :(