Back in November, we caught Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti with an Hermes Birkin covered in his own drawings, and it seems as though he didn’t just stop there. Formichetti, who’s perhaps most widely known for being Lady Gaga’s stylist, has also translated his drawings to a limited-edition, doodle-covered handbag line for Mulger, like the Mugler Muglerette M Bag, sold exclusively at ShopBop. The bags, which were all hand-decorated by Formichetti and are therefore one-of-a-kind, have sold briskly – only one remains. Are you tempted to snap it up, or is it a shame to see a nice bag marred by a pink paint pen?

If you are familiar with Formachetti’s work, this bag probably doesn’t surprise you in the least; the designer and stylist is a big fan of subverting expectations, so naturally an ultra-structured, glossy handbag deserves some craft-store detailing. He was, after all, the brains behind Gaga’s infamous meat dress. The singer’s fans are famously ardent and dedicated, so I’d venture a guess that some of them snapped up many of these bags in order to have a Formichetti piece of their own. Beyond that, perhaps there are a few Mugler obsessives out there who saw the bags as potential collector’s items.

Would you ever consider a bag like this? Perhaps from your all-time favorite designer? If this one tickles your fancy, pick up the last hand-decorated piece for $1,945 via ShopBop.

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