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  • Livia1

    These got boring real fast!

  • pinksky777

    Am I the only one who think these are dead hideous???

    • JH

      No, you are not.

    • Maya

      Nope!! 1975 porn!

  • Susan

    I bought the classic loafer for Fall and couldn’t be more thrilled with them.


    Come Spring, I would definitely opt for one of these (okay, not fur).

  • Jennyfir

    Designs aside, mules are difficult. The fit of these looks off. They make the woman’s feet in the top photo look…swollen maybe?

  • Jennifer McGee

    I tried them on on the boutique and they are very unflattering on the feet. I selected the Marmont pumps in red leather instead and they are beautiful.

  • Finem Lauda

    BARF. Leave em! Mules need to go out of style and stay out of style.

  • beebee

    Love them! Bought 2 pairs ( blooms and leather with rose) and planning to buy more.

  • TheModMazza

    I have a huge dislike for backless shoes, so the Princeton is a serious miss. This is coming from someone who loves loafers and smoking slippers.

  • Sparky

    I see mules as summer wear. The designs are generally quite nice (except the gross furry one) but look wintery so they should be loafers. I LOVE #8 but I want it in a loafer.

    • Passerine

      I think that pattern is no longer available from Gucci. Net a Porter just has a few pairs left in a few sizes. If you click on the link and check the sizes, most sizes are sold out and except for size 39, they have “low stock” for the rest.

  • Gigi

    Love mine to death!

  • Passerine

    Love them — but only for summer or places that have summer-like weather year round. In July, I bought a pair of slides in the jacquard print. The pattern is like a work of art for my feet. Fortunately, the same pattern ALSO then became available as a loafer, so I can wear those in cooler weather — when it’s not raining or snowing.

  • Love it! In my dream life, I’d be on a balcony overlooking the beach in a plush robe, one of these slides on, cigar in one hand and on my cell phone to a really important person discussing very important things. You get the idea.

  • Sandy

    I have 2 pair, 1 pair fur lined and 1 not. I understand your apprehension, my first impression was definitely on the fence. I tried them on and decided to purchase my first pair. Loved them, so comfy, so edgy. I decided to purchase a second pair… try them you may love them!!!

    • SeeJay

      I agree. When the shoes were on the blog long ago, I think it was Megs showcasing hers. I thought they were so fugly. And the this fall I purchased the black leather and the very ones in this article. It’s very true that the shoe comfortable and so EASY. I love them!

  • psny15


  • Tinsley Proust

    Love! Just not in the canvas. Plain leather is good for me.

  • hheh

    I love these! But I’d be going for a more mellow pair .. like the red. The patterns are a little wild for me.

  • Jack Neill

    The new designer sucks. Fashion coverage has just become propaganda now. It’s just the writers promoting the company’s products and image in exchange for access and other perks. Just like with Dior, every critic was like Raf Simmons is amazing but he did not even come close to Galiano. Hence his quick exit from Dior. But you will never read any article that covered his boring tenure at Dior. Gucci’s new designs maybe hideous but atleast they are not boring.