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I try to always be open-minded to new ideas. There were times when I went for a run (granted that was about, erhm, a good 10 years ago) and had no where to place my money. My under my foot in my shoe would take the money, which always seemed to keep my money secure but not overly dry. And really, that isn’t the best idea. I remember a handful of shoes that were designed with a pouch of sorts then, but none came near to this much of a pouch + shoe look.

Welcome the Azumi and David Pouch Shoes to your screen. All that I get when I see this bag + shoe combination is a Chanel feel. There is quilted black leather and a very Chanel-esque turnlock closure. In fact, Chanel did make an anklet for Spring/Summer 2008. But this is not Chanel, it is Azumi and David, a duo known to push design boundaries at times.

But WAIT A MINUTE. At first I was certain these were indeed shoes, shoes that had an oversized pouch integrated with them. But it is the other way around. These are not shoes with a pouch, rather a pouch with a shoe. Am I making sense? Meaning, this is merely a clutch of sorts that has a shoe as part of its design aspect. Well that is… pointless? I want to be accepting of this idea, but I just feel like this would surely be awkward to carry. Imagine taking this to an event and people staring saying, “There is a heel on that bag…”. And that heel may jab you. Imagine putting the pouch under your arm and having the heel dig into your rib cage, OUCH! When I first saw this bag, I was silently rooting for it to somehow work, but it simply is not for me. Is it for you? Buy via Colette for $385.

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  • Petula

    Uh, this is a fashion don’t! I’m with you, I try to be opened minded but this is too much.

  • LV-nowwhat

    This is one of the worst bags I have ever seen. Simply horrible. I would not care if Chanel made it, it is just ugly.

  • Nik

    Disgusting. Looks like something from the dollar box at a stand in Chinatown. Or the discount bin at Torrid. I’d prefer the simple quilted leather clutch similar to Chanel’s design, if kit the actual Chanel one

  • Jo Charles

    OMFG..thanks goodness it is not Chanel!

  • Cindy

    I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that.

  • Sonya

    Ladies, I’m sorry this is by far the ugliest thing I’ve seen for this fall season!!! It is a complete mess. Enough said.

  • dela

    Godawful! If they wanted an innovation they should have designed it to be worn as a shoe or a bag.

  • purseloco

    Well, If you are out alone, and you got attacked you could beat someone over the head with the heel part.

  • Kellyx

    Thumbs down

  • Demi

    What is that???? It’s so ugly and meaningless, no matter how open-minded someone may be!

  • edoardo

    It’s very ugly… because the shoe is made in the worst way (this is a clutch but should give us the idea of a shoe too…) and the bag has a terrible shape and the “end” of the leather on the toe of the shoes is….I’ have not any word to describe this terrible thing!!


  • Fashion-Fanboy

    I don’t really think that it is, as many of you say, “ugly” but I don’t think it is beautiful either…
    When I first saw this, the first thing that came up to my mind was WTF IS THAT ?
    Although pushing boundaries and taking risks to do the unusual can sometimes be good, but there is a difference between different and tacky…
    I find this shoe/clutch/bag/whatever very tacky. Not only the heel, but also the intended chanel feeling, the not-so-glamorous hardware and the quite irritating feeling of “I’m trying to be different”.


  • angela

    Voters should have had another option to click : WHY?!?

  • mochababe73

    I think that it was a cute idea, but the execution is all wrong. The gold version is especially gaudy and tacky.
    For those who are edgy and brave enough to use it, the clutch is functional and definitely a conversation starter.
    Azumi and David won’t be for everyone. I urge everyone to google image these designers. They push the envelope and appear to be edgy and quirky. This is just the beginning-hat bags, fur coffee cup holders, shoe-totes…Though none of these are my style, it’s is something to look at.

  • The poll results thus far are making me laugh :)

  • jetsetgo!

    Sorry, but that’s just ridiculous!

  • Charlene

    uh… a no no..sorry..(fb)

  • Chris Taylor

    Have to say this one is really ugly.. I could really mistake it for a shoe.. Imagine wearing this on your foot.. Perhaps looking like Milton the Monster…lol
    However, I saw one of the most adorable high heeled bags @ a wedding this past May. I forget @ this moment where she said what catalog she ordered from, but pricey. Maybe that is why I don’t remember where she got it. lol

  • unpredictable me

    YUCK!!! the end.

  • gacats

    That is hideous.
    Although, one could certainly beat holes in an assailant with it. (fb)

  • Mishie

    Creative, but I’m not a fan! I can understand appreciate the creativity behind it.

  • Angie

    Horrible !

  • Lianne

    Well, I guess if you get mugged you could use the spike heel decoration as a weapon. But really, I can’t see many women wanting to actually carry this thing.

  • Debra

    This looks like something that came out of the movie “The Fly”!

  • Sandi

    FUGGGGG!!! This is quite possibly THE ugliest thing I have ever seen on this blog. Atrocious, just wretchedly horrid.

  • EL

    Oh NO…!!!

  • 19yearslater

    Those kangaroo shoes with zipper pouches on the sides are more fashionable.

  • Bagolicious

    I guess people have just run out of serious things to spend their money on. That is one of the most ridiculous bags that I’ve seen in a long time.

  • JenG

    This is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • KDC


  • holly

    I’m sorry, but what the h*** is that supposed to be?! I don’t care if ppl consider this “fashion” or wouldn’t mind spending $300+ on it b/c “oh, it’s so unique!”. I say, use your head for once and don’t get sucked in by designer labels because labels don’t always know whats hot. (98% of the time it’s just cheap junk, like this being sold with a designer label.) Spend that $300 on something or someone that matters.

  • Valentina

    this is old.

  • Handbag Lover

    OMG this is one UGLY creation. Lord have mercy, chile…ooohhhwwweee that is ugly.

  • Irra

    O.M.G!!!! I never say No to Chanel. But this one is a double NO. NO…

  • Mindy

    Ha… this totally reminds me of a bag I had when I was a very little girl… there was a time where it was fashionable in my town to carry shoe-shaped bags. lol

  • Terri

    OMG… please… that is getting desperate for a design!

  • Jacket

    April Fools!!
    (…oops – it’s – ahem – September)

  • merve

    Honestly i prefer to carry the vajayjay bag you guys wrote about yonks ago. Is it a shoe? is it a plane? is it a fake chanel? who knows.

  • mikoism

    *barfs* hold me jesus!!!!

  • shopper

    At first I thought this was a shoe, not a bag, and I was a fan. But as a purse, it just seems too clunky and strange. Could you imagine carrying this around? The looks from other people would be priceless!

  • Janeski

    I would slip it on (or off of) my foot, then I would reach into it, get my lipstick and touch up. Then I would laugh . Then I would say out loud, “where is my other boot, I mean bag?” And it would continue…. “don’t look at me funny, of course I need two of these.” I almost always wear two shoes…..

  • erama

    this is the most atrocious THING i have seen so far, NO, NO NO!

  • !!!


    ever seen the elvis version of these?

  • LDJ


  • kim sanders

    Is it a shoe or a bag? I didn’t like it. Just have a website review to learn some more.

  • Jelita78

    oh this is the perfect bag to take when out to a crowded party!
    very useful for u to knock/ kick those drunk men from blocking your way! hahaha.. (ipad)

  • Corinne

    not just leave it, but leave it IMMEDIATELY! yikes