Mischa Barton Louis Vuitton Rivets Handbag

Other than the fact that she is sporting a total “Who me? Duh! Oh” blank stare/open mouth pose, Mischa Barton actually looks really good in this picture. She pairs a simple gold heart necklace, with a turquoise covered jacket, flowery top, and a stunning Lv bag. Mischa Barton was seen sporting the Louis Vuitton Rivets Handbag. The leather version of this bag is really funky and edgy, sporting black leather along with gold rivets and stud detailing and a Louis Vuitton logo plate. I’d love to get my hands on one of these bags, so I think I will make it ok to take it from Mischa when she is not looking. If she keeps dating duds that look like they came off the streets, she is not worthy of such a fine bag. Shop for Louis Vuitton exclusively eLuxury’s Louis Vuitton boutique.

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  • hot

    She’s hot. The johanssons, the lohans look cheap shit in comparison.

  • eve300

    That LV bag is TDF!!!! I really love it! Misha Farton looks so beautiful. She is a natural beauty.

  • Emily

    Love both her and the bag! She’s so cool and stylish and just has an awesome way of pairing her purse with her amazing outfits! :razz:

  • dannie
  • Shahmeen

    :wink: yayyyy.. i love her.. i have the same rivet bag in white!!!

    • Angie

      I can’t find this bag anywhere. They only have the monogram version on the net.

      Where else can I find this lambskin rivet bag ? What collection is it under ?

      Please I’m in love with the bag.

      • rebecca

        :sad: i have the exact same bag i still haven’t found out if you can fix them though. myself and my boyfriend had a tug of war over it and two of the straps broke, it is a very beautiful bag do you know if louis vuitton does repairs anyone please

      • Jessica Ross

        e-luxury had the Black Louis Rivet bag. I think they wanted $3700+

        I purchased one about 2 years ago before it was discontinued at the Louis store in the Galleria- fort Lauderdale.

        I am willing to work a deal with you so that you can purchase this bag from me. I have not used it !!! IT is in its box and has all tags, cover, papers, warranty and registration card.

        You are welcome to take it to the store with me to verify authenticity and receipt including price and date. I am not really looking to make money on this item as it is just one of many I own. ( I am finally over spending ridiculous amounts of money on these bags) I purchased my last quilted Channel last year and have managed to control myself.

        If you would like to fly in, I can have my concierge arrange flight and hotel if you are staying the night in the South Florida area.

        My number is below.

        Jessica Ross

  • ashley

    hey i love you and i love the oc

  • Izzy

    Omg, i am in love with that bag.. but by the way eve300 her name is Mischa Barton not Mischa Farton..Anywho, i’m like in love with her.. she’s really pretty

  • junopace

    :roll: she’s to imitation because she’ fice very be make up

  • K

    i would love 2 just eat her shit for rest the of my life i love Mischa Barton.

  • aydrieva

    I just saw this purse on Ebay item number 230267654534
    It is used, but it looks really good.

  • mischa you are the best!soo soo cool! :wink:

  • hi mischa i’m so love u you’r very very beautiful and sweet. kiss

  • Kimberly

    this bag is something different…. something not LV !
    I got this about 15 months ago and only used it for less than a month…

  • denis

    i love O.C , and a love misha b …. have mail me misha page ?

  • Anonymous

    Mischa Barton is really getting fat. I think she really has to work out and start a died, otherwise her movie career could be over quite soon.

  • Naggy

    It looks so generic. (ipad)