The disdain that some people have for monogrammed handbags has grown exponentially over the years. Classic monogram patterns are some of the most sought-after and worn designs ever, but although everyone knows the Louis Vuitton monogram, for example, not everyone likes it. I don’t find it as abhorrent as others do, and seeing Louis Vuitton find ways to implement it on their bags without it being quite so in-your-face delights me.

I was browsing in the Louis Vuitton SoHo store earlier this week and found myself drawn to the Monogram Empreinte line. Luscious leather is embossed with the classic LV design which gives a touch of brand familiarity while remaining sophisticated. The bag I couldn’t stop coveting and keep returning to is the Louis Vuitton Lumineuse PM.

Simply put, this bag is lovely. The tote shape has double top handles and an entirely crucial shoulder strap. I adore the front zipper compartment and the fact that the top has zipper pulls seals the deal. While every little part that makes the whole is luxurious, it is the overall aesthetic that I find myself most drawn to. Simplicity at its finest, I appreciate a well-designed and visually pleasing bag. I would be proud to carry this bag on my arm. Bravo Louis Vuitton. Price is $2,530.

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  • Bgjh335

    I like it.What colors are av?

  •  Quite a few colors – blue, black, red, beige. I can’t get the site to load right now, but it lists all the colors there!

  • Marina Harbor

    love it!!!!

  • Phédre

    I have one in infini (the dark blue) and it’s one of my favorites!

  • Piperhallie

    I saw this bag yesterday at LV in a lucious gray color- the leather is so luxurious! Definitely TDF.

  • I have the Petillante clutch of the Empreinte line and it’s just luscious. I wanna get an LV bag as a present for my self and I’m torn between this bag in that exact color above or the Alma Vernis. What do you think of Alma Vernis (PM)?

  • Micky1311

    seemss as a Balenciaga bag !!!

  • 19yearslater

    I don’t have a problem with classic monograms. The leather monogrammed bags from LV are especially nice. I like the color of this as well.

  • This is a good looking handbag.  I absolutely love it.   It looks soft.

  • Sandra Rowley

    Lovely, have considered purchasing…

  • KoutureCrochet

    Ii really want to see a speedy in this leather.

    • Louch


  • Pixiegirl

    I love the leather on these but style wise none of them work for me, it’s kind of disappointing. I could swing the clutch but I so rarely use clutches I can’t justify the $ on something that won’t get that much use. I hope they expand the styles of this line because ive been eyeing this leather for q few years already and really want something in it.

  • ugamom

    Megs, I’m glad to hear you like this bag!  I first saw this bag in the dark gray last summer and loved it!  All the colors are beautiful.  The functionality of the bag is exactly what I like (zippered top closure and outside zippered pocket).  The only hesitation I had was the price.  I still ask to see it whenever I pass a LV boutique, so, who knows?

  • melodymouse

    This was the first LV I bought and it launched my designer handbag obsession.  This bag is extraordinary.  Comfortable, elegant, luxurious and versatile.  Nothing else I own, from Proenza to Prada, beats it.

  • Allisonbrown

    Half a loaf is better than no bread

  • smartin511

    Does anyone know the measurements of the double handle drop?  Just wondering if I opted not to use the shoulder strap if I could still carry this on my shoulder. Thanks! 

    • Ldlacy09

      Yes you can wear it crossbody. I just got the bag yesturday in the same color as pictured and trust me when I say that pic shows the bag no justice. The blue is actually dark and rich. It smells yummy. The brass is so bright and shiny. I absolutly love it.

      Someone asked about that Alma Vernis. I can tell you this bag is more practical for everyday. The alma tends to get heavy and I always find myself trying to protect it. Not to mention you can only wear it on your arm. It is not a bag i would wear everyday.

      • smartin511


    • Ldlacy09

      You can wear it on your shoulder very comfortably…..

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  • nice and cute

  • rose

    This also my first time log in blog .I also hope can
    publish my view.Let us share our mood.thank you.

  • Ufgihi

    i want one very much

  • Kooltiffany

    Love mine!! In the dark blue!!

  • Elzan Ali Ariansyah

    Lv Lumineuse pm is my favorite bag my 1st lumineuse pm is in ombre but unfortunately the handle was cracked maybe because it’s became my daily bag for a year ;) so today I just went to LV to ask for repairmen but they just offering me to replace with a new lumineuse pm & I pick the Celeste color :D because it’s so beautiful

  • Elzan Ali Ariansyah

    This the picture of my replacement lumineuse pm in Celeste :)

  • need2know

    does anyone know how to differentiate between the real ones and a fake?