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Love It or Leave It: Louis Vuitton x Nigo

For Pre-Spring 2022, Louis Vuitton continues its collaboration with Nigo

Back in 2019, newly appointed Menswear Creative Director Virgil Abloh announced that his first collaboration for Louis Vuitton would be with Japanese designer and DJ Nigo. Known for his streetwear brand, Human Made, which is popular amongst the streetwear set, the pair dropped its first installment of Louis Vuitton x Nigo in August of 2020. Now, the duo is back for Pre-Spring 2022.

Like the previous collection, the second LV2 collection perfectly marries Louis Vuitton’s most iconic House Codes with Nigo’s stylistic approach to fashion. United once again by their kinship and a shared love of streetwear, this season LV2 expands upon Nigo’s Japanese upbringing and inherent fashion sense. Specifically, influences of Western Men’s wardrobe, which were instilled in him from childhood.

The collection as a whole combines 60s tailoring with Western influences from the 1950s, all finished off with a Japanese sensibility. RTW silhouettes and handbag shapes are observed through a formal lens but finished with refined, casual elegance. Some of the brand’s most beloved handbag shapes are seen through this lens like the Keepall Bandouliere, Pochette, and Keepall XS, while new silhouettes are explored as well. Louis Vuitton’s historic Monogram pattern is seen on blue or black denim in a dripped pattern atop Taurillon leather. Check out bags from the collection below.

TPF members have an entire thread dedicated to the collection, but do you love it or would you rather leave it?

Keepall XS
via Louis Vuitton

Japanese Cruiser
via Louis Vuitton

Multi-Pocket Backpack
via Louis Vuitton

Pochette Voyage MM
via Louis Vuitton

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