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  • Monsieur Gougou

    I can honestly say that I am feeling the re-worked incarnation of the Alma….! I want it… Have to have it NOW. X.

  • Canuck65

    not feeling it – only bags that I kind of liked were slide 4 and 10 – the quilted bags seems derivitive of Chanel; the little boxes clutches seem impractical to me; and the Almas just look dated already – but I am probably in the minority

  • lavinia

    I do not see innovation in these bags, I see “Chanel” in two bags. Sorry it’s too early to say something about Ghesquiere, but I cannot forget that Marc Jacobs “created” the Neverfull. Love Marc. :)

    • bir

      just as a note the concept of the neverfull is that of Goyards st.Louis and in that a very old concept of “market/shopping” bag so in all honesty and respect to Marcs period he did not INVENT the never full. and all of his bags were based on archive revivals. :):):)

  • missarewa

    Slide 2 is just gorgeous. It’s a nice combination of the luxe leather look and monogram canvas.

  • alohaboy

    am not liking the hardware on the quilted bags,
    looks like they stamped out two v’s to cut costs,

  • PJGambler

    I like # 3 and # 6 but whenever I see a bag marketed with a scarf on it, I wonder why the bag has to be dressed up in order to sell it.

  • Guest

    Love the Almas

  • AshleyG

    *shrug* I like them… I mean, it IS Louis Vuitton, I’m not sure why people expect much different than what we see above. I do agree with the comment about the scarf though- I don’t like them on any of the looks…

  • Lovebags

    The new men’s bags are a lot stronger and more interesting. I wanted to go out and buy them immediately whereas none of these made me feel this way.

  • E

    #2 and #7 is simply lovely……… I would love to tote that around this Spring!! I wonder if there will be more colors!!

  • Sherre Ann Wallace

    I love this collection feels very vintage,screams 70’s/early 80’s but in a stylish ways. Charlies Angels meets Murder she wrote in an elegant manner!

    Love it

  • Marie

    I cant help it.
    I dont like it.

  • Immodest Goddess

    Not going to lie. I’m feeling quite a few of these bags but I’m sure the prices will be a turn off.

  • Sofia

    What would make these better is if they were sold at prices from the 70s!

  • T.U. A.

    Sheesh… not all quilted bags are CHANEL… The inspiration here is the quilted lining of Louis Vuitton trunks……

  • seres

    Futuristic vintage seems to be his thing. Sadly, it’s so not mine

  • Gia

    I am a monogram fan. I dig slide 1.

  • FashionableLena

    I love the little trunk clutches even if they are impractical. As far as the others, the only one that caught my eye was #13. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a shoulder strap.

  • YeahIsaidIt

    What a disappointment. Can he not think of anything innovative and new? “Let’s put a zipper pocket on the front of an alma and replicate a Chanel bag and I cannot think of anything so let’s bring back the 70’s?” For once in my life I can officially say there is not one piece from his collections I want.

  • Farah

    Stunning collection! When will these be available?

  • fwilkos

    I am a Louis Vuitton devotee!!! I have purchased every show bag designed by Marc Jacobs for his entire tenure at Louis Vuitton. I could go on and on but take my word that I am Louis Vuitton obsessed. Sadly other than the one purchase I made, which was the show bag commissioned by Christian louboutin, I have zero interest in any of the bags. Ghesquiere is NOT WORKING OUT. He does not possess the design vision required to appeal to the Louis Vuitton shopper. Se la vi!!!!!! But we need blood asap.