Louis Vuitton Watercolor Speedy 35

New for Spring/Summer 2008 is the Louis Vuitton Watercolor Speedy 35. This unique line is the iconic House’s newest take on the classic Speedy shape, releasing the beautiful color palette on canvas just last Thursday. More expensive exotic bags with the print had been out since mid-March, from the best of my knowledge.

Meaghan had been on the waiting list for a while, thanks to the wonderful staff at Louis Vuitton Bal Harbour, FL, I was able to pick up this gorgeous bag for her while she’s out touring through Spain. I attached my trusty 60mm Micro Nikkor to the D300 body, and we had ourselves a cozy photo shoot in the back yard by the pool. The colors of the watercolor printed canvas complement the Florida weather well, today’s sunshine really made the colors stand out. I am sure my fiancee will enjoy the Speedy thoroughly after getting back from Europe!

Sadly, this special edition Speedy runs for a whole lot more than the regular Monogram canvas version: $1,270.00. However, it represents a “financially responsible” alternative to LV limited editions without having to dash out many thousands for an exotic bag. If interested, inquire at your local LV boutique to have your name entered on the waiting list.

Louis Vuitton Watercolor Speedy 35  Louis Vuitton Watercolor Speedy 35

Louis Vuitton Watercolor Speedy 35  Louis Vuitton Watercolor Speedy 35  Louis Vuitton Watercolor Speedy 35

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  • pidgeon92

    I wanted to like this bag, I really did…. After seeing the canvas in Chicago today, I just….. didn’t…. For me, the pics were actually better than seeing in real life….

    • Anna

      I didn’t care too much for the White speedy, but when I saw the brown done with the water colors, I had to have it. I had to get on a waiting list for it and should receive it soon.

  • william

    Lovely photos as always Vlad.

  • meandy

    good taste

  • windowshopping

    i love it!

    it’s different, but still classic.

  • Maria

    A great colour to use in spring/summer…very fresh look…sure your dearest will be so pleased to see this bag greeting her when she comes back :)

  • bloggersmosaic

    really freshing look

  • Celine


  • janis

    I am not an LV fan, but this is so pretty! A grown up fairies bag :grin:

    • kristin

      it IS a grown uo fairy’s bag!!!!

  • Nena17

    Lovely bag for a very Lucky Lady, Megs!! :grin:

  • emememem

    I Love this bag!!!~!

  • volleyball1413

    Not impressed at all. I received both the speedy and papillon and returned them both.

  • rin

    the white color available in speedy only?

  • Tina


  • Grrr

    After hearing about the Darfur Fundraising Campaigne & Louis Vuittons awful behaviour, I wouldn’t purchase the bag anyway.

    • jennifer

      thank you for bringing this campaign to my attention… i will never buy another lv bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bellabirds DH

    Great pictures Vlad. Are you a professional photographer? BTW: you are making the rest us guys look bad by getting that for Meg.

    • By no means a professional, photography is a hobby of mine that I spend too much time and money on. :wink:

  • Cindy Maher

    How sweet of you to buy it for her. I need to print this out and lay copies of around my house with the word HINT plastered all over. My husband would never think to buy me something nice like that. He’d buy me a snowboard or something that would ultimately end up being his.

  • GeorgiaT

    I love it, it’s beautiful. Classic and fresh.

  • iluvmybags

    I’m not normally a fan of LV bags, esp the Monogrammed Canvas ones, but there’s something about the water color bags I really like. This one is very pretty IMO. Love the pastel colors & the way the water colors run. I don’t think $1200 is that ridiculous, esp compared to other current season “It” bags

    • Anniemxx

      I totally agree.I am also normally not a fan of LV bags.but this one is a real eye candy! i just ordered mine!!! :mrgreen:

  • glenda

    this bag is a refreshing take on the monogram. it looks really pretty! i’m hoping to get my hands on one during my upcoming trip to the states. :wink:

  • my new bag

    The best of LV, actually makes me want one!

  • Yanni Ng

    I also got one on May 1. Thanks for my salesperson who works in NY Manhasset store.
    It’s such a nice bag and very useful. :grin:

  • cal

    I agree with GRRR

    SAVE DARFUR! Louis Vuitton doesn’t give a crap apparently about human rights abuse when it’s suing a fund raising campaign.

    Tired Old Monogram anyway.

  • CSK

    Not for me! Drippy watercolor designs are just not pretty. Sorry!

  • hollywood tai tai

    not a fan of LV at all but you make it look good. very nice spring/summery look.

  • katkooty

    i don’t know if its just me but i dont like the colors? I dont know but congrats anyways Megs! Wear it in good health!

  • Jahpson

    gorgeous! gorgeous! gorgeous! I really like that bag.

  • SweetPea

    Meg is one lucky lady!!!!

  • fabulous

    i just got my Aquarelle speedy today just fabulous and sophisticated i totally preferred the lizard handle frame bag over the regular watercolor speedy YEAH ME!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fashion-in-the-making

    Disgusting bag boycott LV human haters..
    Plus these bag looks like a copy to the Prada fairy

    • fabulous

      you never know what other companies are doing behind the scenes and this is not going to stop me from buying LV and these bags are hotter than the Prada fairy

  • Richard

    Stop suing fund raisers! :shock:
    You are only dragging your name in the dirt by doing that.
    Sell the T-shirts instead.

  • leslie

    absolutely stunning – I want one

  • SereneO

    Saw both the Speedy and Papillon IRL and almost got them, but I just was not convinced. They did not give me the same feel as the Mirage did, so I passed. I think they look nicer in the pictures.

  • Nicole

    does it come with the lock????

  • eckertle

    I usually don’t like LV, but I love this bag! I wish that they would sell something more affordable, like an accessories pouch, in this print!

  • Terrie M

    I have mix feelings about this bag. Maybe I need to it in person to appreciate the print and the colors. I just am in love with Damier & Damier Azur line right now. :roll:

  • amnA-

    HHHAWWWTNESSS!! :shock:

  • karen

    you need to see the watercolor papillon. it’s a beauty.

  • Karennnnn

    I am interested in what the inside of this bag looks like. Is there anything special looking on the inside?

  • ouch

    what would most women do if they were surprised w/ this?

  • Mayelle

    Hi! Im a big fan of LV and have a nice collection going =) I never owned a Speedy since it is way too common…However, I am quite impressed with this new one and might just get a piece =)

  • Atomic

    Hello, after being in the waiting list for a month and a half, I finally got the call today around lunch time (5/23), a day shy from my bd :). PERFECT. I wished I had gotten the speedy 30, but I heard they only sold it in Japan and Hawaii. But I must say that the colors are beautiful, a lot of detail. It was raining today while I stepped out of my local LV store here in San Diego, so they went out of their way to make sure even the shopper bag didn’t get wet, and wrapped it all nice in some plastic..ANYWAYS… Overall I really like the watercolor speedy 35 to have joined my expanding growing lv family ;)

    A must have for a collector. A bit expensive for a speedy, but Richard Price & Marc Jacobs deserves it.

  • waste

    do this bag got being offers??

  • sherry

    :oops: i like this one!! :razz:
    maybe i will buy one tomorrow. :razz:

    • fabulous

      i got a call from my SA at the boston LV and i am finally going to get my bag YEAH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angie

    I love this bag. When I go out with it, it catches a lot of notices. I’m glad I have this bag. :razz:

  • sugarscrub

    This is gorgeous!!!!

  • Calya

    I just got this bag too and it’s great. I really love the framed one though. That is a real gem. Too bad I can’t find it anywhere.

  • jennifer

    :twisted: I have over 40 LV bags and im pissed at myself. SAVE DARFUR!!! :twisted: I will NEVER buy another bag from them after the way they acted. They need to join forces and bring attention to whats going on in the world rather than shutting down campaigns! Get a life!! :twisted: Anyone want to buy my bags??? They disgust me!!!!!!! :twisted:

    • hawaiigirl

      I am interested!! :mrgreen: Are you serious about selling your bags?How much would you sell them for?You could sell them and give the money to the DARFUR fundraiser :wink:

  • samone

    this is 1 hot ass bagg i never seen this 1 untill now i got 2 get me 1 because i stay fresh with new stuff :razz: :grin: :smile: :???:

  • fashiongal4life

    I Love this bag. It is the perfect size for using it everyday! :razz:

  • fashiongal4life

    I Love this bag. It is the perfect size for using it everyday!

  • Mayelle

    I do love this limited edition =) Finally got one the 1st week of June from the Boca Raton LV Boutique =) Its great!!!

  • Mayelle

    Love this limited edition =) Finally got one the 1st week of June from the Boca Raton LV Boutique =) Its great!!!

  • Mayelle

    I finally got one and its great! Love this Limited Edition speedy =)


    Saw a lady using this bag and my instinct told me that it’s a fake one. This design is so easy to imitate. Love LV but never like speedy although it’s a classic, cause I can never hear the phone rings. :wink:

  • srbag.com


  • lover of labels

    I love this bag almost got it but thought about dropping over $1,000 for a speedy. I regret not getting it especially since I live in hawaii and it was a speedy 30. Too bad it doesn’t match any of my clothes. It’s a beautiful bag but I like shoulder bags instead of handbags.

  • Coco

    i think the watercolor design would be much more fabulous when used on smaller scale, like as a purse or clutch.

  • Suh

    I got one today, actually about 1 month ago, hardly to get one in US so I had to ask my friend to buy it in Europe and just got in mail today, but now I saw a lot of countries selling it, is this really limited edition :roll: ?Anyway, I love it, even i’m not a fan of speedy :mrgreen:

  • star

    I just picked up my bag yesterday! If you do enough research you can find the bag it was one of the last 3 in Beverly Hills. I really loved the purse on the website but seeing it in person well I’m going to have to get use to it. What sold me was its a limited addition you won’t see yourself every where and its really unique which nice. And from the reaction I got from just showing a friend its going to be a great summer hit!

    It would have been nice to have a cell phone pocket in the inside and maybe a darker lining like a color. Its a big bag I would have loved it in a 30 but other than that its a great bag. And I’m so happy to have it

  • Silly

    I just got this bag and am CRAZY about it! I have a great collection going and am a fan of the good old fashioned monogram canvas and have never considered a speedy, HOWEVER!! this bag is so FRESH and youthful. The watercolors are gorgeous and are fabulous for the spring and summer. The colors really go with any outfit, it really gives a great pop to drab and boring and is a great addition to a bright and sunny outfit (matchy, matchy is so yesterday). Live a little people!! This bag makes me look 10 years younger!!! HAAHAA :lol:

  • nabil daknash

    I like it for my wife it looks good to me :cool:

  • ariel

    I am wandering where can I get it? I check both LV web and eLuxury. They are all out off stock and not available on line .
    Thanks you

    • LV

      Hi I have one I don’t want! Let me know I can mail it out to you if you are interested!

  • miumiu

    Have anyone got this bag and i love this bag but i cant buy it from lv web cos they dont send it oversea…sucks..but if anyone got it and wanna sell it plssssss mail me miss_you_nights_79@yahoo.com thousands of thanks

    • Rania

      I have it do you want it?

  • jen

    i love it! its great!

  • Demi Lovato

    Not very attractive. . .Signs sketched into the bag are dreadful. . .Wouldn’t
    a white backround get dirty? You need to rethink Louis Vuitton. . .

  • Vanessa Hudgens

    Bought the bag! Might not suit well for some folks, but it’s perfect for me.
    Very high quality for a big bag. Can fit my make up, mirror, shoes, sunglasses,
    wallet, and computer all together. Adoring it!

  • Juliet

    It’s very unique!!! I love it! It’s also a collec tors item! (“,)




  • Reina

    I have one in my online store. 100% Authentic. Here is the link:


    • Shaila Angamuthu

      hie – do you know anyone selling the LV speedy watercolor ?

      do you have one with you ?

      i am keen ..


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    do you use twitter?

  • RS

    Do you still want it?

  • sandy

    amazing so nice sandy_free6@hotmail.com

  • Gianna

    Love love it!