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  • Tinker’s Realm!

    Seems like a take off Anya to be sure-I like the look though.

  • suparnasah

    wait what…hahah i cant….april fools? …just no

  • ElainePG

    Wait… what? Are these for über-rich, über-indulged little 6th graders? Puh-leeeeeeze tell me you’re making this up, Amanda. LV honestly can’t expect anyone over the age of 16 to buy these… can they?

    • Canuck65

      I agree – just don’t get this – especially for the price

  • E Cooper

    When you have more money than sense…

  • Charlie_Lewis

    These are just awful. Anya Hindmarch did her one with inspirations from everyday items but these ones are just copycat gone wrong, so wrong.

    • Guest

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  • dinabobina


  • FashionableLena

    So, this is so supposed to appeal to a higher clientele hence the price increase?! This looks like something my first graders would love to carry. Too juvenile for the price. Someone like Anya Hindmarch can get away with it. LV? Not so much.

    I feel like LV is Punking all of us.

  • mary


  • Deb

    I’m a Coach lover and don’t even like LV, but these are pretty cool and artistic. There’s always going to be a ton of haters out there, so feel free to keep on hatin the artsy stuff! I’d like to see how amazing the bag you are currently carrying is.

  • Sparkletastic

    I seriously thought this was a joke. If I see anyone carrying this I will think they missed a dosage of their meds.

  • Jennifer

    Cute! Nothing I’d ever buy, but cute, nonetheless.

  • LuxBagLVr

    This line is super trendy and artistic. Aside from a potential collector’s piece one day, I cannot see the value in it. There’s also the issue that the bag is white patent- potential yellowing over time.

  • M Green

    I just threw up a little. This line looks hideous. It’s not Louis Vuitton at all – just a niche product for people who have no taste and need to be carrying the latest bag… And no, I don’t care at all why this is “cool”… because it is not. They ruined the Alma with this print.

  • Daisy Tara

    i luv the stickers print but i hate the bags style. LV please update the alma d ring for the shoulder straps! id buy the petite malle but id rather get another chanel flap ;p

  • Am

    They might as well have used Hello Kitty stickers. What in the world…?

  • Winnie Chen

    The same cheap ones are available! http://gogopurse.com/?p=1745

  • Winnie Chen

    I think they are lovely, and the details are here http://gogopurse.com/?p=1852

  • Casey

    Honestly I think this is something you have to see in person to appreciate. I actually got a bunch of ACTUAL stickers from this collection at the Series 2 exhibit in LA so I love it.