Louis Vuitton Fall Line

Louis Vuitton never ceases to amaze me. With their high end fashion and exquisite taste the Louis Vuitton Fall Fashion line would make any girl or guy envious. When you think of LV, you think of the classic monogram canvas, the dark brown leather background with the LV gold print.

The Fall line focuses on the famous LV pattern with some new and intriguing accessories. What I noticed and love was the emphasis on small hand totes, rather than over-the-shoulder bags. Although big bags are practical, a small handbag draws focus to the outfit and the girl!

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  • billyjoe

    these are ok…i just dont like the beige border

  • Dotti

    I watched Oprah today. When Marc Jacobs gave this
    purse to Oprah my ears stood up. I waited to find out the name of this purse. I think it is a classic and very elegant. I’d love to have one of my own. Is this purse avaliable now? What is the name for this style? I love it, love it, love
    it. Louis Vuitton you’ve done it again.

    Thank you

  • Camrin Dai-Jordan

    I too was in awh of the classic ‘ART’ on the Oprah Show. THAT Marc Jacobs BAG WAS BEAUTIFUL. Where can I buy it? Where can I get another look at that beauty!!!

  • Becca Munsch

    Where can I buy the Luis Vuitton purse that Marc Jacobs gave Oprah. It was gorgeous.
    Becca Munsch

    • land’s end councel

      keep up with they times, that is what really matters. The purse you carry will change the world.

  • A. Pointer

    The Oprah bag is on the listof must get item for my wife! Where can i find it or how can I buy it on line?

  • Alexandra

    Did you find out the name of the Louis Vuitton bag that Marc Jacobs gave to Oprah? I want it!!

  • H.Tran

    I believe it’s called the Ostrich Oskar Dora Waltz Monogram. A lot of LV stores don’t carry them. It’s one of a kind. Only a few are made and distributed among V.I.P.S.

  • Eileen

    I WANT ONE TOO! It’s perfect for me. I love that’s it’s black and brown — would match most everything — what the hell? They tease us like that? I’ve been looking everywhere today for it…

  • Reta

    I really love the LV purse Marc Jacobs gave Oprah. Would you please tell me where I can buy this BEAUTIFUL bag? I stop looking at the Oprah show and got on the internet to look it up right away. Please, I’m begging you, please tell me where I can purchase this bag. My husband ask me what can he buy me this year for Christmas. I told him I want Oprah’s bag.

  • Kim Rowland

    I too would like the LV handbag Marc Jacobs gave Oprah. It is beautiful! I’ve been all over websites and cannot locate this bag. Please direct me. I’d like to get my Mother one for Christmas as well.

  • Emily Grapatin

    I can’t find a price for the LV Oprah bag.
    Where can I find that information?

  • Lindsey

    I would like to know the name of the LV bag that was given to Oprah by Marc Jacobs and if it is available to the public. I love it

  • Kathy

    I just came back from NYC and I got one. I also got the little one that is pictured on this site. I’m sure they are replicas, but they look like the real thing. I paid $100.00 for it. This is my first time leaving a comment, can I leave my email? If so, it is nycpurses@earthlink.net. I can help you get one.

  • nicole

    i think luis is a money grubber :sad: all he wants is money why else would his hand bags be around 3,ooo dollards :?:

    MONEY GRUBBER :!: :!: :!: :!:

  • Nina

    I know about two yrs late, but I’m still looking for the Louis Vuitton bag that Marc Jacobs featured on the Oprah show back in 2006. I read your posting on website. Can you help me?



  • jennifer

    hi i saw the oprah show today and saw the handbag that marc jacobs gave to her.I was In Love with it .Can you tell me if i am still able to get this handbag. please and thanks for helping me

  • Violet

    Hi i saw the Oprah show last week I am still trying to find the bag he gave her someone please help me find it.



    • flydunks

      i have a real one for sale i was given to a V.I.P who gave it too me, 100% contact me at flydunks@yahoo.com

  • Naggy

    It’s a decent evening clutch for going out with the girls. (ipad)

  • KY

    Nice bag! (ipad)