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  • PJGambler

    I love the first picture of blue racy Speedy-comes with a shoulder strap, good sized bag, why not?!!

  • TexasST

    I like these better than the soccer theme or the animal theme of recent history. I might be interested in the blue speedy or neverfull if the prices aren’t silly but I wish they hadn’t put ‘Vuitton’ across them all.

    • Sparky

      My thoughts exactly. I REALLY like these. This is a whole new DESIGN – not the usual lets-slap-a-weak-illustration-on-the-existing-background. The mega “VUITTON” looks great but I’m not comfortable with a brand’s name so huge so I won’t buy it. The Speedy in #6 in particular is FABULOUS. I really want that Petite Malle but the price… I can spend 5k on a bag, but not something so trendy.

      I agree with “bir” above that LV should shake up their coated canvas by offering different colors. I’ve still not bought one because that brown on brown is too boring.

  • Truvey Taylor

    Good lord, those are hideous.

    • Passerine

      Thank you, thank you, thank you, for saying that. This is the kind of post I’d expect to see on April Fool’s Day.

    • Sara

      The speedy looks like a giant battery with a handle. It hurts my eyes

      • ahhhsoneo

        perfect description.

  • C

    Not personally loving it, but I think these will do very well in Europe with the popularity of Formula One!

  • kemilia

    There are parts that I like separately but mashing them altogether does not work.

  • bir

    I LIKE THEM !!!

    plus they show something i have been dreaming of for some time. what if louis vuitton would launch the mongram in different colors as Goyard has done with the chevron.
    i love the black and white, chrome negative effect on the handles on the alma. and i really like the blue version…….. now i do confess, i was a seasonal louis bag lover, of the Jacobs era. loved the thedas loved the velours and loved the cherry blossoms and multicolor, dated as they may be called i like them so i do want to see these bags in person.

    why not have a little logo back in my life after years of minimalism and all leather.my style is so basic and simple this might work !

  • bir

    also if they would make base color canvas that is the coated fabric in one color like the center space on that neverfull wow !!!! imagine an all black or all white coated looks.

  • obscurity7

    They’re absurd. Ridiculous. And strangely, kind of amazing the longer I look at them. It would take a certain woman to pull them off I think, but it pushes the envelope in directions I didn’t know existed, which is what design should do.

    • highrider9o9

      Im obsessed with your reply. Very well thought and out, and eloquently written.

  • Leaving it unclaimed in baggage claim

  • Justice J. Srisuk

    Hrm. I like the constituents of this collection of bags on their own, but some of the color combinations don’t work that well for me. However, I, for one, have been sick to death of the LV Monogram since the 90s, so LV working with bright prints and patterns is always a plus for me. The color combinations bring a youthful – almost juvenile – energy to the staid old silhouettes of the Speedy and Alma. They almost feel more like Moschino bags instead of LV bags. I would like to see Ghesquiere’s design team take some of the design elements that they used in this bag for other projects. The different colored LV monogram on the leather handles is a definite “yes”, and the multicolor ombré checkerboard pattern is also a win for me. Here’s hoping that LV starts producing their classic pieces with more colorful options.

  • FashionableLena

    Someone I follow in IG posted a picture of one of these bags. They’re just too busy for my taste, and I love a loud bag. I think that if the handles and straps were in solid black, they would look better. The monogram is one print too many.

  • Maya

    Leave…..visual attack!

  • Lola

    I really think that Nicolas Ghesquiere’s experimentations work the best with the bags he designed for Vuitton.
    It looks good on the Petite Malle but it doesn’t work at all on classic Vuitton bags. It doesn’t even look covetable.

    Marc Jacobs didn’t really created new bags. He worked on the monogram and classic Vuitton shapes but Nicolas has a different approach.
    They should have include more Nicolas bags in the collection.

  • Jhon

    I love it! The Speedy and the Neverfull are my favs..

  • Sandy

    NASCAR and fashion is not usually mentioned in the same sentence ha! Not something I would purchase but interesting.

  • Christy Frey

    I don’t even know what I am looking at I am so horrified by it. Each time I look at them it gets worse and worse. I don’t know what Nicolas Ghesquiere was thinking with this one. Please make it stop! They are just plain awful!

  • VRMD

    Awful. Can’t help thinking of Ricky Bobby. Shake and bake.
    No thanks…..

  • Jerri R

    They look perfect for college students who want to scream to the world that they spent exorbitant amounts of money on their purses.

  • Tinsley Proust

    I really like the strap, but I’ll pass on the rest of the bags.

  • mel

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  • Charlie

    Leave it!!! Just when you thought monogram was loud enough, this screams it 100 times more

  • Tee

    I can see these on rap stars, WAGS of celebrity athletes, or Gwen Stefani, but I don’t think anyone else could carry this look off.

  • mel

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  • Rae

    Think of it more as Grand Prix than Nascar.

  • ahhhsoneo.com

    wow… just wow. more reason to keep my money in my wallet and invest it.

  • Karen

    i love this collection! Yes it’s bright and bold and some may find it garish but I think it’s fun.
    The Race speedy and neverfull are fantastic and a fresh departure from the brown mono print.
    I am a fan!

  • Karen

    I love this collection. It’s fun and different. If you don’t take yourself so seriously these bags could be a fabulous departure from the traditional monogram and a great addition to your collection. I am a fan!