Louis Vuitton Monogram Roses StoleOur friend Marc Jacobs sure does love to court trouble. He overshares about his personal life, tattoos random things on his body, and dates more men that most college sorority girls (don’t take offense, ladies – I, too, was a college sorority girl). And ever since Mr. Marc took over as the creative head of Louis Vuitton, their yearly accessories collections have become hipper, younger, and dare I say, edgier. As a throwback to the Stephen Sprouse graffiti collection of years past, Sprouse’s artwork has been used to adorn handbags, scarves, sarongs, and various small accessories for 2009.

Sprouse was a pop artist and punk icon of the 1980s, and the loud colors and louder shapes of his work reflect the exuberance of youth culture during that decade. I adored the leopard print Sprouse scarf that made such a big impression last year, and in this year’s full collection of the artist’s inspired work, my favorite is, again, a scarf – The Louis Vuitton Monogram Roses Stole. It’s bright pink and red with huge pop art roses, and it makes me smile just looking at it. It takes a talented man to make a floral print into something edgy and punk, don’t you think? Some people love this stuff, and some people hate it, but our own Louis Vuitton forum proves that everyone loves to talk about it – and that seems to be Marc Jacobs’s entire intention. Buy through eLuxury for $890.

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  • va_couturegirl

    It’s a good thing my home address isn’t attached to my e-mail….

    Why Louis why? I think this is a total sell out! The prices are outrageous for what it is, and the only Louis branding (which, let’s face it, what we all pay through the nose for) is the scrawled name at the bottom.

    What a disappointment:(

  • QueenMAB

    Sorry to the poster above – but this is a gorgeous splash of color! Great print and soft. I got the smaller one with brown since I tend to wear smaller scarves more, but the Roses tribute print is just spectacular.

  • luvhautecouture

    I like it! It’s fun and young…. kind of like me?! hahah

  • CJ

    I can see how it could be fun…but not my cup of tea. I like the idea of the flower print, but the color combination just doesn’t do it for me. I think you would need a certain look to pull this off. I think DVF has scarves that are “younger” and more “fun”.

  • Rebecca

    Not my cup of tea; LV is starting to become super tacky in my book. Give me Marc by MJ or if I could afford it, Balenciaga any day.

  • va_couturegirl

    Hey, I agree with young and fun. But LV is a classic, sophisticated brand that needs to branch out if it wants to capture a younger audience. Don’t kill the beauty of the monogram by tagging it for the sake of selling it to a different demographic.

  • Patricia

    I just returned from a trip to the local Louis Vuitton store to see this creation for myself in person. Very vibrant colors and I do LOVE the pink inside. Otherwise, not my style. My all time favorite was the 2003 Cherry Blossom line!!! I wish they would come out with something more along those lines. We will have to see what the summer line has to offer…….

  • May

    I purchased this about two weeks ago and I love it! I get so many compliments from people who don’t even care about brands and logos. You can’t see the LV anywhere once you wrap it up nice and warm. It’s a wonderful splash of color to your wardrobe =) Totally worth it!

  • emm

    favourite sprouse item thus far!

  • Denisse

    I love stoles and I love the Stephen Sprouse collection, so this is the perfect match

  • M_butterfly

    You know my problem is most of the time I do not like patterns like this but the minute that they get discountinued I seem to have a desperate need for it!!! Crazy I know. I need to talk to a therapist!!! LOL

  • david avalon

    Edgy, huh. I’m sure Marc Jacobs likes people talking about his roses, but I think what he REALLY wants them whispering about is… MARC JACOBS!!! MARC JACOBS!!! MARC JACOBS!!!

    Hmm, maybe he IS a sorority girl. Case in point, it takes one to know one: http://velvet-way.com/Home/tabid/345/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/484/Marc-Jacobs-Marc-Jacobs.aspx

  • LAltiero85

    I think it’s pretty cute. Not something I’d wear though.

  • tony

    i totally love it!

  • J

    This has been out for awhile now…since you’re a purse blog, please at least try to stay on top of things. like the last time you posted about the monogramouflage bag that was from at least two seasons ago and you had no idea.


  • CC


  • SJP08

    hmmm……I’ve never been a fan of LV and Marc Jacobs has done a lot more to make the line appealing to me. I just can’t justify this much of a spend on a scarf. I must say I’ve never been one for the classic logo line…..for me the Epi and Damier collections were the peak of LV….everything else is kind of downhill… ;-S

  • Kathey

    I love the painted aspect of the roses on the scarf! Its very lovely and feminine!

    Have a good day!

  • Lauren


  • Fashion Archives

    I love this print!

  • Vanessa

    It’s amazing how Marc does a wonderful job at LV. I’m from Brazil and I can tell that here we both love the brand. His inspiration are so artistics that every single collection there is a new creative way to keep the LV in our mouth. Even i’m not a fan of all hes creations, we can definitively say that he’s an incredible artist, for all girl kind.

  • GigiMars

    Love the PIC of the scarf… not sure I would love it in person b/c the colors may be different.

  • Clarey R

    I am such a pathetic slave to all these so-called luxury goods. I already own the LV leopard scarf in brown and violet and hunted high and low for the anthracite, but even I drew the line at £1,300.00 on ebay. I now have the fuchsia roses stole and have just purchased the orange one off ebay for £691.00. My boyfriend thinks I am crazy and I am starting to think he is right. Having said that the roses stole is gorgeous. I wear mine with simple jeans, ballet pumps, t shirt and a jacket and I have had several compliments from people who have no idea how much these things cost. I hope no-one “normal” asks me where I got it from because to be fair it looks like something that you would buy off the High Street for £20. My work colleagues would think I was out of my mind if I told them how much it really cost.
    Let’s face it, some people (myself included) are so desperate to fill their sad lifes, harbouring after these stupidly overpriced items that Louis Vuitton must be laughing all the way to the bank. What’s for next season? Another limited edition/impossible to get hold of unless you want to remortgage the house stole by some collaboration of designers that I haven’t heard of maybe? Something in white perhaps with big yellow bumble bees on and Louis Vuitton scribbled at the bottom in hot pink? Sadly I’ll no doubt see you in the queue…………

  • Louis Vuitton Monogram Roses Stole is really amazing!