Louis Vuitton Speedy

Originally, I planned to report on a new Louis Vuitton bag that I had seen while windowshopping two days ago on the Berlin Ku-Damm. For those who aren’t familiar with the Kurfuerstendamm, it’s the Berlin equivalent of NYC’s 5th Ave. All the top names in fashion have their stores lined up on the long strip leading away from the famous Gedaechtniskirche, a church that was bombed during World War 2 and was never restored (in order to serve as a monument reminding people of the terrible war). As I was in Berlin for only a good day, I didn’t have the time to actually check out what the exclusive fashion world had to offer all of us, but I sure did have the opportunity to check out what the store fronts had to offer. Sadly, I couldn’t find the Speedy that I saw in the showcase on LV’s site, instead I ran into this monstrosity of a bag.

This Louis Vuitton Speedy in Monogram Canvas sports a colorful, wide strip of suede fringes, each of which has several beads hanging off of it. Glass paste tube beads inset with gold leaves, lozenge in brown glass paste, grey pierrite, golden brass sphere, you name it. In addition to that, it has 8 LV signature charms dangling all over the place. Not a big fan… hideous. Rastafarian meets classic Vuitton. I’ll pass.

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  • Audrey Hilton

    YUCK!!! What were they thinking? NO THANKS!


    This is Horrible. Why would you do this to a Louie

  • Taylor

    I think this bag is really cute… I don’t like the black Multicolore, but I’m sure the white Multicolore would be so cute! I’m on 15 years old so, I, naturally, would think it’s cute! I love all the colors and the playfulness of the bag. :)

  • Jackie

    YIKES! It looks like a bad knockoff. Which frightens me more, because the knockoffs to come will be MUCH MUCH worse…

  • Susu1

    This is very, very, very bad indeed!

  • Carolyn

    WOAH! That is umm…… bright???

  • mel

    wow i have never seen a bag this ugly the entire time that ive ever been looking at this website most of this type of bag look good but this bag is a serious dont

  • divastyle

    HOT HOT if you are a funky fly diva with a sense of style this bag can be pulled off with a minimum of accessories and the bag and your shoe being conversation pieces unless of course you are never worth conversation!!!!

  • Odie

    Whoa. Im sure they would love that in miami. It looks like a circus.

  • Michelle

    It’s not bad actually. If you’re young you can definitely carry this off. It’ll look fresh and cute!

  • Feity Zeng

    Please .. don’t spoil LV by this awfull designs….no no no

  • sarahcantiik

    WORST bag I’ve seen so far. What is LV thinking? Are they too lazy to design an entirely new line?
    This bag is HIDEOUS!

  • Mike

    This bag is fresh and new it will look great on many who appreciate the multicolor. ( I just hope the beads dont fall off.)

  • Chris

    Only wearable in the summer. I believe it is somewhat of a tribute to Elvis the King.

  • Cat

    And I like this bag- it is unusual & exciting & an attention getter, which I’m sure is the purpose.
    I like it!

  • kkk

    this knockoff looks nothing…NOTHING…like the original louis vuitton w/ fringe! u totally screwed up the charms & the fringe!

  • kooties


  • Charlie

    I really like this bag. This bag is so fun it makes the original louis vuitton look boring.

  • whoa

    wrong…..no matter what you do to this it will not be cute, nor stylish. This bag just reminds me of the horrible hulk hogan shirts of the 80’s meets teletubies. Id take a knock off over this bag.

  • Tori

    it’s authentic,just ugly

  • brandy

    EWW!!!!! I hate those strings.

  • Julie

    I absolutely love this bag!!!! The color against the black is a unique way to make a louie V. stand out! The colors are perfect and any fashionista would look great carrying it. All you need is a white tank top, a pair of cute, tight jeans, black stilettos, and the purse!

  • Kaltham

    I want this bag it is mazing iabsolutely like it NO love it!!! :shock: :shock:

  • Sarah

    Pink and yellow don’t go together. Pink and orange don’t go together. They should have done a fringe in contrasting colours such as brown, tan, cream, rust and put more natural beads on the bag such as wooden beads, mother of pearl disks, real pearl beads. These colours, especially yellow, are not very wearable. Anyway, I can’t stand Louis V, such a rip off for a plastic bag, sad, boring designs. Furthermore, there are too many fakes out there. Much rather invest in a decent, classy leather Gucci, Radley or Tous.

  • Alex

    The bag is sick. If you are fresh to death and can afford such a bag I would definitely go for it. HOTNESS!!!

  • Ive

    For the person who made the Miami comment, yes, I’m sure us chic Miami girls would love this bag. This bag would look super cute with a little black dress. Lincoln Road here I come! Think out of the box ladies.

  • isabelleo2


  • qiana

    :mrgreen: I love this bag Only true divas with style would agree if you are boring and stick to plane jane things than this is not the bag for you!!!!!

  • MTL

    dont knock it until you try it!
    its DEFINATELY super cute in person.

  • Paige

    I just recently purchased this bag from a botique here in LA, and I absolutely love it. It’s true, only real fashionistas could pull this off! <3

  • Jackie

    My girl Shaka Finnell has a Louis Vuitton Fringed Speedy. I think it’s a little to much. But she look good with it.

  • Mikaella

    Very cute :X:X:X I love it, that’s a great idea.

  • Azule

    For peeps with more money than taste…unless you lift it, of course

  • Naggy

    It looks like it belongs to a retro hippie. (ipad)


    I LOVE this handbag but then again, I’m not a designer handbag person! LOL I’m too secure in myself to need a high-priced handbag to feel good to impress people or feel good about myself. And yes, I can afford to buy Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Coach and Dooney & Burke!