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In Praise of Louis Vuitton’s Epi Leather Bags and Accessories


When people think of Louis Vuitton bags, they usually think of either the brand’s ubiquitous brown and beige monogram, or maybe one of its equally iconic Damier check prints. As with most things, though, the real treasures lie just below the surface, and I’m not talking about all of the smooth leather bags Nicolas Ghesquiere has introduced in his tenure at Vuitton. No, instead, I’m here to heap a little but of much-deserved admiration on Louis Vuitton’s Epi Leather.

Epi Leather was introduced in 1985 as the brand’s first permanent leather line, and it’s been beloved for its durability and vivid color selection ever since. The leather is dyed, printed with Epi’s famous three-dimensional wave pattern and then painted with a color-matching top coating, which ensures the colors are especially bright and makes the leather very resistant to water and wear. There’s a reason Epi bags are so popular on the resale market: they require very little care to look virtually new for years.

Perhaps best of all, Epi is a little more subtle than the materials normally associated with LV. You still get the brand’s incredible craftsmanship and design, but in a slightly more discreet package and without the astronomical prices of Vuitton’s more fragile and expensive smooth leathers. For us, that’s a win-win. Check out some of our current favorite Epi Leather bags and accessories below.

Louis Vuitton Cluny BB Bag
$2,500 via Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton Epi Alma BB Bag
$1,590 via Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton Epi Neverful MM Tote
$2,050 via Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton Epi Petite Noe Bag
$2,050 via Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton Epi Soufflot Bag
$2,500 via Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton Epi Zippy Wallet
$905 via Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton Louise Epi PM Bag
$1,960 via Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton Phenix PM Epi Tote
$2,680 via Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton Twist Chain Wallet
$1,620 via Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton Twist MM Bag
$4,400 via Louis Vuitton



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  1. Guest Avatar

    Love, Love, Love LV Epi.

  2. Theresa Avatar

    My first LV was an Epi Alma. I LOVED Epi until they started to use black glazing instead of the matching color, if that makes sense.

  3. Tinsley Proust Avatar
    Tinsley Proust

    I love the look of Epi, but I can’t stand the feeling. I have an Epi leather Noé and I never use it. It just doesn’t feel luxurious.

  4. Tinsley Proust Avatar
    Tinsley Proust

    I love the look of Epi, but I can’t stand the feeling. I have an Epi leather Noé and I never use it. It just doesn’t feel luxurious.

  5. Jerri R Avatar
    Jerri R

    #10 is my new love!

  6. Kate Avatar

    I’m an LV devotee. I love the durability of its epi line. I have a Keepall that is indestructible. Still looks pretty new after a decade of abuse and frequent travel. It would survive a nuclear blast, I’m sure.

    1. JC Avatar

      I agree, I have an epi Alma in Moca which I love.

  7. FashionableLena Avatar

    I’m not a big fan of the epi, but I like saffiano leather. Go figure.

  8. Lori Avatar

    A friend just bought the Eip Neverfull in black. It is gorgeous!

  9. SerenLuv Avatar

    I received the LV Alma GM epi in black patent as a gift a few years ago. It is absolutely gorgeous and one of my favorite bags. It is my only LV bag also.

  10. Smithy Avatar

    Epi too tactile. More smooth, less sandpaper.

  11. Pamela Avatar

    I want the epi never full. Everyone has the monogrammed and it looks better.

  12. Pamela Avatar

    I want the epi never full. Everyone has the monogrammed and it looks better.

  13. Kitty Avatar

    I love the epi leather bags!!! I have one in pistache and the vibrant color always gets attention!!!!

  14. kemilia Avatar

    I have an Epi agenda (in orange) and it is so sturdy and is still bright and in excellent shape (I bought second hand years ago).

  15. Cbl Avatar

    Obsessed with that blue alma bb! ????????
    If only I didn’t have so many blue bags already ????

  16. buffmom33 Avatar

    I have a vintage LV EPI Noe and I LOVE Its from 2009 and still looks new!!

    1. S Avatar

      2009 is not Vintage.

      1. buffmom33 Avatar

        LOL really right!!

  17. Vicky Avatar

    Seriously, I think the Noe is the best bucket bag out there.

    1. Melissa Bell Young Avatar
      Melissa Bell Young

      Yes!! I don’t know why people are going crazy for MG bags, when a 20 year old Epi Noe looks better, and will last forever if cared for properly.

  18. Gemashabesha Avatar

    I have the epi Noe. I take care of my bags but don’t “baby” them. I took out the original drawstring (did a black leather string with a black sliding bead so I don’t have to tie and untie it every time I want to get in and out of the bag). It is often my winter go to bag carried in all kinds of weather in NY. Mine is from 1995 and STILL looks wonderful! I love that it is subtle too, I’m not much of a monogram girl in any brand.

    1. Slim Avatar

      Also, have the Epi Noe, probably purchased around same time you did. The bag still looks fabulous. I take care of my bags to the fulliest.

    2. leen Avatar

      Hi.. can I know if u ladies with epi noe has a problem with the drawstring leather peeling due to wear and tear?

  19. Shelly Avatar

    I totally agree! I have had a preloved epi ZCP for the past 2 years and it looks exactly the same as when I bought it. That said though, I’m not a fan of a single bag that LV has in Epi. If I’m going to spend $2k on a bag, it has to have a zipper and pockets. The NF and Noe are missing these things.

  20. Noemi Avatar

    Cluny BB is beautiful. All these bags are much classier than all the other seasonal it-bags made in damier or monogram.

  21. Slim Avatar

    I have the medium Epi Noe in red, purchase about twenty years ago, still looks fabulous!!!!!

  22. W S M Avatar
    W S M

    Epi is beautiful but I would like Vuitton to expand the Epi Electric (patent Epi) line. Some of the seasonal iterations aren’t doing it for me.

  23. SPA Avatar

    Love Epi !

  24. Sparkletastic Avatar

    I was never an LV fan but have fallen in love with a lot of the epi line. The saturated colors and clean lines make for stunning bags.

    The Cluny is gorgeous! It along with some SLG’s are on my to buy list this year. ????

  25. pinkloverme Avatar

    I did not really like the epi leather before, but now looking at it, it’s so beautiful. There is something about the texture of the leather that adds a plus to the bag. I think the epi leather if for customers who already have previous Louis handbags. I still think that Louis Vuitton beginners tend to reach out for the classic Monogram and Damier prints.

  26. klynneann Avatar

    I love the look of the Epi line, but I thought I had heard (and this was some time ago, so maybe it’s not true anymore, if it ever was) that there were problems with the Epi leather peeling..???

  27. Huy D Avatar
    Huy D

    Is anyone using the cluny bb bag?
    Im thinking to buy one but still confuse

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