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Louis Vuitton Damier Neverfull

I’ll freely admit that I don’t know exactly when the Louis Vuitton Damier Neverfull came out. I remember it was still hotly anticipated the last time that I wrote about a Neverfull (the beautiful crocodile version!), and sometime between then and now, it showed up on eLuxury as a new arrival. And you know what? I love it. It’s not as obvious as Louis Vuitton’s monogram version, but it’s still insanely practical, simple, and chic. It’s a big that can be used year-round for years to come, and in an uncertain economy, longevity of a bag’s design is something that’s on the minds of more and more people. We all know that Vuitton’s canvas wears like few other materials, and a bicolor material like Damier can be paired with a variety of clothing choices. For maximum versatility, I’d go with the MM – not too big, not too small, perfect for lots of uses. Buy through eLuxury for $700.

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  • Grace

    Its a great beginner bag (because of the price…its under $1000), great to use all around, but the only downfall I found is that the handles are really thin. My girlfriend has one, and she bought the GIANT one, and the handles are so thin compared to the size. When she put it down next to me it was like looking into a water hole with ropes for the bucket! Everything was shown to the world, once you looked in. I still liked it though, the size was great for the “i carry my kitchen sink in here too!” :)

  • Kate

    I just saw a woman at the grocery store last week carrying one and thought it looked really nice without screaming, “pricey designer bag!”

  • Beth

    It does look GREAT, but having tried it on in in the brand-new LV boutique in Pittsburgh last Friday, I couldn’t help but be bothered by how thin & flimsy-feeling the actual canvas is. I realize the thin canvas with no lining or other structural details is what makes it such a lightweight bag, but for the price? Eh… I just couldn’t talk myself into it. (Not that I usually need help being talked into spending $$ at LV, LOL!)

  • Maria

    Im a proud owner of the Damier PM version…I bought it in Tokyo in Oct this year as I was told it’s only available there at the moment….Love it…just the perfect size as a work handbag to fit my bag organizer, umbrella & cardigan…used to own the monogram MM but thought this is better……it’s going to be another blast like the monogram version…..has it just been out in the USA??..Damier canvas bags are still in general heavier after prolong carrying compared to Monogram ones

  • fin

    The handles are rather flimsy so u cant expect to fill the bag (funny how its called Neverfull). Thats the only downside of it. I find it very practical to carry it while travelling since its not super expensive n has lots of room. This bag is definitely a good beginner bag!

  • coco

    Looks like cheap plastic.

  • echo

    I just recieved this bag as a gift from my bf and i love it…i love huge bags and being a petite person (5’3″) it is not overwhelming.

  • Baba

    im the proud owner of the bag.
    so far is only available in Hawai, Guam and Japan….
    Hope it wont be avaible in ant time soon..

  • Deborah

    Beautiful bag anyone will love it.

  • bubble


    • Gina

      Get a job honey! No one cares

  • Gabby

    LOVE THIS PURSE!! This is a PURSE….It’s a sin to call it a BAG!
    I would love one…..maybe I’ll get one. I hope.

  • Lily Christiansen

    My friend has this beautiful purse and I when we went to dinner I asked her if it was a knock off—-sorry I insulted her because it was the REAL THING!!!! Ouch—-so now it would be wonderful if I had one and she made the remark to me as I did to her and had to tell her no—it’s the real thing!! Now that would be really exciting for me.
    Merry Christmas—–

  • Jeanne

    love big bags, especially this without LV all over it

  • Mary

    I love the never LV Neverfull, it is so classy. I would love to have this bag.

  • ling

    hi there. any one knows is neverfull damier mm is available in japan boutiques? & whats the price for that (also after converting to sgd)? my frien is going hols soon, hoping to get a favour from her

  • ouga

    I would like to own one as my very first vuitton what do you think? i heard that the straps/handles are too tin but on the website they said it can handle 150 kg!!??

  • Pamela

    Just got the Neverfull GM Damier…LOVE IT! I have other LV purses but this one is so great because you can adjust the straps on the side to accomodate what you have in it, or, you can leave it open like a tote. The straps are thin but I don’t mind as it is a different look from my other LV bags. I love the red and black lining also! And for the size of the bag, the price is great!



  • enme

    i love this bag i use mine as a diaper bag

  • LVV

    Hi, do you like it in MONOGRAM or DAMIER? I so can’t decide which pattern to get… any suggestions?

    • Humphret

      I have owned both. The monogram is nice but the handles will turn darker on you and can become water stained in the rain. The Damier is really nice because the leather does not show the wear or water stains. You can never go wrong with a Louis Vuitton

  • LK

    I personally love monogram but I bought Damier cuz it’s easy to take care of. Its color doesn’t change!! (If you want to use it daily)

  • Tini

    I love this bag ( Neverfull Damier ) very very much…. So I can put everything in there..

  • Annie

    I have just bought this bag in Hongkong and I love it. But I could not find the code number anywhere in the bag. Does a Neverfull Damier comes with a code number inside the bag?

    • melany

      yes. maybe at this time you already found it. its at the R upper side/back of the pocket inside. i just got this bag . i love it

  • M

    This is a great bag, you can put everything in it, truly neverfull!! I usually carry my whole life and more in my bag!!


    I wish they had added a zipper closure and better handles…

  • smoocherooch

    This bag is too common. EVERYONE has got one in that sort of sense. However, having a zipper would be good.

  • summer

    I just got this bag (Neverfull Damier) from my BF, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! It’s so convenient to carry around. But I agree that if having zipper would be great.

  • sel1175

    I bought this bag in April this year and have been wearing it daily eversince. I just love it. It goes with anything I wear, formal or casual. This is to me the best LV bag ever aside from Speedy 30 which I also proudly own :-)

    • GlamLuv

      I agree, I own the speedy 35 and recently the GM Damier. I really love the GM because it’s 2bags in one.
      Check out this article …..

  • J

    Very practical. Used it everywhere. Didn’t have to worry much about how it might get dirty, etc. Too bad it only has one compartment. Takes me forever to find stuff.

    • melany

      just got this bag . i love it ..

  • CARLA H.


  • JOE

    i am planning to walk in and get one , but anyone can let me know the price list of mm neverfull selling in malaysia ? RM 3k enuf for me to get 1 ??

  • Roha

    Joe, yes, Rm3k is definitely enough to get the Neverfull MM. It only costs RM2700 which is quite reasonable compared to the other models. Just for your information, Neverfull Pm is RM2550 and Neverfull GM is Rm2850. They are sold at the Starhill boutique. I got this info from the sites that I have logged on to. I’m planning to buy Neverfull MM online which is RM100 cheaper than the actual price. Hope this helps you.

  • unknown

    lv is the best thing in the world

  • lisa

    can’t wait to own delightful

  • Peggy

    hi, can i know how much is LV damier neverfull GM in market price? thanks :)

  • Kittycat

    I just got this bag today as a gift from my dear husband. I love it!!! It’s a bit more understated than the LV logo but still recognizable as a LV purse. To me this is a classic bag. Also the leather on this bag will not get darker with time it’s already painted and will look new longer than the cow hide leather . Love Love Love my new bag yayyyyyy!!!!!

  • Pixie918

    Does anyone know if the neverfull damier have a wrinkly top in the areas where it folds in?

  • kacy

    is this model available in black & grey? like the Graphite…

  • stella

    my dear daddy bought it for me yesterday and I’m so looking forward to receive my gift…love u dad!!!

  • Rosabelle

    I just bought Neverfull Damier MM 2 weeks ago while travelling to HongKong.. it is so far a gret bag..ait can fit a lot of things and i love the adjustable straps on the side.. And i like the fact that it doesn’t scream LV.. it’s subtle, but for LV lovers, they’ll know it’s LV.. it a great bag

  • beanyce126

    consider this in the MM size as a summer bag.diaperbag (ipad)

  • Eri

    I am blessed my boss gave this to me last week as a late Christmas gift bec it was sold out everywhere.Fortunately she got the last one when she went to the US.I loooove this bag so much, mm damier ebene.This style was also sold out when she went to Paris last month.Wooh, thank you maam.


    my wife wants this bag very badly!…i would like to buy it for her as a birthday present, an anniv., a Valentine and X’mas gift all included! Now the question…(gulp) how much is it????

  • Beth

    Well, I finally gave in! Purchased my first Neverfull from last week. I’d been carrying a Mono Cabas Mezzo and wanted something similar, a bit lighter weight and in Damier Ebene. I chose the GM because, although I’m only 5’4″, I am a big girl. The bag is terrific! Classy, but sporty and casually comfortable. My only complaint is NO CELLPHONE POCKET — why not, LV?!?

  • Joanne

    One of my closest friends bought the MM couple of years ago. I played with it, tried it on, observed all the stuff she put into it, etc. I loved it so much, I finally pushed myself to purchase one (GM). I found that pairing it with a simple accent piece made it absolutely IRRESISTIBLE (I bought an Eva the same day).

    Lastly, when this bag first came out in the region(I’m from Guam), Japanese women who make the trip here ESPECIALLY for luxury shopping would leave the store crying because the bags flew off the shelves! It is STILL one of THE BEST-SELLING and most sought after piece here.


  • Doris

    I am also interested in buying a LV NEVERFULL MM in Damier ebene. But my question ia: Are the straps of the MM model really long enough to carry it on the shoulder? What do you say?
    I would be pleased about your experiences considerung the lenght if the shoulder straps.

    • Lisa

      Yes I have one wear it on my shoulder all the time. It ends up right under my shoulder but can be worn that way.

  • Anny

    Hi, I plan to buy a LV DAMIER NEVERFULL MM. But anyone can let me know the price of the bag selling in Singapore?

  • Ginny

    I just purchased the Louis vuitton damier ebene neverful mm, I have an iPad that I keep in my purse, it has a white leather cover, when I removed it to use I noticed some red on the edges of the cover. Has anyone had an issue with the lining of the neverfull bleeding onto anything in the purse?
    Thank you for your comments I love the bag and would be upset to have to return it.

    • Mrs K Jan

      Just bought the never full damier….last month i bought the damier berkley…they both look great together…especially when travelling. This was my 6th LV….U can never go wrong with LV!

  • Xiiao_jessica

    Anyone selling this authentic Damier neverfull bag please email me at thanks

  • Catherine M Smith

    I bought one today from the London New Bond Street store. Enquired about the thin straps, was told been tested to with stand 200kg in weight. And if it were to break they would repair it. Can’t say fairer then that!

  • Marcia

    I’m wondering if the Damier Neverfull comes in graphite?