lindsay lohan vuitton bag

Rehab has done her body good; from the inside out. Lindsay Lohan keeps being snapped looking like a laid-back 20-something-year-old who is stylish and simple. I love that she wears an outfit that looks like it could be straight from my closet. Great wide leg jeans, a killer blue top, a stunning handbag, and a Twizler in her hand. Lindsay was sporting the limited edition Louis Vuitton Olympe Stratus GM, which is a lightweight, comfortable bag with a resin LV plaque and chunky braided handle and optional shoulder strap. I spoke with my SA at Bal Harbour the other day who informed me that this version is hard to track down right now, as only a handful were made. But the littler sister, the Stratus Cirrus is still available. The GM Lindsay was spotted carrying costs $3300 while the Cirrus goes for $2520. Check eLuxury for authentic Louis Vuitton goods.

louis vuitton stratus gm

More LiLo images below!

lindsay lohan louis vuitton bag1

lindsay lohan louis vuitton bag2

lindsay lohan louis vuitton bag3
Images via Celeb Utopia

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  • W

    Am I the only one who thinks this bag is hideous?

  • Bagged

    No you are not the only one who thinks those bags are just horrible.

  • Nere

    The bag is ridiculous! The smaller version is better though.

  • Lauren

    I think it’s revolting.

  • devone

    yes i do agree this bag is not really gorge in pictures at first but it takes getting used to. Then you would really love it. Its buttery soft and the leather looks so luxurious in person. And in case anybody is wondering, Lilo is sporting the first line of Chloe 70 aviator sunglass with metal bit trims in burgundy………..the most snapped up color. its also available in white and peacock blue. Besides the bag i want the glasses too! who is her personal shopper? LOL

  • Caroline

    She looks horrible!! And I agree, the bag is just as hideous!!

  • ELW

    It looks to me like she is using it as a bag, as in duffle bag. Doesn’t she have a purse hanging from her other shoulder?

  • Mona Fensolt

    Young, attractive and rich but lost in the life.

  • Mona Fensolt

    She is young, attractive and rich but lost in the life. The hand bag looks terrible.

  • I feel like an outcast! I really do love the bag. In person, it is stunning!!

    No worries though :wink:

  • Nicole

    ELW, she DOES have another purse hanging on her other shoulder. didn’t even realize that until i read your comment. good eye!

    i love LV, but i really don’t like the style of this particular bag. i think it’s hideous. some women in the LV forum have it, but i still can’t warm up to it. i think it’s awful looking.

  • alexia

    eughh horrible. am an LV fan but this bag is gross .. it looks like a recycled something lol

  • PinkyBrewster


  • mave

    she looks baaad

  • Otter

    Luv the bag and shades. But . . . the sag! Too young for all that sag. Wear a bra honey or get those babies lifted up.

  • purseloco

    Looks like a laundry basket! :shock:

  • AnnieJ

    It is ugly and one must now wonder what is in there.

  • Mikaa

    egh.. it looks so dusty and you cant even tell that’s LV from afar.


  • Augusta

    Am a huge fan of LV bags, but this one is sooo ugly

  • ella

    This bag is ok….i love my Nimbus though….so easy to wear and the color is really cloud-like….anyway…the entire monogram olympe line is made of delicate lamb skin, and not any sort of resin…im not sure why you would make that mistake twice and tell people its resin, megs….

  • Tee

    WHAT a goofy bag! When I saw it in the NYT (or wherever I saw it) I just loved it because it was so huge and goofy-looking. I still love it! Go figure, eh?

  • Tee

    Needs a big pair LV of knitting-needles sticking out of the top!

  • ellise cardon

    I am one of the luck ones i bought the small LV pm and i love it ,i will one day get the big one !! .

    I just love LV xxxxxx