The introduction of a new Louis Vuitton Speedy is always cause for celebration among handbag fiends, and we think that this particular bag will be of wide interest. The Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière is similar to the monogram Speedy that we all know and love, but it brings with it the thoroughly modern addition of an integrated shoulder strap. Optional straps have long been available for purchase to clip onto the traditional Speedy’s handle attachments, but this dedicated strap brings with it a design logic that is lacking in a simple add-on.

Itching to see this Speedy in action? Of course you are, which is why Vuitton and Caroline Sieber put together a catalog of shots with the Speedy Bandoulière out and about on a sunny day in London. We have those shots, plus a price list for the new bag, after the jump. Or if you’d like to skip straight to buying, the bags are available now via

Prices (in US dollars):

Monogram Speedy Bandouliere 25 – $1065

Monogram Speedy Bandouliere 30 – $1090

Monogram Speedy Bandouliere 35 – $1115

Monogram Speedy Bandouliere 40 – $1140

[Images via Louis Vuitton]

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  • FashionFanboy

    That’s great news! Although, is it available in damier ebene? I love the red inside of it, and I think the monogram canvas is too “show-off” for my style… (plus, nearly everyone has it)

    I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t be able to make one in different pattern (and colors on the handles and inside).
    And would this mean that the small lock flaps (by the ends of the speedy) are gone?

    And also, is this really the smartest buy? How much would the original speedy with the attachable strap cost, compared to the new one?


      the attachable strap is somewhat unattractive and holds strangely because you have to add them to existing handle bases.

      it really did not look very good at all. i purchased a strap for my speedy 30 and ended up never using it. so i think this is a smart by if you want the option to use it messenger style.

      personally i am going to wait for the damier speedy B.

    • Laura


      Loving pearls @

  • Kat

    The 25 with a strap is a little ridiculous in my opinion. But it looks good with the 40. It’s perfect for the women who find the keepall too big.

    How different is this from just buying the strap from your existent Speedy? You mentioned that the “dedicated strap brings with it a design logic that is lacking in a simple add-on”. But from the pictures I can’t really tell the difference.

    • I don’t like the way the add-on strap looks when it’s clipped onto the current Speedy, particularly when it’s hooked to the handle attachments. it looks like an add-on to me, and not something that was intended to be worn with the bag. This looks much more natural to me because it looks truly integrated into the bag’s design. Your mileage may vary.

  • Babyk

    I think this is a great idea but I already have a speedy and I don’t know if I would buy another bag that pretty much looks the same. Can we just buy the strap :D?

    Btw, I think the prices points are a little higher than that.

    • You’re right, looks like the price list I received was inaccurate. Updating now!

  • gpc

    No thanks.

  • Deborah

    Great looking bag! Another classic with a fresh contemporary twist! Love it!

  • cg

    Ok, beautiful as those photos are.. $400-$500 more for a strap?!?! WHYYYY :(
    I should just squander my savings on a puppy. Or a cat.. i’ve always wanted a Persian..

  • aoife

    fabulous news :) i shall be getting one!! xx love the three end ones! xox


    OH MY GOD!!! it is about time!

    we have begging for this for years!!!

    now if they would add a mon monogram speedy B option as well as a damier speedy B option we would all be in seventh heaven!!!

  • rose60610

    I like the side detail and think it will look classier as the color turns caramel. I love the look of aged LVs.

  • susan

    I love the strap but if it doesn’t come in Damier I’m out. But I think if they do make one for Damier I would carry it much more then I do now.

  • MizzJ

    I love this bag’s shape and the various strap options, but I reaaaally wish it came in a non-monogram version. Everyone has that monogram in my city and I’d rather have it as a lining pattern than as the external.

  • louch

    It’s about time!!! I love the look of the Speedy but when I see it carried without a shoulder strap, I would never buy one. These look great!

  • Lala

    I’m not fond of this look at all. The price point for this bag with a strap is a bit ridiculous. I rather take my money and buy a different LV Bag.

  • Bir

    Finally they get it.after we all buy regular speedys they make the practical version.but I still love it!!!!!

    Now vuitton darling make a damier graphite never full!!!!!

  • Linda

    Where can i buy the speedy shoulder strap?

  • Pixiejenna

    Love it I also want to see it in damier too!

  • 19yearslater

    This speedy is better than the original for me, because I don’t generally like bags that have only a handheld option. I agree with other posters, though, it would be even better in damier ebene.

  • Jennifer

    Is this really just a Speedy with a strap or have there been design/construction changes as well? For example, I had a Damier 30 with the sag. These pix look mostly structured. Is this a more structured speedy or will it still have the slouch (without an add-in base)?

    • Angelina

      I have considered Speedy 30 Idyllie for quite a while and not too sure if i should buy it. Like you mentioned, I have seen my friends carrying Speedy bags and they sag, which made the bag look utterly unattractive. I love the strap for Idyllie and turn it into a cross body. Just worry about the sagging bit. Should i or shouldn’t i?

  • Marry Lynn


  • Jacqueline Suzanne

    Not for me!! I prefer my (3) Speedy’s strapless!!!

  • lucy

    Part of the beauty of the hand held is the slump, which will change some when using the strap. And I am guessing that the leather down each end of the bag adds a little structure. Either way, the strap looks better than I expected it would and I may finally add a Speedy monogram to my LV brood. I agree it’s pricey but consider also the zipper change, which I think is a huge improvement aesthetically and otherwise.

  • Summer

    Wait, who is still buying monogrammed bags…or Louis Vuitton for that matter? Both were worn shamelessly in like the early 2000’s. I associate a lack of class with monograms and Louis Vuitton.

    • Francesca

      I respectfully disagree. Louis Vuitton Monogram bags are classic fashion peice. They are iconic they will never go out of style.

      • Meredith

        While I would agree that they are classic, I would also have to agree with Summer, in that I prefer bags without monograms! I love leather Louis Vuitton bags, but don’t particularly care for any of the canvas styles! That’s just my personal opinion though!

  • kath-thy

    I hope this one will be available in the damier ebene! I was looking to get the speedy 30 and purchasing the strap as well but I prefer the look and and placement of the straps of this bag. Its more functional and doesn’t look as odd as adding a strap on and I love to shop hands-free. Hope LV brings it out in the damier ebene soon!

  • dalex

    $300 for a strap?

  • Francesca

    I think the strap would be great for traveling or when you are shopping and your hands are full of bags and you can’t hold anything else, but it is not something I would keep on all of the time.

  • descie

    so good handbags i love it

  • Cynthia

    Does this new Speedy have a platform bottom? I agree with Jennifer about the sag, and I would also like to know if this bag is more structured like it appears in the photos? I am interested in the 35 or the 40. I know the older Speedy’s offer the personal monogram option (with 3 initials), but does this new bag offer the same?

    • Charina

      Hi Cynthia,

      I have the speedy b 35 and yes, just like the old speedy, it also sags. They still offer the personal monogram on the bag, as well as heat stamp of your initials on the strap.

  • Stacy

    I have a speedy 30 that it about 20 years old, still beautiful. Just got a speedy b in a 35, both monogram. The strap is a hugh improvement, you can do crossbody, shoulder strap, and handle carry. I think the speedy monogram is like a Channel suit, it is a classic and will never go out of style.

    • Freda

      Hi.I want to buy speedy b 35. Can’t decide between monogram and damier ebene.Need help. I have a Tivoli GM in monogram but then again, i will not wear them together. What do you guys think? I do love the monogram, and the style of the speedy b seem somewhat too casual for the damier ebene.

  • Nicole

    I would get a LV handbag…but I wish the overall color was black instead of brown!

    Brown looks crappy on me lol and I hate brown.

    I’ll just get another CHANEL lol ; )

  • anita garcia policarpio

    i like this kind of bag louis vuitton

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  • Felici4u

    Louis Vuitton is a fabulous luxury goods designer.  I am in love with my Speedy 40 that I received for Christmas 2011.  Great bag!

  • Tkoczeniak

    Thank you SO much for posting images and descriptions of the new LV bags! Those of us using iPads and iPhones can’t access Vuitton’s website (what on EARTH was Marketing thinking??!) so having the purse blog is the sole dependable, high quality resource we have available! Keep up the great work!

  • Licommo

    Does the speedy 30 fit an ipad?

    • Natureblushxoxo

       Yes, it does! Sideways, that is. It is very roomy. I recommend using the strap when you put an ipad in it, since it gets a little heavy with all of the other stuff in there. Surprisingly, I’ve tried fitting an ipad in a 25 upright…it fits but with approximately an inch sticking out. You might fit an ipad, sideways, into a 25 if strategically placing it in.

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  • Lalalam92

    I love it! Just got my speedy 25 in monogram. Definitely my favorite everyday bag

  • Jamielovesbob

    Just purchased the Speedy B 30 in Maui and returned immediately because one of the side straps was puckered or rippled looking. The other 30 had the same issue but the 35 and 25 were both fine. Of course they SA said it was normal and shed never seen an issue with it but it’s too knew to know. It looked so bad it looked faux so we returned it and will look for a other and in Las Vegas. Really disappointing day at LV since they heat stamped my husbands new wallet and the monogram wasn’t centered or even and looked awful. Of course they are getting him another but they agreed it looked bad after hoping we would be happy with it. Wow.

  • Jen Martin

    Other than the fact that you save 200$ if you buy a classic speedy and an lv strap separately, I think this looks too much like luggage. I went back and forth on this or the classic speedy for about 8 months and finally settled on the classic speedy. The stripes up the side just make it look like an overnight bag, not a purse. Also I like the monogram strap much better than the vachetta strap.