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  • Sofia

    The W bag is adorbs! I love the color and the size.

  • Mharbor

    The Nano Alma comes in other colors?

  • The nano Pallas is calling on me!! Very cute

  • kate

    Not a fan!

  • AshleyG

    Why do these look like expensive Barbie accessories?! hahahaha! cute, but good Lord…!

    • shopepr

      Hilarious! Thats exactly what they look like.
      Nothing nano about the prices…ouch!

  • abigail

    the nano noé bag is v cute!! but the rest are meh

  • bir

    i like the NOE and ALMA ! i wish the rest of them had better proportions and finish the handles on the lock-it are not very well acomplished. when Hermes made the tiny kellys back in the 1990s they were truly proportioned.

  • Finem Lauda

    I wish the bag too small to even fit half a tampon and a saltine cracker trend would die out. They’re cute, but the prices aren’t for something so useless.

  • dredre47

    Okay, these are freaking adorable. Best entry in the mini bag stakes I’ve seen yet.

  • razz

    Yup LV is like lets rip this idea from Fendi too

    • Guest

      LV has had a micro speedy for years, so these Nano bags are not a far stretch. Stop reaching nobody is copying Fendi.

  • FashionableLena

    Adorable. But, geez. I remember when the Speedey was $825!

  • Valerieuff

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  • Olivia J.

    THESE ARE THE CUTEST! I need to see it in person though. Lol they look like doll bags…

  • Violet

    I just saw these bags in person and even took tons of photos of my toddler modeling the bags. Let me tell you guys, the bags are extremely lightweight. They feel like your holding a Longchamp nylon bag. Maybe they made the leather thinner? None of them have the weight of, say, an Alma BB (which I have in vernis). The bags just didn’t feel “right” without some weight, considering the price tag. I think I will pass on these.

  • Rita Fernandes

    The bags maybe nano, but not the prices :/

  • klynneann

    I love the look of nano bags (though it’d be great if they were just a little bigger), and these especially, but for the amount of money of some of them, I could have a full size bag.

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    Omg, the nano Noé is to die for. Sooo cute.

  • Deb Wilson

    They’re cute, but they’re not really practical.

  • Imgoingbroke


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  • Eliza Knight

    They are cute and useless, expensive too :(