hilary duff louis vuitton speedy

Last week, pictures of Hilary Duff were snapped as she was spotted in LA. Joel Madden may have made a big mistake, for Hilary is looking better than ever these days. Sporting a laid back outfit, Hilary added two Louis Vuitton accessories to complete her look. Hilary was spotted toting a Louis Vuitton Monogram Dentelle in silver along with a Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Pouch. The Speedy retails for $1420 and the Pouch for $285 at eLuxury’s Louis Vuitton Boutique.

Louis Vuitton Dentelle Speedy

View both LV goodies below!

hilary duff louis vuitton speedy1
Images via Gossip Rocks

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  • Margarita

    Agreed, Hilary IS looking better everyday…love both those bags. Although the pairing of those boots with those shorts is a bit…questionable, IMO. :razz:

  • eunice

    Thank God she’s looking better. And, I like her bermuda cut offs instead of the short shorts that all the celebs are wearing. I love both of her bags too… Argh, gotta save up for that speedy…

  • purseloco

    The speedy looks like mildew is growing off of it.

    • Janiya

      agreed :grin:

  • etaooo

    …as fug and tasteless as Megs.

    • purseloco

      etaooo,has a problem with MEGS. Why:?:

  • BuryTheSound

    Hilary Duff is by far one of my favorite celebrities. She’s so composed and genuine, and never in the tabloids for anything horrible. Actually, every paparrazi pic i’ve seen of her is flawless. The speedy is gorgeous too.

  • Joan

    agreed it looks like fungus.
    close up, I like it, but a few steps back and fuzzy is the word

  • diana

    isnt it a faux pas to carry two bags at the same time?

  • nono

    I didnt like this handbag but i love lv handbags there were kool stuff at the run way!!

    does any one knows where can i get authentic lv handbags and those stuff!! and in sale!!??

    I love designers clothes,accessories,jewelry,watches and handbags!! but i cant find what im looking for!! S CHANEL handbags!! but new and kool!! and laaarge!! that i like!!

    so if any one has some websites pleaze let me know!!

  • jazzy


  • Lizz

    :???: why does she have two bags?

  • Lizz

    :???: why does she have two bags? and i dont really like what she is wearing :/

  • rach

    Yes, the LV bag looks like a loaf of moldy fruitcake. Hilary is cute and all, but she has never been good at dressing herself or accessorizing (much like J.Simp ) Coincidence they both hale from TEXAS? Home of all things gaudy, tacky, and overdone? HMMM…

    I’m jk ya’ll (about the Texas thing not about the gross bag) :grin: My boyfriend is a TEXAN and he has great style :wink: !!!

  • Minh Phuong

    Dear The Bag Lady.
    Im living in Italian,now.My dream on the time i can buy the bag made Prada so im looking them very expensive.Now i want asking T.B.L I can buy them with price under 500euro, can’nt I?No. i living in Milano_Italian,where I can looking for them?I want have to see some style.Can you halp me how can i see?.
    Thanks for your answer.
    Grazie The Bag lady

  • jay

    cute bag execept all that lacey stuff on it its like a fungus is growing on it

  • Tina

    Oh my. This outfit is hideous! Black, dubious bog-ish green, beige and torn jeans?! What’s with the frills? What’s with the abominous LV bag?

    Seriously, that must be one of the ugliest LV bags in the history of the brand. They’re always tacky with their aggressive logoing, but adding a little primary school crafts project flavour to an otherwise palatable item… what were they thinking?

    That’s not even what I hate the most. What really burns my eyes are those boots. Good god! The colour makes her legs look pink, the tassels have no business being there and the overall effect is puzzling for the viewer.

    Hilary looks great if you ignore the outift, though. :smile:

  • Elly

    that speedy is so ugly and y does she need 2 bags weird,

  • genta


  • :neutral: is hilary morefantastic than haley and lohan :neutral:

  • i love hilary duff so much moooooooooooooooooh :oops:

  • Patricia

    The speedy bag is nice and a lil bit classic but w/ a different touch… Though I can’t help but wonder, why is she carrying 2 bags? She can buy an LV cosmetic kit and slip it in her speedy.. right?

  • parita

    i like it.

  • …..

    çok güzel yaa…hilary seni çooook seviyoruz:))

  • lily

    hi hilary i’m lily i love you so muchhhhhhhhhh

  • Bagaholic TV

    I’m definitely in love with Speedy Dentelle. Even made a special review on this model. It’s very detailed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyaL7xys4lo