As I’ve said in this space time and again, I’m usually not one who has trouble being decisive, especially when it comes to whether or not I like a bag. I look at them all day, every day, so the evaluation process happens pretty quickly. Despite that, I’m wavering over the new Louis Vuitton Garance Bag.

The Garance wasn’t a Fall 2015 runway piece, so I’m just seeing it now, after taking a little jaunt through Vuitton’s leather section on its website. The brand’s leather offerings have expanded a lot in the past few years, and it seems like every time I check, there’s at least one new bag hiding in there. Today, among others, was the Garance, which is currently available in three colors of smooth calf leather.

The duffel-style bag’s most interesting design feature is its handle attachments, which are in the shape of one of the motifs in Louis Vuitton’s famous monogram. The attachments, although tonal, take up much of the front surface of the bag, and they’re the thing that stops me from being fully on board here; I wish they were a little smaller, perhaps. On the other hand, I love the metal joints that cover the bag’s corners. Not only do they protect a point of wear, but they’re a beautiful little touch.

What say you? Let us know if you love this bag or would rather leave it.

Louis Vuitton Garance bag
$4,300 via Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton Garance Bag
$4,300 via Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton Garance Bag
$4,300 via Louis Vuitton


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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • LOVE it! Gemma xx

  • laura

    Don’t love it but won’t leave either, don’t know…

  • Nene

    Doesn’t seem special enough to command the price tag.


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  • sev2108

    is it named after garance dore?

    • There’s nothing in the product copy on the website saying that it is, but: probably.

  • KloeF

    I completely agree with the size of the attachments. To me, it makes it look a bit… juvenile for lack of better word.

  • FashionableLena

    That price is a tad high. It should be somewhere in the $2500-3000 range.

    As for the bag itself, it’s just okay. My concer is the placement of the shoulder strap. The bag looks like it may tip over if picked up by the longer stap. It would have the same issue with the Antigona because those handles don’t fold down. Personally, I would prefer either the flowers or the metal hinges. Not both. Too busy.

  • I love it! Gold hardware on the black one would’ve looked more luxurious. Love the use of the motifs on the handles. Hopefully there are more bags coming out of where this came from. Good job LV!

  • AshleyG

    hated it…

  • bir

    i like it finally something with their own identity not inspired by Hermes Celine or Chanel !

  • Rumbabird

    As mentioned by others, I agree that the price is too high and that the proportion of the “flowers” is off. Also, would be concerned that the bottom metal edges might scratch wooden furniture (unlike smooth metal feet). I would like the look of the bag if the flowers were a little more subtle.

  • Kim Ergin

    Leave it

  • oui

    It’s like a Fendi By the Way meets Coach Ace, trying to pass itself as an Alexander Wang. Too busy, like you can sacrifice one detail and still get a good bag.

    I’m still not sold on the flowers. And I think that the long strap is too thin. It needs a wider by just a little bit more. I know that it’s the same thinness as the Speedy strap, but the Speedy is helped by being not as tall as this one.

    Anyway. Maybe if I see it in person? But nothing justifies the $4300 pricetag for me. Unless it’s a GIANT one like it needs one whole cow for the leather or something.

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  • lavinia

    I appreciate the fact that this new designer is trying to renew the brand and give it a new image (too old, stuffy), but it still remains an attempt, maybe he should give an eye to brands like the row, valextra, just to see how the details (stitcing just to say one) of a bag make the real difference.

  • Bulky, inelegant, unnecessary hardware and embellishment. Looks like it was designed by a not very promising intern. Shame to waste such great materials and workmanship.

  • Maya

    Definitely leave it.

  • Yazi

    I like the flower motif as the bag would be too plain without it. But that price is too high.

  • Mya Wilkes

    Leave it !

  • Lisa

    This bag doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be. Love the metal corner pieces — yes they’re “inspired” by Wang but different enough to be interesting; combined with the boxy shape and size (nearly 9×12) it’s utilitarian and a little masculine, so I agree with other posters that the handles should be thicker to balance the look.

    But then you have the flowers, which IMO are too feminine for the shape and other elements. Someone needs to follow the maxim, “elegance is refusal” :-)

    Leave it!

  • Dylan Propst

    I would like it if they got rid of the hardware. Reminds me of the multicolore Speedy. Tacky.

    The bag with just the side buckles would be awesome.

  • Naleesha

    I wish I liked it but it’s just not to my taste so it’s definitely a leave it for me

  • Tristan Fowler

    #U #G #L #Y i love you Louis but like honestly

  • Lulu

    Do not like at all – those large attachments are juvenile

  • R.h.

    I personally like that this bag pays homage to the signature trunk. Which is where Louis Vuitton started. The size is a good daily size close to a 30 and the long strap can be worn cross body. It is a beautiful leather and has a suede lining so price is subjective. I think it’s a win if you appreciate the brand.

  • R.H.

    I love that this bag pays homage to the beginning of the brand with all the trunk refrences. It is a great size similar to a 30, but less round in shape. The strap is long enough to wear cross body making it versatile. it is constructed of quality leather and has a nice suede lining making the price seem relative to the materials involved. If you are a fan of the roots of the Louis Vuitton brand I think you will appreciate this bag and the thought involved designing it. Thumbs up for me.

  • Giselle


  • Toni

    I think this bag is lovely. I won’t spend quite that much on a bag, but I think it is elegant and beautiful!