Despite the fact that yesterday was the hottest day of 2014 so far in New York City, we are now post-Labor Day, which means it’s our duty, as fashion writers, to push both you and ourselves as quickly into fall dressing as humanly possible. What better way to do that than with fur? Specifically, we’re going to examine these two fur bucket bags in our latest edition of The Look for Less.

Fur is one of those situations where the quality of material used is immediately apparent, and that means it’s not terribly difficult to figure out that the Ralph Lauren Shearling Bucket Bag is the more expensive option here. I’d love to own a pillow made out of this bag’s fur, but based on the price of the bag, that’s not an option.

The Elizabeth & James bag is similar in both color and structure, but the fur used is different. Not only is this kind of curly lamb less expensive, but it has a less precious look to it; this is a decidedly casual bag that adds texture to an outfit without overpowering the other pieces, while the Ralph Lauren version is definitely a statement piece unto itself. The prices certain reflect those aesthetic differences.

Which do you like better? Is the Ralph Lauren version worth the nearly $4,000 price difference?

Elizabeth & James Cynnie Lamb Fur Sling Bag
$795 via Neiman Marcus

Elizabeth and James Cynnie Lamb Fur Sling Bag

Ralph Lauren Shearling Bucket Bag
$4,500 via Neiman Marcus

Ralph Lauren Shearling Fur Bucket Bag
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Rosa Lily
Rosa Lily
8 years ago

Not sure about the E & J bag. I just visualized a dog’s head popping out if I unzip it. Like the RL more, wish it were faux though.

8 years ago

Oh wow! The Ralph Lauren bag is something else entirely. I absolutely love it 🙂

8 years ago

The RL version is CLEARLY better, regardless of price. I love the luxuriousness of the fur on it! The other one just looks gross.

8 years ago

There is a clear difference between the two online – the RL looks far superior. I would imagine IRL the E&J would look even cheaper. No brainer

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