In our never-ending periodic quest to find stylish options at a variety of price points, today we have a reasonably priced alternative to the Nancy Gonzalez Hand-Held Croc Clutch that I wrote about last month. I liked it so much that I went on a search for a budget-friendly alternative to add to my wardrobe, and the best contender I’ve found is the Rebecca Minkoff Lovers Clutch.

To me, the most important parts of the Nancy Gonzalez clutch to replicate the look were the contrast between a bright body and a dark handle and the exotic texture. Since detailed clutches in real exotic skins don’t come around very often at the price point I was hoping to find, embossing will have to do. The magenta of the Minkoff clutch provides a reasonable alternative to Gonzalez’s bright blue, and the color’s contrast with the wood trim is similar to the contrast with the dark crocodile.

Exotic embossing almost always looks a tad cheap even on nice leather, but this example of it seems better than most. Either of these clutches are choices that would likely garner you a lot of compliments, but the Rebecca Minkoff version will run you a reasonable $240 (on sale from $325) compared to Gonzalez’s much steeper $3200 price point.

You can buy the Nancy Gonzalez via Neiman Marcus, or the Rebecca Minkoff via Luna Boston.

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  • Beth

    I actually prefer the Minkoff for the colour and the fact that it isn’t an exotic skin (which I don’t go for). The magenta is really eye-catching.

  • mary

    I prefer the Nancy Gonzalez clutch – the shape is nicer.

  • louch

    Sorry – no comparison – the RM looks cheap. The NG wins hands down.

  • Sue

    Amanda, NOOOOOO! There is NOOOOOO comparison. The lesson here is to open a Christmas Club at your local credit union and save for a Nancy Gonzalez bag. I have tried hard to embrace the “look for less” concept and OMG, there is nothing “more for less” about RM – that she charges $240 for total crap is horrifiying – she makes people believe they’re getting something in the “moderate” zone – best they can afford – blah, blah – RM bags are hideous – I’ve purchased 3 online (various models & places) – all 3 arrived with broken parts. Nancy’s margin is probably $40 a bag, while RM’s is $200 – you decide.

  • Demi

    I actually prefer the RM clutch, because I really adore the colour. I think they both look expensive, even if the one is cheaper…

    • mEEEE

      I agree :) I think RM clutch looks much nicer…

  • MizzJ

    I’ve never seen either brand IRL, but judging by these photos they seem pretty equivalent and I actually prefer the RM!