I can’t call this bag a “look for less,” even though I guess some would easily deem it as that. I get a weird uncomfortable feeling when a bag as well-known as the Hermes Kelly is clearly styled after in a very cheap manner. I typically love Free People, in fact I buy their clothing often but I’ve never checked out their bag selection much. Yet somehow I ended up there and found what is a very bad copy for the Hermes Kelly, finished in neon faux leather. Yes, neon faux leather. It is easy to imagine the bag crinkling and making awkward noises as you carry it by your side while you walk.

So where do we go from here?

There is such a slippery slope of calling something “inspired by” versus “copied from,” and that will easily be a discussion that happens in the comments section below. The word knock-off will be thrown in as well, but a knock-off is selling something as an item that it is not, and using the brand name when it is not that. This bag has no name brand, just cheap super neon plastic. And priced at $49.95, I’m sure Free People will sell many of these Hermes Kelly “inspired” bags.


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