This New Loewe Home Fragrance Pairs Perfectly with This Flamenco Bag

Let's talk about perfect pairs, in color, scent, and design

If there is something I wish more of my favorite luxury brands would do, it would be to make home fragrances. I love a fragrance that isn’t overwhelming while feeling like you just walked into your favorite brand’s store. You walk into a premiere designer store, and it has a specific smell? The combination of the leather bags and, often, a proprietary scent the store uses starts our luxury experience upon our first step into the store. I often want to bottle that up, and thanks to Loewe, you can.

I recently found that Loewe, one of my favorite brands that perfect supple leather and unique designs, also has a line of home scents. The newest addition is the Loewe Cucumber Candle.

This candle is presented in a pale green terracotta holder, artfully crafted, and features wax with a cotton wick. The scent gives tones of ripe cucumber with fresh mint notes. The packaging completes the experience with an image created by Erwan Frotin, which shows cucumber and leaves against a colored and artistic background.

Loewe Cucumber Candle

The candle’s texture and dimensionality are reminiscent of how Loewe uses leather to pleat and fold in interesting ways. I can say that many Loewe bags are sculptural works of art, which is the case with the Loewe Mini Flamenco Petal Clutch. This bag pairs leather so supple to the touch with soft, feminine curves and lines in a way that is organic and beautiful. It is available for $104 via Loewe.

Bags as Art

The Flamenco Bag was launched in the 1970s and continues to be a sought-after bag for the house, with its telltale design element being the drawstring pulls and coiled knot detailing. This rendition features skirted leather, bringing this bag to life, and makes you think of a flamenco dancer. The leather is incredibly divine, it’s Nappa calfskin, and this smaller size will still hold a compact wallet, your phone (up to 6.1″), and a sunglasses case. It’s deceptively usable.

Loewe Flamenco Bag
Loewe Mini Flamenco Petal Clutch in Nappa Calfskin

You can carry this bag by hand or with the detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. On the interior, you’ll be met with a discreet magnetic closure and gold suede lining. The Loewe Embossed Anagram sits on the top corner, which denotes the brand without showcasing the name, which is a welcoming finish.

Purchase for $2,300 via Loewe.


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