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  • Sparky

    Valentino lock and the Nightingale next on my list. PS1 doesn’t appeal to me. I’ll try to get the Valentino in Europe because its a lot cheaper than USA.

    I have the next step up from the disco in the Gucci Soho series (shoulder bag, gold chain handle, about $1350). It’s FANTASTIC because it goes day into night. I love the disco but thought I’d get more use out of the shoulder bag.

    Great post. Thanks!

  • Debbie

    What about the Balenciaga city bag? Or has this gone to “classic” status?

    • I think it was both an It Bag of its time and a bag that’s crossed over to a classic. Very impressive on both counts.

      • Boxfresh

        I agree the balenciaga city should definitely be up there I can fit and carry around a small country in mine and it weighs next to nothing.

  • Dylan Propst

    The Mulberry Bayswater. Classic and – in Oak, at least – it just gets better with use.

    • Pennydreadful

      YES thank you — my bayswater in chocolate was scratched up by a family dog a few weeks ago, and yet it’s better than ever. It’s also a “workhorse” in the sense that it will haul everything that you need (and a whole lot of stuff that you don’t need, too).

      • Dylan Propst

        Half of this list isn’t even anything I’d consider a true workhorse bag. It seems like they’ve appropriated the term for whatever reason.
        And yessss I have so much miscellaneous stuff in my Bayswater. Hairspray, face mist, gummy bears :)

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    • Immodest Goddess

      Don’t know why it’s not on this list. Hands down the best workbag

      • Jess

        So true, the Bays has to be included.

    • shueaddict

      Go on … It’s stood the test of time and is virtually indestructible . It seems soooo loved in UK .

      • Lisa

        I’ve had my black Bayswater for a ten or twelve years now and while it’s not always the one I grab, it still looks great — maybe even better now that it’s softened up a bit. Definitely use the Colonil and stuff the bag with tissue when you’re storing it and I swear it will last forever!

    • Jennifer

      This is my next big bag purchase! I’m heading to Dublin for my wedding and I’m going to pick one up!

      • Dylan Propst

        I just got mine for my birthday a few weeks ago and I love it. It’s very spacious and it looks gorgeous. I have a few tips, though:)

        1) buy the Colonil leather gel and the Colonil waterstop spray and use the gel on your bag, leave it for a few hours to soak, and then use the spray to make your bag more water resistant.

        2) Try not to adjust the inner straps too much, but if you do, make sure each side is even. I accidentally had my straps at different lengths and it made my bag look misshapen.

        3) Use it! Don’t be afraid to rough the bag up. Watch out for it, but Mulberry bags don’t need to be babied.

        What color are you going for?:)

      • Jennifer

        Awesome! I’ve been lusting after it. Probably Oak since it’s seasonless. I like the Oxblood too, and the Mole Grey and the Black with Silver hardware. Nothing too crazy, I want this bag to last a long time and not go out of style! Thanks for the tip on the leather gel and spray, I’ll definitely get those. I’m crazy OCD about evenness so I’ll make the straps right and never touch them! Thanks for all the advice!

      • Dylan Propst

        Mine is in Oak, and I’m someone who rarely wears anything other than black, so it’s a nice pop of neutral color. I’m lusting after the Medium Cara Delevingne backpack in Oxblood! It looks so pretty.

      • Toni

        I am so unfamiliar with this bag but after reading these comments I WANT ONE!! I want one in chocolate. I’m a Gucci, LV gal. What sets these bags apart? They look luxurious. Is it kind of in between in size between like a purse and a tote? Can it be via dual (with jeans) or for work?
        Thanks in advance.

      • Dylan Propst

        Hey Toni! I’ll answer your questions in order:)

        What sets the bags apart – Mulberry is a classic brand and therefore their main bags (the Bayswater, Alexa, Lily, Cara, and most bags with the postman’s lock) are definitely seasonless. The leather that most (not all) Bayswaters are made out of is called ‘Natural Vegetable Tanned’, or NVT. This leather is similar to Louis Vuitton’s vachetta in that it is untreated, though it is tanned so stains are less apparent. Therefore, it will get a a patina over time, especially in Oak, less so in darker colors.

        Luxury – I personally think the Bayswater is a very luxurious bag, especially for what you’re paying. It’s pure leather. There’s no lining, so the interior is suede! It’s very soft and thick. The leather is one of the best around. Obviously nothing compares to Hermès, but the leather is very smooshy and soft while still remaining structured.

        Size – the bag is about 14″ long, 10″ tall, and the base is 6″ wide. That is the size of the classic Bayswater. However, Mulberry makes a smaller size that has a crossbody strap. This is referred to as the SBS (Small Bayswater Satchel) on TPF. The Ledbury bag is basically an SBS without the strap. There is also a Bayswater Tote, which is basically just an open tote with the classic Mulberry lock and adjustable sides.

        Versatility – I think it’s definitely a versatile bag, especially in the chocolate color. It can be used with jeans and a t-shirt or a day dress (not best for evening as it’s pretty large). It’s a fantastic work bag. You can put a laptop in it (my 13 inch MacBook Pro does fit, but I don’t carry it in the bag often) along with some files. If you don’t mind the slouch, you can loosen the interior belts all the way and it can accommodate far more than you would think.

        You should definitely add one to your collection!!

      • Toni

        Gosh, Thanks. I have just spent like an hour online looking. I think the chocolate one is destined to be mine. I just love how it fits under the shoulder so nicely. Just my favorite length bag. Your response was very helpful. Thanks!!!

      • zoopath

        I’m strongly considering one. The base measurement is listed at 7.45 which works better for me than 6 inches

  • tata

    Givenchy antigona?

  • Sara

    I have a love/hate relationship with Proenza Shouler PS1. I wonder if it is actually practical? Is it too slouchy? Is it easy to open & close? Is it too casual? The burgundy one is divine :-)

    • FashionableLena

      I came close to purchasing one, but the lock, leather, and eventual slouch stopped me.
      I found the leather to be too stiff for my liking. I didn’t care for the closure and found it not to be user friendly. If you wanted, you can’t leave it undone. I’ve seen many pictures of how this bag slouches, and I didn’t liked the way it pulled if that makes sense. I prefer more structure. If you can, go play with it for a while. Put your stuff in it. I was glad I did.

      • Sara

        Thank you! My gut feeling suspected all of what you said, that’s why I never really committed to buying one. Where I live it’s hard to find one to play with, I have to purchase online, so I appreciate your feedback :-)

    • SPA

      The PS1 is one of the most easy to use and comfortable everyday bags. I love mine which is a medium. Its very practical , amongst all my bags,I find the PS1 to be the most organized. :)

    • Alex575

      PS1 in Medium doesn’t slouch, it’s very structured. The one shown in the above picture is a PS1 Medium. I don’t know if you get the larger sizes or different Proenza Schouler bag-styles, but my PS1 Medium hasn’t/didn’t slouch. I do agree that you can’t leave the clasp undone, so that might be a hassle for some people.

  • Suzanne

    Some of these seem a little small to be considered ‘workhorses’ but it’s a fun list regardless

    • i was thinking that a bit… or maybe its ‘workhorse’ as more ‘everyday’ bag (assuming the carrier doesn’t need to carry a lot… )

  • FashionableLena

    I own the Rockie, and it’s too heavy to be a workhorse.
    I consider a workhorse bag something that can be worn daily. I would be scared to carry some of these because they are so small for the average working woman. I’d be afraid to forget something.

  • wentya

    Mansur Gavriel will probably make it to this list in few more years

  • mary

    hah! i think the LV neverfull should be on this list.

    • Jennifer

      That’s my go-to work bag! I cram so much into my bag!

  • crescent

    I agree with most of the bags in this list. I’ve been lusting over the PS1 for years but could never find myself forking over that much money for the brand.

  • GoBears95

    I love my PS1. I do wish the strap could be a little thicker. It is comfortable for the most part, but when I carry a lot, a thicker strap (thicker leather) would provide even more comfort.

    • Buncho Crayon

      im a male, Im using a PS1 Large , I love all the internal pockets and the back pocket especially, easy for me to take my keys and parking tickets. yes I agree the strap should be thicker cos I have the same experience as you when I carry a lot in a long time, it is discomfort. PS1 is my second lux work bag after the Phillip Lim 31 Hour bag…I love them both

  • Jess

    I own a Marcie in tan and the Gucci Soho Disco in red. Would love to have a Peekaboo, but I think it’s too expensive. Maybe I should reconsider the Nightingale again – it was already on my list years ago.

  • Rosie

    Saint Laurent Sac de jour?

  • shueaddict

    I bought a large black Sofia ages ago, after PB featured Jennifer Anniston wearing one in a movie I can’t remember . All I remember is staring at the bag … Oh … And maybe Gerard Butler . It is by far the best work bag I own – the quality is just amazing .

    • LoveYSL

      yes, i’ve watched the otherwise not so exciting movie a few times just because of this bag. been wandering around ever since… never pulled the plug.

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  • sqdel

    It might have been an It, and therefore not on the list, but the YSL Muse is a great bag. In the first season of House of Cards, Robin Wright carries hers everywhere.

    • BabyDietrich

      I would love an article about what bags TV/movie characters carry! My bf used to work for Gossip Girl & he told me the wardrobe on that show was just ridic, esp the bags!

  • KC Houser

    Yes!! I have a Bayswater and a clutch wallet on a chain. These bags are underrated in the US. The Bayswater is definitely a workhorse. The brand is well made and while not cheap you get good value for the money!

  • JW

    I’m recently in love with ps1…can any one tell me which color is good? I’m ok with bright or dark color. Thanks ????

  • Firdaus Hilmy

    I don’t get it.. why Stella McCartney bags are so expensive? they’re not made of leather

    • Jennifer McGee

      Because Stella McCartney’s name is attached.

    • well also craftsmanship… And really quality materials can be pricier than some cheap leathers. (many big brand main stream brands (that ppl buy from cause they are more affordable) use cheap leather).

      • Firdaus Hilmy

        I don’t think Gucci use cheap leather and low craftsmanship. I believe Gucci’s craftsmanship is way better than Stella’s but still, why are they more expensive than Gucci Soho?

        oh yeah I know. because they don’t use leather, so their target market is people who wants designer bags but prefer not to kill animals, PETA etc. so they see that as an opportunity and there goes the high price.

        it’s just my opinion though. =)

      • Oh no not top luxury brands lhow dirt Gucci. Cheaper labels. I hear from some manufacuturers how cheap the leather some brands use (not going to name it). Like they pick the cheapest leather possible to skim the margins, than to pick better quality. (I choose the nicer pricier leather for my work). I think some other brand also admitted they did this and then realized it was a mistake cause customers saw a difference.
        But what you said could be true too. What i meant was in my limited sourcing and manufacturing experience, I have seen really expensive fake leather and really inexpensive real leather.

      • Firdaus Hilmy

        ahh I see. thanks for the info =)

  • Alex575

    I vote for the PS1. I have it in Medium and I was surprised that it’s able to hold all my stuff. I also have the PS1 Tote (that’s been discontinued) and I use that strap on the PS1 Medium since it’s long enough to wear crossbody.

  • Honey Dewykins

    I only have the Gucci Disco out of all the listed here. But I would say that love prefer my Bayswater and Balenciaga motorcycles. Are those not and IT bag or those are classics?

  • ewe

    The ps1 is a great bag. The leather used on this bag is just amazing quality. So durable. I change my bags so often but this one i have been using at longest. So practical and comfy and greatlooking too. Lightweight! A classic. I sold mine but im always tempted to get it again in a different color

  • Sheila Gage

    I have collected bags for decades and I’ve FINALLY found my “golden 4 workhorse” bags in the Balenciaga Club and Velo and and the Hermes 30 cm Birkin (the 35 is too heavy for me) and the Evelyne. I have and love so many but I find that in several years these are the only 4 I really use. Everyone will be different of course. I’m lazy so I hate flaps and fiddly closures. I mean I love the looks but they don’t get used. For my lifestyle and needs, I find myself being irritated and fussy when I carry some of my other bags. Like it’s not an extension of me but something to worry with – that’s how I finally found my 4. #lazyforthewin