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  • Adi Ouano

    I adore kate spade

  • Lori

    All so cute! Love the clothes too!

  • Charlie

    Love her creativity on these bags

  • Aliza Zibkoff


  • Susan

    Seems to me that they have stolen ideas from Coach (dinosaurs), Fendi, Loewe, and Mulberry. This is not creativity – this is copycatting!

    • Highland Fashionista

      I completely agree. I immediately thought Fendi…I don’t think its necessarily copycatting so much as derivative..but that’s even worse.

  • Kristin Penta

    Oh my gosh – I love her stuff. Her novelty bags are adorable and so cheeky. She’s not making fun of Coach – their take on dinosaurs is much different. Can’t wait to see these in stores — just wish that they were a bit less pricey!

    • HelloHappylife

      Same! She has cute bags but to me the quality isn’t worth the price tag,they fall apart in like 3 months.

      • joy8842544

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  • Kristin Penta

    Love her novelty bags! so cheeky! :)

  • girlscoutnocookie

    In 20 years’ time, these will be the next generation’s novelty thrift store finds.

    • Julierharrop3

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  • FashionableLena

    That glitter bag reminds me of Prada. I think it was from the race car collection.


    Coach and Kate spade are totally killing it with the dinosaur theme this fall!!!

  • NatalieL

    When does this go for sale? Does anyone know? Thank you!

  • Charlotte

    Love Kate Spade…just found some really cute ones over at http://we-adore.com! I think I’m going to get one too! Which one ladies??

  • Fjärilar i magen

    LOVE them all!

  • danibunnie

    does anyone know when this collection will be released?