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  • It looks lovely in that color. The nude sort of ‘tames’ some of the edginess of the bag, for lack of a better term. Dior can do no wrong! <3

  • Dewi

    I was never into Diorama and always wanted a Boy but after I saw it at Dior store I was completely mesmerized. Tbh Rihanna campaign never affected me but the design and structure of the bag itself. It’s simply gorgeous. Now I’ve bought 2 Dioramas in just 3 months and still craving more.

    • Sparkletastic

      I agree. I wanted the Boy but the Diorama looks more fresh! And my option has zero to do with Rihanna because our styles are nothing alike – though she is a stunningly beautiful girl and a great pic by Dior for spokesmodel.

  • Jasmine

    I prefer the boy..

  • Yoshi1296

    Rihanna slays everytime.

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  • Reez

    I don’t undertsand why Dior will take the road of getting a copy-level inspiration from Chanl. They are more successful in their own iconic bags: the Lady Dior, and the Diorissimo… Why copy the GST into the Dior soft or the Boy into this Diorama? They should be above this.

    • S.

      Exactly !!!

  • Halim Amin

    Not even Riri can make the Diorama chic. Why, the bag just stands out of the whole complete outfit, never the case of Rihana even previously with the yellow Chanel Boy Brick and the Stephen Sprouse LV. Her personality shone then but the Diorama seemed to engulf even a style slayer like RIhanna. Not good. And to those who think this is an ill informed opinion, I have inspected the bag, sat with my SA from Dior and am not impressed very much. Give me the saddle bag, the Dior trotter even or Lady Dior. The Diorama. So Sorry.