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The Dior Lady D-Sire Updates a House Classic

Casually elegant, the Lady Dior family expands

Today, a new bag joins the Dior family, unveiled with the Spring/Summer 24 collection: the Dior Lady D-Sire Bag. If it looks very familiar, it should, as it’s a reinterpretation of the timeless Lady Dior.

The Lady Dior is one of the most iconic and historically significant bags ever, winning a top spot in our hands and hearts. Copious renditions of this highly distinguished bag have been released over the years, and now, the Lady D-Sire is here for those who love the shape and appearance of the Lady Dior bag but prefer a bit of a more casual appeal.

New and Noteworthy

You can easily see all the nods to the Lady Dior, starting with the architectural lines. However, from there, a modern take is applied, which leaves this bag feeling more inviting, from its crinkled leather with macrocannage (that’s the version pictured, but there is also a more structured-grained taurillon leather option as well) to its east/west shape that will allow more to fit.

Dior Lady D Sire Bag (1 of 5)
Dior Lady D Sire Bag (2 of 5)

I have found that many traditionally square bags are more challenging to fit modern-day items, namely our ever-growing phones. So, I have been leaning toward more east/west shapes that provide more length to easily accommodate my phone and other items.

As for the D-Sire, like other Dior bag families, multiple sizes are offered, specifically four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Dior Lady D Sire Bag (3 of 5)

There’s a removable and adjustable shoulder strap with a good width to allow it to sit over the shoulder and sit nicely at that. The D-I-O-R charms that give that signifying touch are also included in the new D-Sire Bag, which completes the bag, making it feel like an extension of the Lady Dior family.

I have always loved that Dior focuses on creating really strong families of bags and then expanding on them in a new, updated, yet still classic way. The D-Sire fits in immediately and speaks to those of us who sometimes want every element and aspect that feels rooted in history but also refreshed.

Discover the Dior Lady D-Sire Bag bag now!

Dior Lady D Sire Bag (4 of 5)
Dior Lady D Sire Bag (5 of 5)


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