Jimmy Choo Riki Bag

Right off the bat this handbag carries a very different look. The gray is a subtle hue, that is soothing, and then there are large circular studs that run up and down the sides of the bag. Yet the subtle gold metallic under-layer shines through the metallic gray perforated Jimmy Choo Riki Bag perfectly. The hardware is gold but it appears very subtle, as if it is silver, not gold. There are double top handles and one of Jimmy Choo’s signatures, thin straps of leather threaded through rings along the top. When I look at this bag I love it, but I can not put together exactly why. Why does a bag that seems to have quite a bit going on lure me in? Must be because I own plenty of ‘simply’ bags and maybe I am subconsciously telling myself I need a new funky bag. If that is the case, thank you self for allowing myself to believe I need a new handbag. Buy through Net A Porter for $2,295.

Jimmy Choo Riki Bag1

The inside is lined in suede with beautiful lilac trim.

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  • Lily

    I am not uasually a fan of their bags,but damn this one is cool.LOVE the colour.

  • aga

    I agree with previous comment, I do not own J Choo handbags- I do LOVE this one, I want this bag!!!

  • janis

    This bag was not a big hit in the J Choo forum, but seeing it here, I really love it! I like alot of bling on my bags so this is calling my name. I might wait for it to go on sale tho.

  • hoganfe handmade handbag originals

    Great color!

  • JoLeeAnn

    I really like this bag. I definitely have to wait for it to go on sale, but I’ll be watching it. Great Bag!

  • Court

    Beautiful designer handbag! I will have to wait as well for a sale, or find it online like http://www.Intrends.com!

  • Jahpson

    I like it! in fact I think I want it. lol

  • jburgh

    I’m not feeling the perforated leather. But if it were available in a solid metallic grey, I’d have to have it!

  • JChoo looker

    Hey guys, this may sound ridiculous but I’m trying. Im a graduation senior, my aunt is finishing up her chemo treatment & beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As a present I wanted to get her the one thing she has always wanted- a jimmy choo tote. Being the waitress I am, I dont make a killing & most must be used toward college. I’ve looked on ebay but its still out of my price range. Anybody know where I could find one who just wants to cheaply sell theirs?

    • retailtherapy

      hi jchoo looker, i might be able to help ya. i just bought one myself and it really is stunning, the picture doesn’t do it any justice. send me an email to mia@yahoo.com if you still need help on finding a bag for your aunt.

    • retailtherapy

      hey JCHoo looker. just bought the bag myself, it’s absolutely stunning. picture doesn’t do it any justice. let me know if you are still in help of finding a bag for your aunt

  • tillery

    this jimmy choo riki bag bueatiful. if i had money to buy this out of luxury would buy it when first lay my eyes on it.

  • bonita623

    Omg I think I died and went to heaven! This purse is a dream! As a medically retired Vet that’s all it will ever be! But wow, what a sweet dream! Did it really say the price was over $2500.00?