Jimmy Choo Riki Bag

Right off the bat this handbag carries a very different look. The gray is a subtle hue, that is soothing, and then there are large circular studs that run up and down the sides of the bag. Yet the subtle gold metallic under-layer shines through the metallic gray perforated Jimmy Choo Riki Bag perfectly. The hardware is gold but it appears very subtle, as if it is silver, not gold. There are double top handles and one of Jimmy Choo’s signatures, thin straps of leather threaded through rings along the top. When I look at this bag I love it, but I can not put together exactly why. Why does a bag that seems to have quite a bit going on lure me in? Must be because I own plenty of ‘simply’ bags and maybe I am subconsciously telling myself I need a new funky bag. If that is the case, thank you self for allowing myself to believe I need a new handbag. Buy through Net A Porter for $2,295.

Jimmy Choo Riki Bag1

The inside is lined in suede with beautiful lilac trim.

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