We have been covering Jimmy Choo quite a bit lately on Purse Blog. Jimmy Choo was once only known for their shoes, but over time the brand has transitioned beautifully into the handbag world. They have had some ugly misses, but when they hit it, they do so beautifully with bags that continue to get attention season after season. I am on the Jimmy Choo bandwagon but I am just not sure that the Jimmy Choo Odetta is part of my train.

Jimmy Choo Odetta

Amanda covered the Jimmy Choo Odetta previously and quite liked it. I looked at that bag then and now and I am still totally undecided. I am decided on the fact that I would never buy this bag for myself, but I am undecided if I am liking it. Something about the strap detailing rubs me wrong. It looks like a Y, making some previously think it was a YSL bag. When I see it on the mannequin I begin to like it more, as I can see how the bag looks being carried. It is larger than the photo alludes and looks much better with a slouch as it is held, so that takes it up a few points. I suppose I just do not entirely get it. Care to help me hop on the train with this one or should we leave it at the station? Buy the black pebbled leather version through Net A Porter for $2095 or the ponyskin version for $3295 via Net A Porter.

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  • Mimi

    First time I saw this bag, I thought it was YSL. Then I saw it was Jimmy Choo and was disappointed. It’s a nice bag but the brand confusion…leaves me undecided on it.

  • Sarah

    Megs, I agree with you. This is one of those bags that I do not dislike, but I just do not get it. There is something about it that is off, maybe its the Y of the straps, maybe its that I find it to be a little boring.

  • Jen

    Guess I’m the odd one out, but I love this bag & I would totally go for the purple leopard ponyskin. Out of my price range but i can dream…

  • It looks entirely better on the model, much larger and a nice slouch. I am just not loving it!

  • michaelstjames

    I LOVE this bag too!


  • atrophia

    I quite like it actually. I can see the YSL resemblance, but what came to my mind first was bondage gear, and I really like the reference. I am not in love with the straps though, the thickness is fine but I really wish that the straps had detachable hooks, to complete the idea. Not in love with the shape either but not sure how it could be done differently. And I am definitely not loving it in the leopard print. As a gift, the black one would be fantastic, but if I was in a position to be able to afford buying a bag this expensive for myself, I am not sure this would be the bag. Still, overall, thumbs-up.

  • janis

    I like it, too. It has a nice slouch when carried. I like that it does not appear to puddle when sitting, too. The black pebbled leather has a rich look.

  • atrophia

    Looking at the straps again from the bag on the model, I think I’ve changed my mind about them. There is a similar Y on the sides and the straps form part of this Y as they go through the O-rings. It’s part of the bag’s structure and I think there’s something elegant about it. That, and it does look better slouchy. It’s almost enough to make me want one.

  • Pandor@

    What is up with YSL S&M straps?!
    Puhleez, it’s sooo over!

  • kelly

    I do like the shape of the bag, but the straps reminded me of a certain piece of underwear……(hope i didn’t offend anyone!)

  • Jessica Jean Benson

    I am just not the biggest fan. I also think the print one is rather tacky.

  • otter

    Pebbled leather — just don’t like pebbled leather. The other one looks like Causal Corner 1998.

  • xialei

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  • Emily

    Honestly, when I look at this bag all I can think is “strap-on.” And the ponyskin is SO tacky!

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  • Jelita78

    i too thought this was YSL’s..
    hmm.. lets just leave it at the station, shall we.. (ipad)